Why So Serious? Meet the RJ-Romain Jerome RJ X Donkey Kong

By rolex
April 5, 2021
3 min read

Geek tried and geek affirmed: Meet the RJ-Romain Jerome RJ X Donkey Kong. Searching out a sound portion of gaming wistfulness, we accepted the open door during our visit to the brand’s Boutique in old town Geneva to go involved with this cool, striking, arcade-enlivened watch, and here is our report on this irregular and charming watch.

Do you at any point feel nostalgic for your youth arcade? Indeed, you are in good company, and there’s no compelling reason to stress either, because the uplifting news is that it’s completely fine. Geek culture is standard at this point. Geekdom has become en vogue as comic book characters, arcade games and other mainstream society symbols have become progressively famous with trendy people, raising their already lame picture among a developing crowd. Being a nerd has even become an identification of honor.

Thanks to RJ Romain Jerome and its cool generational symbols assortment, you can show your nerdiness directly on your wrist with Pac-Man , Space Invaders or SuperMario themed watches. Among the furthest down the line increments to the arcade assortment of watches is the RJ X Donkey Kong restricted edition.

Let’s start with some fundamental data about Donkey Kong to set up your nerd cred (although in the event that you’ve perused this far I don’t know that is still necessary?). The brainchild of Shigeru Miyamoto, Donkey Kong was delivered by Nintendo in 1981. It is perhaps the most mainstream computer games ever. It includes a goliath barrel throwing monkey and presented the personality of Mario (initially “Jumpman“). Donkey Kong looks dated so it is not difficult to fail to remember how bleeding edge it was back in the mid 80s – which was one reason for its success.

The specialty of nostalgia – Do not be mixed up, notwithstanding its fairly toy-like appearance and bizarre topic for a luxury mechanical watch, the Donkey Kong is a modern timepiece. Its complex dial has been exceptionally made to make a three-dimensional pixelated impact, much the same as in the principal Donkey Kong arcade games. It is based on three-levels that are either sand-impacted or silk brushed. The characters and components are hand-painted in cool finish in the first Donkey Kong tones. The bolt formed hands are glossy silk brushed and their pointers are covered with Luminescent material (Superluminova C1 ‘blue emission’).

The dark PVD-titanium case is 46mm in breadth. It highlights verbalized drags with ball-and-attachment joints for improved comfort thus it wears quite well notwithstanding its measurements. The case back has a grainy texture and a star design. Decorated with a Donkey Kong emblem, it is gotten with wellbeing screws. The crown is screw-down and water opposition is 30 meters.

The Donkey Kong is fueled by the type RJ001 with programmed winding. Produced with Concepto, it depends on a notable solid workhorse, the Valjoux 7750, yet bizarrely for this situation without the chronograph complication.

The Donkey Kong is worn on a red elastic lash with heavenly designed inside. It is gotten with a PVD-steel collapsing buckle. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit www.romainjerome.ch .

Technical determinations – RJ Romain Jerome RJ X Donkey Kong

  • Case: 46 mm, dark PVD covered titanium – sapphire precious stone – water impervious to 30m
  • Movement: type RJ001 (fabricated with Concepto), programmed winding – 28’800 vibrations each hour – power save 42 hours – 23 gems – hours, minutes.
  • Strap: red elastic lash with collapsing buckle
  • Limited edition: 81 pieces
  • Reference: RJ.M.AU.IN.015.01
  • Price: EUR 17,500