What are the Top 10 Swiss Watch Brands in 2019?

By rolex
April 10, 2021
5 min read

If the estimation of Swiss Jreplica Watches sends out has somewhat increased in 2019 , the industry has been facing various difficulties over the previous years. Albeit very good quality Swiss Jreplica Watches remain appealing, the low/mid-end sections have been feeling the squeeze as the smartwatch extension appears to have come to the detriment of the lower-valued Swiss timepieces.

Most Jreplica Watches brands are generally mysterious about their marketing projections. Independents for the most part don’t communicate numbers – with the prominent exemption of Audemars Piguet. Recorded gatherings, for example, Swatch, Richemont or LVMH don’t give subtleties by brand in their financial statements.

Ever pondered exactly how enormous and famous the absolute largest Jreplica Watches brands can get? MONOCHROME has recorded the top 10 Swiss Jreplica Watches brands dependent on assessed 2019 deals. This article depends just on brands. As a comparison, the main entertainer of the Swiss Jreplica Watches industry is Swatch Group, with assessed deals of CHF 8,000 million in 2019 (8bn) –  spread more than 15 Jreplica Watches brands and numerous creation locales, providing parts to the remainder of the industry.


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 5,500 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 950,000

“The Crown” is the undisputed head of the extravagance Jreplica Watches classification and quite possibly the most generally known names in extravagance. Constrained by the circumspect Hans Wilsdorf establishment, the brand has developed and maintains a reliable brand picture. In the event that Rolex fabricates near 1 million Jreplica Watches each year, its whole “professional” collection has become borderline unobtainable given its prosperity…


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 2,350 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 650,000

Omega is the other monster of the industry and the mightiest Swatch Group brand. The origin of the brand returns similar to 1848. Omega is known for various accomplishments and has been involved in exceptional occasions. As the authority watch of the Olympic Games since 1932 and the maker of the principal Jreplica Watches worn on the Moon, it has gained notoriety for quality. With its Master Chronometer accreditation, Omega has set up another industry benchmark for exactness, execution and attractive resistance.


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 1,700 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 450,000

The “Jeweller of the Kings and King of Jewellers” is likewise one of the top watchmakers. The main notice of a Jreplica Watches in the Cartier records returns similar to 1853. Claimed by Switzerland-based Richemont, the brand is the main supporter of the benefits of the gathering. A “generalist” watchmaker, Cartier delivers a wide scope of Jreplica Watches from available pieces to the most stunning Haute Horlogerie or jeweled watches.


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 1,650 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 1,600,000

Owned by Swatch Group for more than 30 years, Longines was made in 1832 and can pride itself with one of the most extravagant watchmaking customs in the entire industry. Today, the brand stands apart with a confided in name and brilliant Jreplica Watches with an outstanding quality/cost ratio.


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 1,500 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 60,000

Still exclusive by the Stern family, Patek Philippe is normally viewed as the best and famous brands among all Haute Horlogerie producers. What’s more, with regards to Jreplica Watches as an investment, Patek dominates the industry. The previous fall, the Patek Philippe 6300A Steel “Only Jreplica Watches 2019” turned into the most costly Jreplica Watches at any point unloaded at CHF 31 million… and its Nautilus is basically difficult to find at retailers.


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 1,200 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 40,000

Part of the “Holy Trinity” of Haute Horlogerie, along with Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet remains an independent, family-claimed business operating in the Vallée de Joux, the support of complicated watchmaking. The dispatch of the Royal Oak in 1972 denoted an achievement in the brand’s set of experiences. Overturning prevailing codes, this symbol of configuration defined the extravagance sports Jreplica Watches genre.


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 1,000 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 3,500,000

Created in 1853 in the Swiss Jura, Tissot flaunts a long horological custom. Today claimed by Swatch Group, Tissot Jreplica Watches are the most open from this top ten (which explains the more prominent volume) and stand apart with a wonderful value/quality ratio.

8 – IWC

  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 825 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 100,000

IWC was established by American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868. Jones set up in Schaffhausen to combine American creation innovations with Swiss craftsmanship and expertise. Owned by Richemont, the brand is acclaimed for its engineering greatness. Other than its complex Haute Horlogerie manifestations, IWC is known for excellent games and regular Jreplica Watches including pilot Jreplica Watches and chronographs.


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 670 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 60,000

Hublot was established in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco. The brand has delighted in an astounding advancement following the section of Jean-Claude Biver with the dispatch of the Big Bang and showy marketing initiatives. Today a company of LVMH, Hublot has delighted in continuous development to advance among the largest players of the industry.


  • Estimated Jreplica Watches deals: ~ CHF 650 million
  • Estimated number of Jreplica Watches sold: 500,000

Owned by LVMH, TAG Heuer was established in 1868 by Edouard Heuer. The brand has a solid history of innovation (TAG meaning Techniques d’Avant-Garde) and is a reference with regards to sports Jreplica Watches specifically, racing chronographs.