VIDEO – Talking Cars and Watches, the Track1 Chronograph And the Reimagined 911 with Rob Dickinson of Singer

By rolex
April 5, 2021
1 min read

A few hours prior, we acquainted you with what we accept to be perhaps the coolest task of the year , bringing about one amazingly attractive chronograph, complete with hyper-imaginative development made by Agenhor and the gifted Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, vehicle and vintage-roused plan by Marco Borraccino, all of which was imagined first by Rob Dickinson, the fellow benefactor of Singer Vehicle Design. While our underlying article zeroed in on the watch and its technical viewpoints, it’s now an ideal opportunity to look at the human side of the task. Here is our select video, where we talk cars and watches, the Singer Track1 Chronograph and the Reimagined 911 with three extraordinary folks. Enjoy.

Film coordinated by Julien Couson – Editing and sound by Damien Raynaud – Post-creation by PMG Productions –

Music :

Gasoline – Composed by Rob Dickinson and performed by Catherine Wheel. © UMG

Saccharine – Composed by Rob Dickinson and performed by Catherine Wheel. © Chrysalis Records

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