Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier – ExtraFlat Flying Tourbillon 5430 and How a Flying Tourbillon works

By rolex
April 6, 2021
3 min read

Recently we presented to you a definite glance at Vaucher Manufacture, quite possibly the most conspicuous high-grade mechanical producers for outsiders in the watch business ( read our article here ). During our visit to the Manufacture we additionally accepted the open door to go involved with Vaucher’s most recent turn of events, the Seed VMF 5430. Today we show you an inside and out gander at this extra-level flying tourbillon movement.

Vaucher Manufacture stands firm on a one of a kind foothold among the high-grade development makers, being one of the uncommon ones with an ‘modern’ creation limit. At the higher-finish of the market, Vaucher additionally offers complicated developments, incorporating some with tourbillon escapement. Among these, the Seed VMF 5430 is one of its most recent creations.

The type Seed VMF 5430 is essential for the 5400 group of extra-level developments. While the 5400 is initially a programmed development with miniature rotor, the 5430 is a hand-wound development controlled by a flying tourbillon at 9 o’clock. It is made of 160 sections and highlights 22 gems. Its force save is of 48 hours with a recurrence 21’600 vibrations for each hour.


For the ‘special’ form, the development is pleasantly gotten done with round graining on the fundamental plate. The extensions highlight twofold snailing. The chamfers, sinks and counter-sinks are jewel cleaned. The screw heads are dark cleaned. Normally however, the entirety of this is completely customizable. Let’s investigate its internal workings.

The gear train engineering is customary. Energy is put away inside the barrel (1) containing the origin that controls the development. The movement is sent through the middle wheel (2), unnecessary extra person wheel (3) and fourth wheel (4 – seconds haggle) a delegate wheel (5) to drive the Tourbillon carriage (6). The fixed toothing (in red above) communicates the movement to the break wheel (7), which thus moves driving forces to the equilibrium wheel (8). The Tourbillon pivots on clay ball bearings.

The tourbillon confine is made of light titanium. The anchor is made of nickel (Mimotec) and the departure wheel is in steel. Inverse the break wheel, two metal stabilizers balance the confine. The upper piece of the pen is made of steel. This is regularly a section (along with the extensions) that is frequently changed to suit the particulars of the customer, as its shape is frequently seen as a mark for brands.

The Seed VMF 5430 is accessible with a base creation of 10 pieces. Normally, customization is accessible for little arrangement. Most likely you will see it controlling the assortments of a few brands soon!

Technical determinations – Vaucher 5430 extra-slim flying tourbillon with manual winding

  • Fitting measurements: 30.5mm
  • Thickness: 3.4mm to the dial uphold, (4.2mm to the highest point of the tourbillon)
  • Balance: variable dormancy with gold idleness block, versatile equilibrium stud holder, level equilibrium spring. Idleness: 5.75 mg/cm2.
  • Frequency: 3Hz. 21.600 vibrations per hour
  • Power save: 48 hours
  • Jewels: 22
  • Number of components: 160