Value Proposition – The 1950s Motoring-Inspired Don Kylne & Co. Time Master (Review)

By rolex
April 6, 2021
9 min read

Cars, it appears, are an everlasting wellspring of motivation for watches. A large number of the enormous brands want to unite with dashing groups, vehicle makers or “individuals of the business” to make committed watches featuring the equals between the two ventures. What’s more, taking all things together decency, a portion of these become profoundly alluring! More modest brands will in general follow this line as well, with a wide scope of car enlivened plans debuting every year. Whole brands are made in light of the auto soul. With Don Kylne & Co, this is likewise the situation. Not the whole brand, but rather at any rate with its newest Kickstarter-project : The Time Master.

Don Kylne & Co. is a brand we originally acquainted with you a year ago through its  elegant, and profoundly moderate, Chaplin assortment . Refreshingly, there wasn’t the standard over-enthusiastic advertising metaphor we ordinarily see related with these kinds of brands. They don’t attempt to introduce themselves in some other manner than simply a little, eager gathering of watch-folks working really hard at building their own image. No profoundly complicated mechanical pieces here, however basic and legit watches at a section level cost point.

Our Managing Editor clarified this in our past article covering the Chaplin assortment , however most beginning up or section level brands rapidly develop to a point where they aren’t “entry-level” any longer. See what occurred with Seven-Friday or Dietrich. Still dependent on Miyota developments, they shot to above and beyond 1,000 bucks rather rapidly or even began over that basic line! The Don Kylne & Co. Chaplin was offered at a cost of USD 399 and this Time Master will cost you about the equivalent during the Kickstarter-lobby. Costs will ascend all through the mission, as vows are made and stretch-objectives are reached however it will in any case be a competitive cost to pay! Until further notice, we should perceive what’s available for the new assortment named the Time Master.

Overall Appearance and features

The Don Kylne Time Master overflows “retro cool” as it is intensely roused by fifties motoring. The guilloche place plaque and the fuel check style show of the second-time zone is a lot of suggestive of vehicles from that period. Everything, from the dial to the tie, is connected to this freestyle period of auto plan. The retro plan is coordinated with vintage measurements, at any rate as far as looks. It appears to be more modest than it is, however that is because of the manner in which it is planned and fabricated. The short drags help around there too.

Feature-wise, the Don Kylne & Co. combines timing sign with a date and a GMT usefulness. The translation of the second-time zone is not the same of course. In most GMT watches we see an additional hand mounted on the focal pivot, with a 24-hour ring on the edge of the dial or on the bezel. On the Time Master however, it is shown on a turning circle under the dial. It keeps the dial a piece more clear and doesn’t divert from the by and large design.

Dial and hands

Jumping from the general highlights to the dial and hands explicitly, the dial of every one of the Don Kylne & Co. Time Master adaptations is comprised of two layers. The base dial is done in a rich blue tone (in any event for our model here, as dim and cream editions exist as well). It truly pops and plays with the light, mostly because of the cleaned and applied markers which adds a touch of shimmer. The guilloche community some portion of the dial is done in a shimmering white tone, and applied onto the blue dial. On the off chance that you take a gander at it from straight on, you can truly see the similarity to famous vehicles from the fifties. The Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing, or the Aston Martin DB5 are obvious signs of how this watch is proposed to impersonate instrument groups and speedometers.

The just disadvantage of the dial, other than the size of the window for the second-time zone (rather little), is the plan of the moment track, the numerals and the screwed focal supplement. This is especially in the style of F.P. Journe (see here to comprehend) which may put you off. There’s nothing incorrectly in being propelled by one of the best name in the business, yet here it is maybe excessively self-evident – regardless of whether these watches are miles separated with regards to the decision of material, completing, complexity, and obviously price.

About the second-time zone, the counter-clockwise pivoting plate, in brilliant yellow, is somewhat precarious to peruse. The tight slice out takes into consideration you to see the second-time zone sign, and the little cleaned triangle focuses to the specific hour. It is difficult to peruse at a speedy look nonetheless. Then again, it adds a huge component to a generally controlled dial, regarding complexity. Furthermore, regardless of its downsides, the plan of the window and second-time zone sign fits the general look of the watch.

The yellow recycled matches the yellow plate for the GMT work in this way tying together the generally speaking look. The hour and moment hands have a leaf like shape and have been done with a modest quantity of luminous material for evening perceivability. To polish off the dial, the date window at 6 o’clock is situated right outside of the middle plaque. All things considered, the dial is even, with the two mounting screws at 3 and 9, the date at the base and the window with triangle and screw at the top.

Case and Strap

The generally unassuming estimated case (40,5mm measurement) is formed like a stone. It has a brushed focal part and a ventured, cleaned bezel on top. The somewhat wide bezel, when taking a gander at it from straight on, makes the watch look more modest than it truly is. The short drags make it entirely wearable, particularly for the more modest wrist. It is fitted with a twofold domed, sapphire gem with against intelligent covering. The bend of the sapphire to some degree follows the state of the case. The crown, situated at 3 o’clock is little in stature however grasps without any problem. Be that as it may, once more, we can’t deny the F.P. Journe impact here. Is that something terrible? All things considered, that is up to you, however we’ve unquestionably seen more unique plans for a crown.

The tie of the Don Kylne & Co. Time Master complements the general look. The ribs on the calfskin beginning at the case and night out halfway down the tie are intended to take after the upholstery of vehicles from the fifties and sixties. The tie comes fitted with a collapsing clasp, which tucks the tie end under the opposite end and disposes of the requirement for attendants all the while. This is something we see on far more extravagant watches like TAG Heuer yet not that regularly on watches in this value section. It is somewhat on the thick side however, which implies you infrequently blast it onto your desk.


Don Kylne & Co. transformed from a Miyota development to a programmed Hangzhou 6460 development. A first for Monochrome, as we’ve never covered a watch with this sort of development previously. Hangzhou is anything but another development creator, as they have been around since the seventies, and this one is an ETA 2836 clone. During my time with the watch it kept moderately great time. It is quiet, particularly in comparison with the loud rotor of the Miyota development found in the Chaplin.

As referenced in past areas of this review, it shows hours, minutes and seconds from a focal pivot. Besides, there is a date window at 6 o’clock and the conspicuous GMT window at 12. The development runs at 28,800vph and has a force save of around 40 hours. It is noticeable through the sapphire caseback, with a reasonable perspective on the plates, rotor and running gears.


The Don Kylne & Co. Time Master comes in three distinct renditions, all with shading combinations suggestive of vehicles from the fifties and named accordingly. There is the “Zagato Blue” you see here, with blue and white/silver dial and earthy colored tie, the “Gullwing Cream” has a cream and white/silver dial with a dim lash and the “Vantage Gray” has a dull dark with white/silver dial and a dim strap.

Now, I’ve referenced the F.P. Journe association in this several times. Considering the way that the watches being referred to are lightyears separated, and it isn’t uncommon to take motivation from different brands or perhaps out and out duplicate components, for me it isn’t the most serious issue (yet on the other hand, that is close to home). As far as I can tell, the Kylne is section level watchmaking, not intended to satisfy rich, instructed gatherers. Individuals who purchase these watches get it for the look first, as they feel an association with it maybe, and the account of the brand second. We leave the last assessment on the Journe similarity up to you… For the rest, this watch is a fascinating offer, with a generally excellent cost/quality proportion (USD 399) and a plan that is charming. For more data visit Don Kylne & Co’s site or their Kickstarter crusade .

Technical specifications – Don Kylne & Co Time Master

  • Case: 40.5mm measurement – steel case – ventured, cleaned bezel – 50m water resistant
  • Movement: Hangzhou 6460 (ETA 2836 clone) – focal hours, minutes and seconds – date – GMT function
  • Strap: Brown or dim ribbed cowhide lash – collapsing clasp with tucked tie end.
  • Price: USD 399 during the Kickstarter campaign