URWERK UR-111C Two-Tone (Live Pics)

By rolex
April 8, 2021
5 min read

URWERK is known for a few signature components, the first being its strong, futuristic plan language. The second has to do with the really strange, not to say one of a kind method to show the time , on account of meandering hours and satellites – an idea presented on the brand’s first Jreplica Watches . Some of the time however, the two men behind URWERK, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei stray past their offbeat comfort zone with a line named “Special Projects” that doesn’t depend on meandering hour signs. Still super-intense, still strange, still very URWERK. This brought forth the UR-111C assortment and today we have the most recent variant of this Jreplica Watches the UR-111C Two-Tone.

Alternative methods of showing time through satellite hours on board futuristic vessels are URWERK’s signature. So when the brand presented the UR-111C back in 2018, it came as a surprise. No more satellites, no additional turning shows with retrograde indications… The UR-111C Jreplica Watches come without the signature satellite hour complication. In any case, it doesn’t come unexpectedly and honors one of the brand’s most striking Jreplica Watches the previous King Cobra model . Introducing time in various organizations (straight and advanced) situated in various openings working on it, the other surprising feature of this Jreplica Watches is the new interface. Abstaining from an ordinary crown, Urwerk has joined a novel roller in the focal point of the case with an extractable switch to set the time.

The URWERK UR-111C was introduced in 2018 out of two variants , one in brushed and cleaned steel, the other in matte gunmetal-covered steel. It was trailed by a significantly seriously hitting form in dark with red accents, the UR-111C Black Cobra – a top choice of Robert Downey Jr . Today, the brand adds another 25-piece restricted version to its developing assortment, with the new UR-111C Two-Tone – however don’t anticipate two-tone during the 1980s way, blending steel and cleaned, gleaming gold. All things considered, it’s URWERK we’re discussing here.

This new form is a visual update of the all around existing models with new tones and wraps up. The instance of this UR-111C Two-Tone plays on its architectural plan to blend tones. The focal piece of the case is executed in brushed hardened steel with cleaned accents and scores. So is the focal piece of the caseback, totally cleaned and, once more, textured. The sides of this two-tone Jreplica Watches are executed in matte dark PVD-covered treated steel. What’s more, the Jreplica Watches is worn on a dark texture strap.

Other than that, we’re taking a gander at a similar noteworthy development and plan, with three openings on the facade of the Jreplica Watches Like a driver’s Jreplica Watches the showcase of the UR-111C is intended to allow you to counsel the time without taking your hands off the guiding wheel or flight controls. Hopping hours are perused on the left half of the dashboard because of a turning cone that plays out an energetic hop on the hour.

Occupying the greater part of the designated space in the focal window is the straight portrayal of minutes put along an inclining track and read by a turning helix with a thick yellow marker. The barrel with the moment markers is fixed and has an askew cut in its center to uncover the situation of the skewed yellow marker and show the minutes. Behind the moment barrel is another, bigger barrel. On account of the wound spring, the drum with the yellow marker turns its way up the moment track and, after arriving at the red 60-minute marker, plays out a bigger, immediate hop back to zero constraining the hours to hop ahead. At long last, the cone on the correct rehashes the moment readings in a turning show, furnishing the Jreplica Watches with two altogether different arrangements to counsel the minutes.

But that’s not all, as there are more things occurring with this URWERK UR-111C Two-Tone. On top sits a seconds sign, composed of two separate wheels with odd and even numbers. The great thing here is the manner in which the digits appear to push facing the glass. Rather than an ordinary Cyclops focal point, Urwerk has played out a world-first in watchmaking by utilizing optical filaments (a picture course) situated 1/tenth of a millimeter over the numerals to make the hallucination of nearness, while in actuality the numbers are tucked away far below.

And at that point comes the manner in which you communicate with the Jreplica Watches No old style crown here, however rather two extraordinary features. First is a roller on top of the case to wind the development. Changing the time is finished by a similar roller when the small switch to the correct side of the case is released.

The development of the URWERK UR-111C is composed of an exemplary programmed base with 48h force hold and a 4Hz (28,800vph) recurrence. On top is a complex module that is created and amassed inside by URWERK.

Price and availability

The new URWERK UR-111C Two-Tone is a restricted version of 25 pieces. It will be estimated at CHF 130,000 (excl. charges). More subtleties at urwerk.com .