The Vacheron Constantin Overseas – Part 1, the Origins, the 222 and the Evolution of an Icon

By rolex
June 3, 2021
4 min read

In 1977, Vacheron Constantin, the most established watch producer in ceaseless activity, praised its 222nd commemoration. Thus, the brand decided to make an exceptional watch, directly in the center of what was known as the “quartz crisis”. Swiss brands expected to reevaluate themselves, making important and regularly, troublesome changes. This is the point at which the Vacheron Constantin 222, a genuine extravagance sports watch, was conceived – a watch that would later become a symbol under the name Overseas. In our most recent arrangement of recordings, we talk with Christian Selmoni, the brand’s legacy and style chief, about the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. Today, in this initial segment, we center around the causes, which incorporates the 222 and the principal ages of Overseas.

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas is a theme we’ve investigated a few times here, at MONOCHROME, particularly in this article , which takes a gander at the entire history of the assortment. The tale of the Overseas beginnings with a watch named the 222, dispatched during the 1970s. Around then, the market for mechanical watches was progressively troublesome and very good quality brands, for example, Vacheron Constantin – like the majority of the Swiss watch industry – were knee-somewhere down in the quartz emergency. Be that as it may, another pattern arose: the extravagance sports watch. Playing on this recently evolved class, Vacheron Constantin made its own vision of what could be a mechanical, steel, super slight games watch deserving of the name imprinted on the dial, as a solution to its two primary competitors (the two different individuals from the Holy Trinity; Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet).

Celebrating the 222nd commemoration of the brand, the 1977 Vacheron Constantin 222 bragged all the ascribes the 1970s extravagance sports watch: full steel tonneau-formed case, coordinated steel arm band, initially molded bezel, basic showcase, super meager programmed development – coming about because of a plan made by youthful Jorg Hysek (and not Genta, as many would might suspect). Later accessible in different materials (counting steel-and-gold and full gold) and a few shapes (counting some squared versions), the 222 was ceased during the 1980s. In any case, the plan and style of the first model reemerged in 1996, with the making of the Overseas Phase 1.

The accomplishment of Vacheron Constantin sports watches truly came in 1996 with the dispatch of the Overseas, an immediate relative of the 222. A solid advancement of the first 1977 design, the first Overseas was as yet worked around a tonneau-formed case with a fluted bezel suggestive of the Maltese cross. Its dynamic lines were reached out by an incorporated arm band with mathematical connections. At 37mm in measurement, it was still sensibly estimated and the super slight case was as yet present. Developments would later come to the market, including some chronograph variants. The improvement of the Overseas had been started a couple of months before the Vendôme Luxury gathering (later Richemont) gained VC, by a plan group including Dino Modolo, an outside watch architect, and Vacheron Constantin’s Vincent Kaufmann.

Following the accomplishment of the primary form and benefiting from this developing symbol, a second form of the Overseas was dispatched in 2004, with a more present day plan, eminently with its metal wristband including a half Maltese cross theme and enhanced for more noteworthy comfort. Its joining to the case was revised and its middle connection was stretched out up to the bezel. Muscled up at 42mm, the Overseas 2 was sportier, bolder and more manly. This second era of Overseas additionally turned into an appropriate, complete assortment, with numerous emphasess: chronograph, double time, interminable calendar, all in various materials. Rich, yet marginally less exquisite than the first concept.

This drives us to 2016, with the making of the third era of Overseas … But that’s for later and the second piece of this film. Until further notice, appreciate the main video toward the start of this article with Christian Selmoni clarifying about the 222 and the two past age of a cutting edge icon.

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