The Porsche 911 And The REC 901 And How They Are Related – A Personal Story

By rolex
April 7, 2021
7 min read

Forgive me, this will be a profoundly uneven article. I won’t zero in on whatever else yet my own adoration and experience for once. Typically we see the light AND clouded side of something, and attempt to share that with you, our perusers. Not this time, goodness! Presently, it has become individual! Why? Due to my energy for all things “ Zuffenhausen “. Indeed, there will be discussion about watches and yes I will impart my active experience to you, anyway first I need to get something off of my chest…

The basis of this story is basic, and despite the fact that it finds its inception in my childhood and love for vehicles, this article in reality initially began to come to fruition during Baselworld 2016. It is the perfection of jealousy, love, recollections, an aching longing all crushed into one single new watch.

As a child I gathered a LOT of vehicles, beginning with the little Hotwheels, Matchbox and Majorette vehicles in the 1:64 scale. I played for quite a long time on my stomach, with vehicles going around my bed, on the floor or on animation like city-maps complete with parking garages, service stations and local groups of fire-fighters. One little vehicle consistently stuck out, in spite of the fact that I am dismal to say I don’t have it any longer. A little old Porsche, in silver. I simply adored that thing! Throughout the long term I grew up and my affection moved from 1:64 to 1:18 scale models and again Porsche stood out.

This time a brilliant yellow Porsche 911 by Bburago was the offender. In the end this developed into a profound interest in the brand, and the development of extensive knowledge of the history of the brand, and obviously its racing legacy. My assortment of scale vehicles from pretty much all fascinating brands moved into a Porsche Racing centered one. Obviously it included symbols like the 917K, the 956, the 934RSR and a definitive one; the incomprehensible Porsche 917-30.

Ever since, I’ve been twisting my neck at whatever point a Porsche is near, continually requiring an additional subsequent when seeing one stopped in the roads, and being incomprehensibly desirous of Frank when he had the opportunity to go to Finland for a Porsche Driving Experience recently. No worries obviously, however I can’t resist either since I still can’t seem to feel the kick-in-the-rear of the level six behind me.

But, I hear you asking, how does this relate to watches? All things considered, obviously there is the association with Porsche Design and its timepieces, however during a year ago’s Baselworld another association sprung up. The Danish Connection on the off chance that you will.

During Baselworld 2016 I visited two Danish folks in a little, exceptional and wonky condo right outside of the Baselworld reasonable. This seems like a back-rear entryway story however I guarantee you it isn’t. The gathering was with a youthful brand, wandering into programmed watches for the absolute first time yet deficient with regards to the assets to spend too much on a corner. The brand being referred to, REC Watches, offers watches with parts from actual vehicles for dials, yet up until to 2016 they were all quartz, so not Monochrome-material to be straightforward. This changed when they began utilizing boards (Hood, entryway, trunk) from the incredible Ford Mustang. No vehicles are hurt as just the ones that are excessively far gone to be returned out and about will be utilized. The parts wound up as dials in the P-51 assortment , a direct clue to a similarly incredible, American item; The P-51 Mustang military aircraft from WWII.

As I was examining the brand, its watches and becoming acquainted with individuals behind it simultaneously, we gradually headed into the direction of future activities. I was advised a survey was begun to assemble contribution from authorities and customers with regards to what the following assortment should encapsulate. As far as I might be concerned, there was just one clear answer. A brand that is (ostensibly) the best sportscar manufacturer on the planet; Porsche! Did I notice this would one say one was sided as of now? On the off chance that you consider it briefly, the 911 is probably as inseparable from “sportscar” as it can get. Obviously there are other exotics like the Ferrari F40, the Lamborghini Countach or Diablo, the McLaren F1 however the one excess consistent is the 911.

The very “Rolex-like” way to deal with adhering consistent with one idea, and forming and chiseling it into the best execution of said idea is commendable. Along these lines, normally, Porsche must be the picked brand for REC Watches, and the survey showed this too with an immense hole to the subsequent section, the Dodge Charger. 63% of the votes went to the Zuffenhausen-based maker which is an obvious indicator of the prominence of Porsche.

The folks from REC Watches have been working diligently uncovering the 901 assortment. 901, as this is the first name for the 911 however Porsche wound up in a lawful issue with Peugeot as it previously had “dibs” on the number-0-number assignment for vehicles (for example 205, 306, 405 and so forth) The REC 901 assortment utilizes parts that come off of unique Porsche 911’s as dials, similarly likewise with the Mini assortment, and the P-51 assortment. Loaded with 911 references, the 901 assortment doesn’t become cheap for one second.

If you experience the photos, you ought to have the option to discover these subtleties and more;

  • Brake-circle styled rotor for programmed winding.
  • Otto Fuchs-style caseback recollecting the notorious wheels from the seventies.
  • Rear-motor air-grille on the drag side of the case.
  • Porsche-textual style digits throughout.
  • 911 instrument check needle-motivated hands
  • Crown that takes after the horn-cap on mid 911 guiding wheels
  • Vin-plate cutaway taking after the tag cutaway on the cars
  • Color combinations motivated by seventies Porsche 911 interiors

Overall three distinct forms will be accessible, and you can discover them all in the Kickstarter lobby . The undertaking is for quite some time subsidized, yet there is still an ideal opportunity to go so you can locate some decent arrangements on both of the 901’s. Similarly likewise with any REC Watch, you will receive an ID-card with the watch, to show you the narrative of your own personal watch. This will disclose to you every last piece of data that is accessible about the vehicle that your dial came from.

The development inside the REC 901 assortment is a Miyota-sourced programmed development. The 9100 Caliber indicates hours, minutes and seconds on a focal pivot, day/date/month on a triplet of plates (two of which are obvious on the dial-side). The indications are completed by a fuel-check styled power hold on top. The steel case has part of the way concealed drags, and a sort of head protector like form. It wears well, is overall quite strong on top of your wrist however doesn’t move around when wearing. It comes with a selection of ties coordinating the plan and motivation of watch, down to famous seventies inside subtleties, similar to the bolted seat vents or a dark and-orange ribbed lash. One of the stretch-objectives is a tie highlighting genuine seventies Porsche-safety belt material as supplements to additional upgrade the idea of RECover, RECycle, REClaim.

The REC 901 assortment will begin at EUR 945 during the currently running Kickstarter crusade . This will save you about 45% on conclusive retail prices.

To close this exceptionally egotistical story, I can sincerely say I need one. No, I even NEED one… The central issue is however, which one? I have a reasonable thought of what I would go for, however I am additionally welcoming every one of you to mention to us your opinion about the idea and which your favored model would be, the steel and dark 901-01, the steel and silver 901-02 or the dark and orange 901-03. More data on or .