The new URWERK UR-111C – No More Wandering Hours but Still Spectacular

By rolex
June 1, 2021
6 min read

It isn’t each day that URWERK presents a shiny new piece – not a transformation of a current piece, but rather something genuinely extraordinary and remarkable. So when URWERK declares something new, we’re consistently eager to see the aftereffect of numerous long periods of development… And its most recent child doesn’t frustrate. Strong and super present day, as a URWERK should be, the new creation disposes of the signature meandering hours sign to reestablish another notorious showcase: direct retrograde minutes. Meet the URWERK UR-111C, the direct  

Wandering hours out – retrograde straight minutes IN

For more than 20 years, URWERK assembled its standing on the utilization of one novel presentation: meandering hours. Surprisingly, this super current showcase was roused by an old method of introducing time. Attributed to the Campani siblings, meandering hour tickers forgo the conventional plan of concentric hands and combine the hours and minutes in a solitary indicator. A profoundly instinctive approach to peruse the time, a meandering hours clock made for Pope Alexander XII by the Campani siblings was what got Felix Baumgartner moving. This was the motivation for the absolute first URWERK, the UR-101 .

Most of the watches later imagined and manufactured by Frei and Baumgartner featured this showcase – the UR-103 , the UR-202 , the UR-1001 , the UR-110 , the UR-210 , the UR-105 or the UR-T8 . A couple of special cases for the standard: the EMC , of course, however especially the  UR-CC1 King Cobra , a watch that withdrew from the meandering showcase to bring straight and retrograde signs. On this watch, the hours are appeared by a hopping and pivoting chamber, the minutes with a retrograde chamber and the seconds with both an advanced and straight mechanism… This watch currently has a descendant, the URWERK UR-111C.


As for the plan of this new URWERK UR-111C, despite the fact that the new presentation suggests a few changes in the shape, we identify the Sci-Fi subjects that are so dear to Frei and Baumgartner. The new watch is obviously URWERK, intense, present day, offbeat, enormous, manly and a long way from prudent – yet all things considered, you don’t tie a watch like this on the wrist to conceal it under a sleeve. The UR-111C is a genuine machine for the wrist.

The most intriguing piece of this watch is positively to be seen on the mechanical side – which at URWERK implies a surprising presentation. The sign of the hours, minutes or seconds in a non-conventional way (comprehend exemplary hands turning at 360°) has consistently been a signature feature on URWERK watches and the new UR-111C plainly doesn’t change that. Indeed, it shows more than one abnormal sign. The primary concern of interest with the new creation is that the meandering hours are gone.  But that doesn’t imply that the watch is any less specialized or impressive.

The front side of the watch, with its three curved sapphire gems, incorporates one sign of the hours and two signs of the minutes. Let’s start on the left side where bouncing computerized hours are shown on a rotating shortened cone. Not exclusively is the sign conveyed on a turning cone yet it hops absolutely consistently, so the current time is in every case consummately showed. The correct side is a progressive moment show, likewise through a rotating cone – consider this presentation a “backup” and a visual stabilizer for the hour display.

The primary sign and the one that will make the genuine “wow effect” is the focal one. Propelled by the “King Cobra” watch, the URWERK UR-111C once again introduces the linear show of the minutes, notwithstanding, with another test. As indicated by the brand “the straight track of the presentation inclines askew across its aperture, rather than on a level plane in accordance with the pivoting chamber that conveys the helix marker along the track of minutes. Because of the inclining track, the chamber turns 300 degrees about its hub to carry the helix to the 60th moment, simultaneously furnishing a since quite a while ago, curled spring. To take the helix back to the beginning, the spring deliveries to snap the chamber forward another 60 degrees and take the hours leap toward the following hour.” Definitely, something we need to find in real life – and it will come soon as we have just requested an audit watch.

And there’s more… The seconds are additionally demonstrated by the URWERK UR-111C and unsurprisingly, the presentation is a long way from regular. It is an advanced seconds counter, mounted then again on two minuscule wheels: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 on one wheel, and 5, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 on the other. Every openwork seconds wheel weighs 0.018 grams (0.025g with numerals) — miniature lacework in metal gratitude to the LIGA cycle. The presentation shows up bizarrely near the wearer in light of the fact that the circles are set under a supposed “image conduit”, situated a 10th of a millimeter over the numerals. This roundabout window is made in precisely adjusted optical fibres.

Are we finished with the URWERK UR-111C? Not yet! Presently comes the man-machine cooperation, and the manner in which the wearer collaborates with his watch. The winding framework is worked by a since a long time ago fluted chamber or “roller” incorporated on the highest point of the case. Despite the fact that the base development is programmed, winding the watch with this roller will be essential for the pleasure. The same applies to the first method of setting the time. Rather than pulling out a crown you swing out a switch from the correct side of the case and turn the roller one or the other way. Thinking about these gadgets and abnormal sign, the case can’t be collected in an exemplary manner – as seen over, the development must be opened from the side of the case, when the boards have been taken out and the time-setting switch dismantled.

As for the actual watch, the URWERK UR-111C is additionally another interpretation of the brand’s trademark plan. Positively, the signature DNA is as yet present yet the shape is unique in relation to what we’ve found in the past – more rakish, less natural. The UR-111C has all the earmarks of being a somewhat weighty watch, yet the measurements ought to be more “decent” and easy to use than some of URWERK’s past manifestations. The case measures 42mm x 46mm and is 15mm in stature (close to a large portion of the Valjoux-fueled watches). The URWERK UR-111C will be accessible in two forms. The first has an exemplary cleaned and brushed steel case, while the second has a matte gunmetal finish.

The URWERK UR-111C will be a restricted version of 25 pieces in each finish, with a cost of CHF 130,000 before charges. More subtleties on .