The New TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02, Now With In-House Movement

By rolex
April 23, 2021
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The 50th-commemoration festivities of the notable Monaco watch and its initial programmed chronograph development aren’t over yet – it’s still 2019 all things considered. However, after a progression of super-restricted versions , one for every decade, the time has come to come back to customary creation watches. On the event of this commemorative year, TAG takes a significant action on its exemplary blue dial, 3 o’clock-crown Monaco – the advanced one, not the Steve McQueen-inspired model . Bid farewell to the Monaco Caliber 12 and its rethought development; make proper acquaintance with the new TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02, with the brand’s own chronograph movement.


We’re not going to review the full history of the Monaco here, yet we’re going to zero in on the TAG Heuer time. In the event that you need the full story of the Heuer Monaco (comprehend the 1969 model), we’ve as of late delivered an inside and out video that will reveal to you about this famous chronograph watch.

As the vast majority of you may know, the early Heuer Monaco wasn’t truly fruitful back in the days, which drove Heuer to stop the creation by the mid-1970s (around 1974-75). In any case, that’s just the primary portion of the Monaco’s history. By 1985, TAG Group (Techniques d’Avant-Garde) procured a greater part stake in Heuer, forming TAG Heuer. Mindful of the magnificence of the vintage Heuer watches and the adoration surrounding these models, by 1998 TAG Heuer reissued a portion of its most magnificent models.

The TAG Heuer Monaco returned available with the reference CS2110, a watch with “Heuer-only” level dark dial, delivered in a restricted version of 5,000 pieces and controlled by a programmed rethought development (ETA 2894, with Dubois-Depraz module). This watch would establish the pace for the following 20 years and introduce a case that was subsequently utilized in most exemplary Monaco watches. This was additionally the beginning of the Monaco’s current section, which likewise shows that a programmed development and a crown at 3 o’clock used to be the standard for these contemporary watches.

This first re-execution of the Monaco was a commercial achievement, leading TAG Heuer, in 1999, to introduce the reference CS2111, an advancement of the past watch, with a more etched dark dial featuring a tri-compax design, recessed sub-dials, faceted applied indexes and extended markers.

But with regards to THE exemplary model, the genuine article is the reference CW2113, a watch dispatched in 2003 and the principal Monaco under the LVMH direction. This watch comes with a few recognizable highlights: it was the principal genuine square-molded model, with a 39mm x 39mm case (the 2 models above are 40mm x 38mm); it was likewise the first with a TAG Heuer logo; and it reintroduced a blue dial, so notorious to this model. Inside, by and by, was a secluded development, an ETA 2894-2. It advanced in 2009 to become the reference CAW2111, with type 12 inside, little visual updates, sapphire caseback, 100m water-resistance…

This model is effectively conspicuous with its sunray-brushed blue dial and its spiral applied indexes. While the TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber 11 reference CAW211P , the Steve McQueen-inspired model, is a vintage re-version of the 1969 model with flat markers and matte blue dial, the current Monaco Calibre 12 watch remains the “standard, modern” watch. But… This is the finish of a period, as the Monaco Caliber 12 is not, at this point created (indeed, not totally, however more on that in our next article).

The new TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02

Same… yet unique. While a brief glance won’t give you a hint of whether you’re looking at the old or the new model, the change from the ETA-based Caliber 12 development to the new in-house Heuer 02 suggests that practically the whole watch has been refreshed. Since the Heuer 02 has various measurements and a somewhat unique format, the case and the dial must be refreshed too… yet just with minor changes, fortunately. The look and feel are that of a Monaco, don’t worry.

The new TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 retains the fundamental, meaning all the components that have made the Monaco fruitful and effectively unmistakable. The instance of this new form actually has the faction square plan, and despite the fact that the engine that runs inside is bigger, it actually gauges 39mm x 39mm. The bezel is still vertically satin-brushed, the highest point of the drags are as yet cleaned and the flanks are satin-brushed as well. On top, we actually find the pleasantly executed, yet exceptionally uncovered chamfered sapphire precious stone. Being the swap for the Caliber 12 model, the pushers and the crown are both situated at 3 o’clock. Water-obstruction is as yet appraised at 100m.

So what changes on the case…? Very few really, aside from slightly more thickness working on it, because of the Heuer 02 type. The caseback likewise changes, with a bigger window on the development. The final development – and a decent one – is to be seen on the crown. As the watch currently includes an integrated development and not the particular ETA/Dubois Depraz type, the crown and the pushers are situated on a similar level. Aside from these generally actually determined advancements, the look is just about the same.

Being a cutting edge, somewhat more exemplary rendition of the Monaco and not a vintage-inspired watch, this TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 is worn on a gator tie, executed in dull blue and got to the wrist by a folding catch. No racing-inspired tie here, yet you can generally change that.

Regarding the dial, the usage of another development infers many advancements. The dial with its sunray brushed blue style, the outspread applied and faceted indexes, the roundabout seconds track with luminous spots, the TAG Heuer logo and the rhodium-plated hands are all very similar. Additionally, no progressions regarding the contrasting white sub-dials and the red chronograph hands (focal and sub-counters). However, as should be obvious, these counters are currently recessed and are chamfered on the periphery.

Also – and that’s where the main advancement is – the new TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 is a tri-compax watch. For quite a long time, the Monaco has been conveyed with a bi-compax design, with little seconds and 30-minute counter. Presently, the two white sub-dials are devoted to the slipped by minutes and hours. Notwithstanding that, the Monaco Heuer 02 highlights a little seconds, which has been circumspectly actualized at 6 o’clock, with simply a crosshair. Truth be told, it even covers the date window: a decent stunt to keep this watch balanced.

Now, the serious deal. The development. The ETA/Sellita-sourced Caliber 12 is out and instead, we have the brand’s internally evolved and made development, the Caliber Heuer 02. No compelling reason to say, the change from an old fashioned secluded development to a cutting edge, integrated development with segment haggle grip is to be viewed as a significant improvement (and valid statement, the cost isn’t too affected).

The Heuer 02 was first introduced on the new Autavia, back in 2017 . This development, which fills in as a base for the tourbillon watches as well, is gradually finding its way in all the assortments – Autavia , Carrera . The Heuer 02 is an interesting type, with current integrated engineering and demonstrated specialized arrangements – section haggle grasp, with a sharp beginning of the chronograph and smooth activity of the pushers. It ticks at 4Hz and offers a comfortable 80-hour power hold. It is noticeable through the caseback and finished in an industrial yet not undesirable manner – Geneva stripes, darkened rotor, red section wheel.


Apart from the (conceivably) questionable places of the little seconds and programmed notice, this new TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 just brings positive developments to this work of art, current rendition. While outwardly it’s anything but an upset however an extremely prudent advancement – which in this setting is unmistakably certain – the watch profits by a significant mechanical update that adds a ton of content to this piece, and added an incentive for the client, without being reflected hugely in the price.


The new TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 reference CBL2111.FC6453 will be evaluated at EUR 5,400 (or CHF 5,800 or USD 5,950), which must be compared to the EUR 4,900 needed for the presently discontinued Caliber 12 model reference CAW2111 or the EUR 5,250 needed for the Steve McQueen Caliber 11 reference CAW211P.

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