The New Seiko Prospex “King Turtle” (SRPE03 – SRPE05 – SRPE07)

By rolex
April 9, 2021
6 min read

Looking at Seiko’s vintage assortment of plunge Jreplica Watches there are many icons… Among them is a Jreplica Watches nicknamed “Turtle”, because of the extraordinary state of its case. Known as the reference 6105-8110 , or as the “Captain Willard” (it was worn by Sheen in Apocalypse Now), it would become the motivation for one of the brand’s best current jump Jreplica Watches the Prospex Automatic Diver 200m “Turtle”, accessible in numerous releases ( here , here or here ). Powerful, available, enjoyable to wear, there’s very little to complain about this piece. All things considered, Seiko has chosen to give its blockbuster a pleasant redesign. Meet the three new Jreplica Watches previously named “King Turtle”, or Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver 200m SRPE03, SRPE05 and SRPE07.

What would we say we are talking about here? Another model? Or on the other hand a basic overhaul? Indeed, the last will be more suitable. The base for these three new Jreplica Watches is entirely recognizable, the adulated and acclaimed Prospex Automatic Diver 200m SRP Series – which we checked on here . This is the section level automatic jump Jreplica Watches at Seiko Prospex, with a 200m water-opposition, a 45mm adjusted case, the type 4R36 with a day-date work and a plan unequivocally enlivened by the 6105. Being in the EUR 400 territory, you’ll get a great deal of a Jreplica Watches at the cost, yet you’ll additionally need to manage a couple of concessions, for example, a mineral “Hardlex” precious stone, a scratch-touchy aluminum bezel and a plain dial. This is for the straightforward “Turtle” watch.

Now, Seiko has chosen to add three new Jreplica Watches to the assortment – don’t consider it as a trade for the SRP arrangement that are fundamentally equivalent to previously, yet better… Or in any event, with various updates to improve the apparent quality and the obstruction of the Jreplica Watches to troublesome circumstances. Furthermore, it didn’t take long to the Seiko-Fans community to give this Jreplica Watches an epithet: “King Turtle”.

What’s new? From the outset, very little has been changed. The general plan clearly didn’t need numerous updates and the 45mm x 13.2mm instance of the Seiko King Turtle – the SRPE arrangement – is equivalent to the one utilized by the standard Turtle Jreplica Watches It likewise implies a screw-down crown situated at 4 o’clock, a screwed caseback and ensured 200m water-obstruction. The equivalent can be said about the dial design, which actually holds the equivalent lists, specks and hands. Also, the day-date complication actually discovers its place at 3 o’clock.

The advancement lies in subtleties, yet subtleties that can have a serious effect. The new Seiko Prospex King Turtle improves all the parts that might have been viewed as marginally on the low-end side. To begin with, the Hardlex glass – a mineral precious stone – has been supplanted by a substantially more safe sapphire gem. Additionally, and this will absolutely be a state of discussion, it currently includes a rectangular magnifier throughout the day-date window. By and by, I like it as it adds a specific outdated appeal to that Jreplica Watches – despite the fact that it isn’t verifiably relevant.

The second update on the Seiko Prospex King Turtle is the bezel. In the first place, it includes an alternate example for the grasp, with more characterized grooves and a squared profile. This feels more present day, more forceful than the adjusted, delicate example of the old style Turtle. Be that as it may, generally, it adds a feeling of value. Second (and major) update, the bezel’s embed is presently produced using earthenware, still with the hour long scale since the plan of the actual scale is indistinguishable. Indeed, this will make the Jreplica Watches more safe in the long run.

Finally, there are the dials. In the event that the format and show are the equivalent, the examples are extraordinary. The two standard Seiko King Turtle models, ref. SRPE03 and SRPE05, come with a squared surface – call it Tapisserie in the event that you need – that energizes the Jreplica Watches and adds to the apparent quality.

Inside the Jreplica Watches there are no indications of development fitted with a similar development, the attempted and-tried type 4R36. This automatic motor is known for its respectable precision (it can without much of a stretch disagreement the ±10 seconds a day) and its demonstrated unwavering quality. It includes a hand-twisted limit just as a stop-seconds. It runs at 21,600 vibrations/hour and stores around 40 hours of force reserve.

This new Seiko Prospex King Turtle assortment has been dispatched in three unique models. The first, reference SRPE03K1, is a record-breaking exemplary with a dark dial and squared example, a dark artistic bezel and is worn on a 3-interface treated steel arm band. The last has a collapsing fasten with discharge press catches and a jumping augmentation. The SRPE03K1 will be estimated at EUR 619 (Europe RRP).

The second model in this Seiko King Turtle assortment is the reference SRPE05K1. It plays on military topics, with a khaki green dial, again with the squared example and a dark fired bezel. It is worn on a coordinating khaki green silicone tie, with a hardened steel pin clasp. The SRPE05K1 will be estimated at EUR 599 (Europe RRP).

Last however not least, the third model in the King Turtle assortment is the reference SRPE07K1. This rendition is marginally not the same as the two others, as it includes a dial with a wave design – some way or another suggestive of the “Save the Ocean” model yet with better definition. The artistic bezel is blue with a brilliant scale and the Jreplica Watches is worn on a dark silicone tie, with a treated steel pin clasp. The SRPE07K1 will be estimated at EUR 599 (Europe RRP).

The three new Seiko Prospex King Turtle are decent augmentations to the assortment. They get a ton terms of apparent quality, which comes a cost increment of around EUR 180. They are presently accessible in stores (Feb. 2020). More subtleties at .