The New Piaget Possession Collection – A Playful Take on Time

By rolex
June 18, 2021
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Not each lady’s watch must be a mechanical wonder. Now and then a captivating plan can lift a quartz watch higher than ever. Such is the situation with the new Piaget Possession watches that were revealed at the new SIHH 2018 in Geneva. Super ladylike, smooth and too stylish, the new Piaget Possession watches have a great deal to bring to the table regarding shading and plan. Also, on the off chance that you are searching for the ideal present for that unique individual, you won’t turn out badly here.

Piaget , established in 1874 when Georges-Edouard Piaget set up workshops in his family farmhouse in La Cote-aux-Feés, Switzerland, has long been known for its precision developments and, since the mid-20th century, for its sublime gems. Indeed, during the 1970s and 1980s, under the direction of Yves Piaget – who appeared to have the option to do something amazing with gold – the brand’s watches and adornments went in a different direction bringing about an explosion of style, shading, shapes and plans that would perpetually establish a connection in history books.

In the mid 1990s, Piaget uncovered the Possession adornments collection, which included turning rings in their plan. The concept was a prompt sensation, and the brand has since developed the collection to incorporate Piaget Possession watches with turning bezel rings, as well.

The New Generation of Piaget Possession Watches

Now, Piaget rethinks the universe of motion, of the iconic rotating rings, in another collection that yields intense tone through compatible lashes, different diamond settings and even treated steel cases (which didn’t exist in the line before). In every one of the new Possession watches, a pivoting bezel pivots a second band permitting the wearer to constantly move the rings and recollect that life is consistently in motion.

Additionally, the dials of the new Possession collection are cleaner and subtler in allure. While past Possession watches highlighted Roman numerals, the new collection offers 11 round diamond markers for the hours on a gleaming dial, with the Piaget logo at 3 o’clock. It makes for a fresh, spotless, simple to-peruse and simple on-the-eye look.

Offered in 29mm or 34mm sizes, the new Possession watches are made in 18k pink gold, 18k white gold, or in hardened steel. The tempered steel models and the 18k rose gold models can be requested with only one diamond on the turning bezel rings.  The 18k pink gold and white gold Possession watches are offered with simply the external turning ring being diamond set, or – for the individuals who love the style – with the two rings set with splendid cut diamonds.

As mentioned, the watches additionally include compatible ties and the tones on offer are a painter’s range of tones going from intense lapis lazuli blue, 12 PM blue, and purple. The gold versions are sold with a decision of two lashes. (Piaget is offering shop elite Piaget Possession watches out of the blue with gemstone dials like turquoise, Carnelian, malachite and lapis lazuli – all with completely coordinated lash tones in blue, red, green and turquoise.)

My Favorites

After playing with the entirety of the new Piaget Possession watches for some time, turning the rings, changing the ties, giving them each of the a shot, I realized I needed to pick a top choice (or two). While I will concede I am an admirer of gemstone dials, I inclined toward the 18k gold versions with brilliant dials.

These have a smidgen greater adaptability as they coordinate anything in a lady’s closet. Indeed, the possibility that the watches are offered with two tradable tie shading decisions makes it considerably more wearable – and one can alter one’s perspective at whim.  The dial, without any numerals, is quite alluring.

As to the turning rings, while I cherished wearing a red-tied 18k white gold Possession with the two rings diamond set, I need to concede, the rose gold model, with a solitary diamond-set ring, and lapis-blue lash has a work of art, complex allure. Obviously, if cost is an issue, the hardened steel, unset watch has a cutting edge, energetic yet stylish look to it as well.

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This article has been composed by Roberta Naas, organizer of A Timely Perspective ; and writer of six books on watches.