The new Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition

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April 9, 2021
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If you glance back at the Jreplica Watches presented back in 2019, one obviously made some clamor when presented at Baselworld… And for valid justifications. Its name? The Breitling Navitimer Ref. 806 1959 Re‑Edition . The reason for its prosperity? Being a super dedicated re-edition of one of Breitling’s most notorious Jreplica Watches Having the ingredients for an attractive Jreplica Watches in their grasp, the group at Breitling applies a similar recipe to one more of the brand’s incredible chronographs, with another (and equitably very dazzling) vintage-inspired model. Meet the Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition.

Background, the AVI 765 Co-Pilot Series

Before we move to the subtleties of the new model, we need to revisit the vintage Breitling 765 AVI Co-Pilot Series of Jreplica Watches And for the individuals who really need to go inside and out on this particular theme, we urge you to look at our 3-section story on the Breitling 765 AVI here: section 1 , section 2 and section 3  (articles that were delivered with the assistance of specialists ‘Dracha’ and ‘WatchFred’).

While everyone knows the Navitimer, a Jreplica Watches dispatched available in 1954, the authoritative pilot’s chronograph with slide rule bezel, there are a lot more notorious and significant Jreplica Watches at Breitling. Really, some more. One of them is another pilot’s chronograph yet with a completely different methodology, plan and reason. One was a Jreplica Watches made with the AOPA for non military personnel purposes. The different was a Jreplica Watches implied for military pilots. It is a progression of Jreplica Watches known as the Breitling 765 AVI Co-Pilot.

The birth of the ref. 765 AVI began in the last part of the 1930s, with two reference numbers, the Breitling Premier ref. 765 and ref. 734. As indicated by master WatchFred, this was “the first wristwatch dispatched by the “Breitling EIGHT” Military aviation division“. These were very exquisite and viable tri-compax register chronographs with an inward tachymeter scale and featured the type Venus 178.

The Second World War would critically affect wristwatches and their plans. Proficient Jreplica Watches increased and more austere. Intelligibility, waterproofness, and upgraded reliability turned into the primary destinations for the business. These requirements brought forth probably the most notable watches… which incorporates today’s theme, the 765 AVI Co-Pilot, which was presented to the general population in 1953.

The initial 765 AVI was an extreme departure from the pre-war model. It was an enormous chronograph (41mm bezel distance across, 22mm carry width) with a bi-directional steel bezel with 12-hour pilot’s scale. It featured a matte dark dial with radiant Arabic numbers and hands. It was accessible with a bi-compax format, with sub-dials at 6 and 9 o’clock positions, and “digital” minute counter at 3 o’clock. A more traditional tri-compax format was additionally accessible, with a 3-6-9 showcase and 15-minute counter (run of the mill of 1950s/1960s pilots watches). Once more, the Venus 178 hand-wound chronograph powered these models.

These Jreplica Watches were firmly inspected by various military powers, including the French and the Italian Air Force. There’s still a discussion among authorities and specialists, as a nearby review of the 765 AVI reveals an irrefutable resemblance with the Type XX Jreplica Watches (the regular citizen models made by Breguet and Dodane, the Vixa models and the early Breguet Type 20 for military powers being fairly different, with a fluted bezel). The Breitling 765 AVI was dispatched in 1953 and the Type 20 was first delivered in 1954 to the Armée de l’Air, Aeronavale and C.E.V. Some Breitling specialists notice that “in 1952-53, Breitling was in genuine dealings with the French Air Force for a military agreement, which will be given to Breguet/Vixa/Dodane/Airain”. Who was first with this (sublime) plan is still today a state of debate.

The original of Breitling 765 AVI was delivered until 1964 when the brand chose to change the Jreplica Watches definitely – as clarified to a limited extent 2 of our arrangement . However, regarding what we’re going to see today, the motivation from the early age of tri-compax AVI 765 Co-Pilot is undeniable.

The new Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition

After the re-edition of the Navitimer Ref. 806 , Breitling presents another vintage-inspired model, this time honoring the reference 765 AVI 1953. What’s more, much the same as they did with the 806, it is about dependability and respect of the first Jreplica Watches Visually, the new Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition is a 1-to-1 duplicate of the old model, just with refreshed materials and a cutting edge development. All the rest is identical.

Let’s start with the case. Much the same as the first 765 AVI Co-Pilot, the 2020 re-edition has a 40mm case – the bezel being marginally bigger, at 41.1mm in width. All the measurements, except for the thickness – because of a different development – have been respected, including the 22mm haul width. Same goes for the state of the actual case, which features dainty and sloped hauls, mushroom-like pushers and an enormous yet meager crown. The bi-directional bezel, a need for pilots, is made of cleaned steel with an engraved 12-hour scale, filled in dark. The bezel has a slender grasp on the outskirts, with a dots of rice profile. The case is for the most part cleaned, with a differentiating brushed caseband.

The Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition will be accessible, obviously, in treated steel. Two different editions in precious metal, one in 18k rose gold and one out of 950 platinum, will be accessible two or three months. All are worn on vintage-looking calfskin lashes with a pin clasp – in dark for the steel model and in earthy colored for the precious metal variants. The solitary admission to advancement might have been a sapphire crystal… yet even here, the choice was to remain consistent with the first model with a hesalite crystal.

Moving to the dial, indeed, it’s about devotion here. Show, hands, markers, numerals, tracks and logos have all been filtered and reproduced to scale. The steel form of the Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition features a matte dark, somewhat grained dial, which will likewise be utilized on the rose gold model. The platinum adaptation, then again, will be dispatched with a matte blue dial. All variants feature huge iridescent Arabic numerals and needle hands, both loaded up with fauxtina cream-colored Super-LumiNova. The tracks and engravings are all genuine and, except for the “Genève” notice underneath the Breitling logo, the re-edition is indistinguishable from the first model.

The show of this Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition comprises of three sub-dials, with a little seconds at 9 o’clock and a 12-hour aggregator at 6 o’clock. More unique is the moment recorder, at 3 o’clock. To be sure, the first model featured a 15-minute counter, while most current developments depend on a 30-minute counter (the base development, the B01, has a 30-minute counter). Breitling pushed the realness factor considerably further by adjusting the development to have a 15-minute counter. Likewise, much the same as the first, this sub-dial features iridescent rectangles each third moment. What’s stunningly better is that the space between the counters is likewise indistinguishable on the old and present day renditions, despite the fact that the mechanics inside aren’t the equivalent (at all).

Indeed, inside the instance of the new Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition is a cutting edge motor, equivalent to the one utilized in the 806 re-edition. The type B09 depends on the notable and broadly utilized B01 architecture however without oneself winding instrument. Affirmed as a chronometer by the COSC, it is an incorporated chronograph with a section wheel with vertical grasp, offering 1/4th of a subsequent precision. Beating at 4Hz, the force reserve is 70 hours when the development is completely wound. The development is taken cover behind a strong steel back.

Price and availability

The Breitling 765 AVI 1953 Re-Edition will be accessible as a restricted edition, in three different variants. The steel model will be accessible in March 2020, restricted to 1,953 pieces and evaluated at CHF 7,900. The rose gold model will be accessible in May 2020, restricted to 253 pieces and evaluated at CHF 21,000. At long last, the platinum model will be accessible in June 2020, restricted to 153 pieces and estimated at CHF 39,000.

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