The Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic, An Accessible Luxury Sports Watch

By rolex
May 26, 2021
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Maurice Lacroix has been dynamic since the mid-1970s with a predictable saying: open extravagance and high saw quality. The genuine change inside this company happened toward the finish of the 1990s, with the making of the Masterpiece assortment and in-house complication modules: the popular retrograde watches. From that point forward, the brand keeps on contribution these complex yet available presentations (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg) notwithstanding, something was absent. Another meaningful, effectively unmistakable “entry-level” assortment, something really contemporary and in accordance with customers’ assumptions. This is the story behind the new Aikon assortment – and for the most part the automatic variants , Maurice Lacroix’ take on the extravagance (reasonable) sports watch.

Luxury sports watches… Possibly the most sultry pieces now available. These offspring of the 1970s have never been so popular than today, with the steel Royal Oak or Nautilus selling at premium. In any case, what is an extravagance sports watch all things considered? In the event that there’s no authority definition, we, at MONOCHROME, as to consider it to be an exquisite, refined, level yet vigorous watch with a slim automatic development, a formed case with raised bezel (normally with an unexpected shape in comparison to the case), a basic time-in particular or time-and-date show, a finished dial with iridescent hands and a coordinated steel arm band – not difficult to comprehend that we are characterizing the Royal Oak, the Nautilus, the Overseas or the early Ingénieur. Lively yet rich watches with exceptionally sumptuous components. In any case, (and that’s a major BUT) a large portion of these watches are today inaccessible – their costs are north of EUR 20,000 or they are just not accessible at retailers. Risky for the vast majority of the watch enthusiasts.

Since its commencement, Maurice Lacroix zeroed in on high saw quality watches with sensible costs – generally in the CHF 1,000 to CHF 5,000 territory. Pleasantly created cases and dials, complex presentations, in-house made parts and modules… The Masterpiece assortment, with watches like the Moon Retrograde or the Double Retrograde , consummately summarized that – at any rate on the higher side of the assortment. Be that as it may, the brand was missing something solid, unmistakable and energetic on the opposite side of the reach, in the exceptionally competitive CHF 1,000-2,500 bucket.

After some market explores and chats with customers and retailers, the plan to make an extravagance sports watch with an achievable cost was found – and its wellspring of motivation as well, by taking a gander at the documents and a particular model, the Calypso. Unquestionably, this very-1990s watch should have been completely updated bu a few components were there. Utilizing the energetic appearance and the mark 6 arms on the bezel, the Aikon was conceived. First delivered in 2017 in quartz forms, some automatic models continued in 2018, with a period and-date and a chronograph.

The Aikon Automatic is a noteworthy piece, thinking about the cost. Absolutely, it doesn’t have all the refinements of the 20k-in addition to extravagance sports watches, nonetheless, it includes the greater part of the necessary components: a steel tonneau-molded case, a solid, raised bezel with 6 arms, a finished dial, an incorporated (and really top notch) compatible steel wristband, decent subtleties looking into it/dial/arm band and, to diminish the value, a rethought automatic development – which keeps the cost and the thickness of the cost very low.

Since its presentation, the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic and its numerous developments (self-winding chronograph, Bronze version) established a solid connection with us. One of best amazements of 2018 in the sub-2K Euros class and a watch that is currently completely clarified by Stephane Waser, the CEO of the brand, in the video on top of this article. Enjoy!

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