The De Bethune DB27 Titan Hawk V2 – Taking “Entry Level” To A Whole New Level

By rolex
June 16, 2021
4 min read

It’s a lengthy, difficult experience back to redemption for independent watchmaker De Bethune yet up until now, all signs propose they are well and really destined for success. The most recent sign comes as the new DB27 Titan Hawk V2 (DB27TIS1 V2), a fitting development to the first model that dispatched the DB27 assortment in 2012  – later found in a matte rendition . Somewhat more understated than its elder kin, the new DB27 Titan Hawk V2 offers a lightweight titanium case, complete with the brand’s trademark skimming drags, however combines it with a cleaner-looking dial. There’s not any more focal date show however we do get a seconds hand all things being equal. What’s more, that is not all that is changed.

As Brice clarified in a prior article (which you can peruse here ), De Bethune has gone through the most recent 2 years in something of a dead zone dealing with a complicated monetary and administrative circumstance. It appeared to be practically sure that the company was destined to go the method of a few other top of the line independent watch brands, before Pierre Jacques, previous CEO of the brand, reported that he, alongside a private speculation consortium, would be assuming control over last October. Jacques has swore to get the Manufacture that he assisted form with sponsorship track and get back to delivering the inconceivable watches we as a whole know and covet.

The first watch to be dispatched under the new possession/supervisory group was the exquisite DB28 Steel Wheels disclosed close to SIHH 2018. Following hot closely following this early achievement is the new DB27 Titan Hawk V2, a polished watch that encompasses all that we love about De Bethune.

Presented in a 43mm x 9mm case made from grade 5 titanium with brushed and cleaned surfaces, it is an uncommonly attractive watch on the wrist. The lightweight titanium, combined with De Bethune’s licensed ‘gliding drags’, likewise imply that it is extremely comfortable. On the off chance that you’ve at any point lashed on a De Bethune with these kinds of hauls you’ll know precisely what I mean. The hauls turn at 3 and 9 o’clock, which means they can fold themselves over practically any wrist size to guarantee a cozy fit against your skin. They likewise add an additional component to the design engineering of the case, which is outwardly very interesting.

As with the first DB27 Titan Hawk, the V2 highlights a silver-conditioned microlight dial. The format is equivalent to previously, with a section ring complete with Roman numerals for the hour markers, and a subsequent minutes circle with Arabic numerals put around the external edge of the dial. As I referenced before, the focal date sign is gone, similar to the emptied out, blued steel hand. All things considered, we currently have sandblasted hands, actually open-worked and now with hand cleaned blazed blued steel just at the finishes. There’s likewise the expansion of little seconds hand in blazed blue steel.

Turning the DB27 Titan Hawk V2 over, we get another astonishment. On the first models, an opening on the rear of the case uncovered just the equilibrium. Presently, be that as it may, we have a full sapphire case back, putting the enhanced self-winding AUTOV2 mechanical development on brilliant presentation. Comprised of 217 sections, it includes a titanium offset wheel with white gold embeds, a “De Bethune” offset spring with a level terminal bend, a steel get away from haggle swaying weight in titanium and composite of tungsten. Wavering at 28,800vph, it offers a 60-hour power save when completely squeezed up. As you anticipate from De Bethune, everything is done and decorated by hand to a demanding standard.

Presented on an extra-flexible gator calfskin tie with crocodile coating, the watch is appended to the wrist by means of a pin lock in coordinating grade 5 titanium. Most amazing aspect all, evaluating is equivalent to when the first DB27 Titan Hawk was presented in 2012, at CHF 37,000. More details on .