The Best of Independent Watchmaking 2018 – Part 2

By rolex
May 29, 2021
7 min read

Yesterday, we began to take a gander at the best watches made by independent watchmakers in 2018, with more “classical” watches (if at any time the non mainstream scene could be marked old style). Today, in the second part of this guide, we move to the most innovative, challenging, profoundly specialized of all. Science fiction plans, unordinary showcases of the time, super complex developments. The boldest and the craziest models in the watch business are correct here. The inventiveness, vision, variety – or essentially the more modest size – of non mainstream watchmakers give watchmaking fans an abundance of one of a kind manifestations in 2018.

Andreas Strehler Transaxle Tourbillon

This exceptionally designed creation by Andreas Strehler combines a tourbillon with a 1-second remontoir d’égalité developed around a similar pivot. The remontoir permits the exchange of consistent energy to the controller and to drive a lowlife second. The twin-barrel development likewise shows the excess force hold utilizing a little differential stuff. By and large, the ably made type comprises 250 parts, all fastidiously wrapped up by hand. The Strehler signature pad molded case is accessible in gold or platinum.

Quick facts: 41mm gold or platinum case – water-impervious to 30m – hand-twisted development with hours, minutes, bum seconds, tourbillon with transaxle 1-second remontoir and force hold sign – croc tie with pin clasp – CHF 182,500 – for more data, visit .

Armin Strom Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance

With this monster of a watch, Armin Strom wanders into a new area and dispatches its Masterpiece assortment. It is the main watch managed by the brand’s ‘reflected power resonance’ idea to highlight a complication. The Masterpiece 1 Dual Time resonance highlights twin developments based on a similar principle plate. Every one has its own barrel, gear train and controller to show an independent time zone. The profoundly functional independent presentations permit it to adjust to a wide range of time zones. At 12 o’clock, the oscillators are associated by a spring to improve resonance and beat in unison.

Quick facts: 59mm x 43.4mm (counting carries) x 13mm titanium case – water-impervious to 30m – hand-wound dual time developments with twin hours and minutes, 24h day/night and force save signs – crocodile tie with pin clasp – CHF 180,000 – restricted release of 8 pieces – for more data, visit .

Bovet Recital 22 Grand Récital

Part of a great set of three close by the Shooting Star and the Astérium, the Grand Récital is an orrery praising the three glorious bodies that set the tone of our lives: the sun, the earth and the moon. The sun is addressed by a one-minute flying tourbillon. At 12 o’clock, the earth is a hand-painted side of the equator showing the hours and minutes. An exactness moon rotates around it. Retrograde minutes and the force save sign are shown on hemispherical areas on each side of the globe. The date is shown at 7 o’clock through an amplifying glass and is driven by an unending schedule component whose signs are obvious through the sapphire caseback. The hand-wound type is housed in an ‘écritoire’ case and, as you’ve come to anticipate from Bovet, each component is radiantly finished.

Quick facts: 46.30mm x 19.60mm titanium or pink gold or platinum – water-impervious to 30m – hand-wound 17DM03-TEL with hours showed by a pivoting earth with day/night sign, retrograde minutes, seconds on the tourbillon, one-minute flying tourbillon, power save marker, retrograde never-ending schedule and accuracy moon stage – croc lash with pin clasp – CHF 435,000 in titanium and pink gold, CHF 465,000 in platinum – restricted creation of 60 developments – for more data, visit .


H0 is a re-visitation of the raison d’être of HYT, underscoring the fluidic time sign with straightforwardness and light. It is topped by a sapphire arch making a shocking three-dimensional item, permitting time to be perused from all points. H20 is the form whose mechanical development is produced with APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud Papi). The fine containing the liquids appears to glide over the many-sided instrument offering hitting profundity with its trademark V-molded roars. The minutes are shown in the middle through a bouncing moment hand, while the equilibrium wheel ticks at 12 o’clock. Look at our video about HYT Watches here .

Quick facts: 51mm x 19.95mm steel case – water-impervious to 30m – hand-twisted type with fluidic hour sign and bouncing minutes – elastic tie with collapsing clasp – CHF 95,000 – for more data, visit .

Louis Moinet Ultravox

The Ultravox is an awesome organizing of great importance hit complication made with Eric Coudray, showing its instrument in advance. This takes into account an unmistakable perspective on the spellbinding artful dance of its mallet, rack, fly-wheel, switches and other mechanical cycles occurring dial-side. The watch strikes each hour (or on interest) with the proper number of tolls. A quiet mode can be actuated through a pusher. Two miniature rotors wind the striking system and time sign barrels automatically.

Quick facts: 46.5mm x 14.5mm pink gold case – water-impervious to 50m – programmed type with hours, minutes and hour strike au entry – crocodile lash with collapsing clasp – CHF 130.000 – restricted release of 28 pieces – for more data, visit .


The most recent creation in the MB&F Horological Machine arrangement is, indeed, truly outstanding. An unusually attractive, plan driven creation motivated by one of Max Busser’s numerous fantasies and interests, it is undeniably MB&F. This driver’s watch is a recognition for the 1950s smooth out plan, a period when imagination was more about erotic turns than about the sober mindedness of present day streamlined designing. This new horological UFO to be worn on the wrist appears as though a smooth out stream motor flanked by two streamlined, ogival pods with drop-molded sapphire vaults lodging twin equilibrium wheels. Formed much the same as the case, the in-house development includes a differential to average the pace of the two oscillators and a funnel shaped stuff to drive the sidelong time display.

Quick facts: 57mm x 47mm x 23mmtitanium case – water-impervious to 30m – hand-twisted type with hours and minutes-calf cowhide tie with collapsing clasp – CHF 168,000 – two restricted version of 33 pieces – for more data, kindly visit .

Singer Track 1 Hong-Kong Edition

The Track 1 Hong-Kong version is a sportier, more forceful interpretation of the Singer Reimagined progressive focus chronograph, quite possibly the most exciting improvements of the previous years. The profound dark case is molded out of super safe, super light fired aluminum. The hours, minutes and seconds of the chronograph are coaxially shown in the focal point of the watch, permitting the passed time to be perused initially. The time is shown on the two fringe pivoting plates on account of a little pointer at 6 o’clock. Turning the watch over, the show caseback offers an amazing perspective on the many-sided chronograph mechanism.

Quick facts: 43mm x 15mm earthenware aluminum case – water-impervious to 100m – programmed type 6361 (Agengraph) focus chronograph – texture tie with collapsing clasp – CHF 44,500 – restricted version of 50 pieces – for more data, visit .

Urwerk UR-111C

Daring, creative and profoundly specialized, the UR-111C is undeniably Urwerk. Likewise with all watches made by Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner (the organizers of the brand), the time show is offbeat. Be that as it may, it contrasts from the brand’s circling hour satellites framework. Hopping hours and running minutes are shown through conelike shows on one or the other side of the case. There is a second direct retrograde moment show in the middle. The seconds are shown through a purported ‘picture course’ made of adjusted optical strands. Keep going, a roller looking into the issue plays out the capacity of the crown.

Quick facts: 42mm x 46mm x 15mm steel or gunmetal finish steel case – water-impervious to 30m – programmed type with bouncing hours, retrograde direct minutes, computerized minutes and advanced seconds – crocodile lash with collapsing clasp – CHF 130,000 – two restricted releases of 25 pieces – for more data, visit .