The Beauty of Automatons by Jaquet Droz, with the Loving Butterfly (Video)

By rolex
April 7, 2021
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Jaquet-Droz discloses to us an account of affection and trust with its most recent automaton, the Loving Butterfly, which is motivated by the portrayals drawn by an android automaton known as “the draughtsman“. We investigate this genuinely astounding and idyllic creation rejuvenated by refined artisanship and hand finishing.

Pierre Jaquet-Droz was, without question, perhaps the most gifted watchmakers ever. Specifically, he is celebrated for creating (with his child Henri-Louis Jaquet Droz and Jean-Frédéric Leschot) a few android automatons that captivated the entire of Europe in the 18th century. In the event that you have never gotten the opportunity to take a gander at these, click here  to watch a short video from the BBC introducing the Writer, his most complex creation.

The Draughtsman is another automaton that was produced in the middle of 1772 and 1774, for the most part by Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz (with Leschot). This momentous piece of inventiveness enlivened by the Writer is made of no less than 2,000 sections. It is fit for drawing four unique representations while intermittently blowing on its pencil to eliminate dust. Among the various portrayals drawn by the Draughtsman, one portrays cupid riding on a butterfly driven chariot. This symbolic portrayal of the account of Cupid and Psyche , is that of a fantasy about adoration and trust. In Greek folklore, Psyche is the exaltation of the human brain and is regularly depicted with butterfly wings.

Jaquet-Droz takes motivation from this sketch and mythto rejuvenate the Loving Butterfly. This idyllic automaton-wristwatch depicts a sensitive butterfly pulling Cupid along on a chariot, and is vivified with only one push on the crown incorporated pusher. The liveliness has a 90 second force hold, during which time the wings are fluttering 2.5 times each seconds while the wheel of the chariot rotates. The watch is the subject of three patent applications, 2 for the development and one for the dial.

The Loving Butterly is fueled by oneself winding JD2653 AT1 type with silicon balance spring and beds whose automaton system required three years of improvement. This twin barrel development offers a 68 hours power hold for the time instrument. The automaton is driven by its own force source with the stream directed by a lead representative. The twisting of the time system is performed by turning the crown clockwise, while the twisting of the automaton component is performed counterclockwise. The type JD2653 AT1 is nicely finished with cotes de Genève emanating from the equilibrium wheel. The wavering rotor is eminent, particularly its spokes formed like the chariot wheel.

This awesome masterpiece shows indeed the ability and aptitude of the brand’s experts. Every one of the 40 pieces of the automaton’s scrumptiously refined plan are persistently hand-engraved in-house at Jaquet-Droz. There is stunning thoughtfulness regarding subtleties all through as seen in staggeringly fine highlights like the butterfly recieving wires or the trees that are just 0.2mm thick. The difference of these gold engraved parts with the dial made of onyx (pink gold form) or mother of pearl (white gold rendition) is a decent touch.

The great Jaquet Droz Loving Butterly automaton is proposed in two restricted versions of 28 pieces offered in a 43mm white or pink gold case. It is worn on a gator tie fitted with pin buckle. For more data, visit .

Technical determinations Jaquet Droz Loving Butterfly Automaton           

  • Case: 43mm width x 16.63mm stature – 18k pink gold or 18k white gold – sapphire precious stone on the two sides – water impervious to 30m
  • Movement: JD2653 AT1–mechanical with automatic winding – 68h power hold (time instrument) – 90 seconds power save for the automaton – 28,800 vibrations/h – 57 gems – off kilter hours and minutes, automaton.
  • Strap: crocodile cowhide with pin buckle
  • Reference: J032533269 (pink gold)/J032534270 (white gold)
  • Limited releases of 28 pieces
  • Retail price : CHF 129,600