The 5 Most Sought-After Rolex Models in Collection – And the Sad Reality of the Market

By rolex
April 25, 2021
8 min read

The following purchasing guide is one that I’m not especially enamored with composing, not that the point isn’t alluring (despite what might be expected) yet behind these watches shrouds a market reality that should be told… Rolex has consistently been hot, however as of late, a portion of its watches have become blocked off. The scant accessibility of certain Rolex models at true retailers has encouraged a ascend in an incentive on the second-hand (or no doubt, dim) market. So here are the five most sweltering Rolex watches now in assortment and reality behind them, which means what you’ll need to pay in the event that you need to avoid the holding up list.

All of us at MONOCHROME, love watches. We genuinely love them, we’re energetic about them, we love to wear them and we love to gather them. This common energy was the purpose for the production of our “magazine committed to fine watches”. This assertion infers that we likewise need our perusers to appreciate watches, to have the option to secure them and to have the option to appreciate wearing them… And not to shroud them in a protected to become a venture vehicle, which is the thing that Rolex has become as of late. In all honesty, the present circumstance (notable by most watch lovers) is a miserable reality, which burdens energetic gatherers who need to appreciate these watches and pass on this speculative bubble.

We’re not going to discuss the reasons why the present circumstance happened. It includes numerous entertainers, from the retailers, the dim market vendors, some entrepreneur gatherers (the supposed ‘flippers’) and individuals who really might not have a genuine energy for watches. Will this last? Indeed, sadly, we can’t advise however everything comes to an end. Do we urge you to purchase these watches along with some hidden costs? Not actually, be that as it may, in the event that you have a wild tingle and you’re ready to manage the cost of these watches, it is your cash all things considered. Things being what they are, the reason not? In any case, previously, be arranged and know what to expect.

Note that the five after watches are right now practically difficult to get at the recorded RRP, from an authority retailer, without being on stand-by. Paying a premium at a non-official Rolex watch vender is in this way the best approach in the event that you need one right away. Sadly.

Rolex Daytona Steel 116500LN

The steel Daytona has been a hot commodity since the presentation of the in-house type 4130. Reality is that, during the 1970s and 1980s, the Daytona wasn’t wail after, by any means. However, the circumstance changed in 2000 when Rolex presented its own development, making a deficiency on the steel renditions of this model. The genuine defining moment was when Rolex presented the Panda dials/dark ceramic LN forms in 2016. This watch, with its very much dosed vintage impact, quickly turned into a triumph, which brought about amazingly appeal at retailers and relentless holding up lists.

Bear with us, the attractive quality of the Steel Daytonas 116500LN is defended. This watch has never looked so great and is, in practically all perspectives, a champ. The quality is brilliant, the dials (white or dark) are incredible, the development is performant and the dark bezel makes it cooler than at any other time. Issue is, such a large number of individuals are currently mindful of it and the accessibility at retailers is near nothing (if not zero).

Reality: The interest for the Daytona Steel/Ceramic is still amazingly high, even three years after its presentation. It very well may be the most sought-after Rolex to date and this straightforwardly affects the genuine market cost. While it retails for EUR 11,350 or USD 12,400, hope to pay at least EUR 20,000/USD 22,000 for a dark dial model and EUR 23,000/USD 25,000 for the white dial rendition. This outcomes in a strong 100% premium over the RRP.

Rolex GMT “Pepsi” 126710BLRO

The GMT was and still is one of the foundations of the assortment since its presentation back in 1954. The current assortment depends on the development dispatched in 2005 with the ref. 116718LN, comprising an overhauled case, a ceramic bezel and maxi dials. Later the steel/dark dial LN model would follow. In the event that this watch was generally welcomed, it wasn’t a prompt achievement and remained moderately available at retailers. At that point came the two-tone, blue-and-dark “Batman” BLNR model in 2013, what began to make notoriety around the GMT. It was elusive another model in stock and recycled models were at that point sold at a premium.

In 2015, Rolex once again introduced the Pepsi, a variant with red-and-blue bezel, dedicated to the first 1954 version… Sadly, it just came in white gold, delivering extraordinary dissatisfaction among gatherers. Yet, Baselworld 2018 saw the dispatch of the 126xxx arrangement, with another development and predominantly, the arrival of the Pepsi bezel on a steel watch and the appearance of the Jubilee wristband on the GMT. No compelling reason to say, achievement was prompt, request became crazy… costs too.

Reality: One eighteen months after its presentation, the Steel Pepsi 126710BLRO is still exceptionally pursued, much the same as any steel model in the GMT line (counting the more established 116710LN, which are currently suspended yet sell over retail). While the RRP is EUR 8,500 or USD 9,250, costs on the recycled market are about EUR 17,000/USD 18,500, again a 100% premium over retail.

Rolex GMT “Batman” 126710BLNR

As we referenced, the prominence for the GMT models began when Rolex relaunched the steel Pepsi in combination with the (obviously cool) Jubilee wristband. This year at Baselworld, the brand reported that the whole assortment will include two-tone bezels, accordingly ending the LN model yet refreshed the blue-dark adaptation BLNR, a watch nicknamed “Batman”. The idea was equivalent to with the Pepsi: new development, new ref. number in 12xxxx, new Jubilee arm band. Furthermore, the interest for this form promptly rose, without affecting the interest for the Pepsi.

Reality: Just like the BLRO rendition, this “Batman” BLNR is practically difficult to track down new at a retailer, with a retail cost of EUR 8,500/USD 9,250. Furthermore, much the same as the BLRO rendition, the cost on the recycled market is high, at around EUR 15,500/USD 17,000 – somewhat under the Pepsi, affirming that the blue-red model is the authoritative model.

Rolex Submariner “Hulk” 116610LV

No need to introduce the Submariner, which is likely the most famous watch in the whole business. It is accessible in different renditions, including steel, steel-and-gold, yellow or white gold. Nonetheless, in the event that we take a gander at the three steel releases – 114060 no-date, 116610LN date and 116610LV – these are again uncommon commodities at retailers. The hang tight for having one is long, particularly for the green “Hulk” adaptation, which has consistently been sought after. This model is fairly special in Rolex’s assortment and, with its striking green bezel and dial, acquired collectable status.

Reality: The deficiency of steel Submariners isn’t new yet the circumstance is deteriorating since all the steel, proficient Rolex watches are viewed as venture vehicles. Despite the fact that it’s anything but an uncommon watch, the Submariner “Hulk” 116610LV, which retails at EUR 8,300/USD 9,050, is difficult to track down on the recycled market without a premium. Hope to pay around EUR 14,500/USD 15,000 for a pre-owned model with box and papers – and add 1K to the complete for an unworn model. This makes a 75% premium over retail.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Steel 326934

The last watch in this choice came as a shock. To be sure, the Sky-Dweller, Rolex’s most complex watch presented in 2012, isn’t part of the expert assortment. From 2012 to 2018, this watch was just accessible in gold (on a cowhide lash or gold arm band) and, all things considered, wasn’t sincerely pursued. Yet, at Baselworld 2018, Rolex presented the Rolesor models, including this ref. 326934 for the most part in steel (case and arm band), with a fluted white gold bezel. Out of nowhere, this watch got hot and request rose – especially for the blue dial adaptation, as the interest is lower on the dark or white models. Thus, it is currently elusive one at a retailer and costs are getting higher these days.

Reality: While the gold models were in the 30k territory, the Rolesor ref. 326934 retails for EUR 13,050/USD 14,400. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need a blue model at the present time, the recycled market cost is around EUR 21,000/USD 23,000, which means a 60% premium.