The 10 Stories You Enjoyed Most During Baselworld 2017

By rolex
April 7, 2021
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Baselworld 2017 is finished. Hence, we, at the redaction, need to come with our Top 10 watches of the show. You’ve previously seen Xavier Markl’s picks and Frank Geelen’s top 10 watches, combined with a very basic interpretation of the reasonable . Don’t stress, my most amazing aspect the show will come in the not so distant future. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about you, readers? What are the 10 watches you appreciated finding most during Baselworld 2017? To find out, we took a gander at the 10 most read articles from the 22nd of March till the 30th of March 2017 and the outcomes are not that surprising…

Analysis of the results

Before going into the top 10 stories you read (delighted in, we trust) most, let’s investigate what we can gain from this positioning. Most importantly, nothing unexpected, these 10 watches all come from the heavyweights of the business: Seiko, Rolex, TAG Heuer, Omega, Tudor, Patek, Bell & Ross (with Frédérique Constant making an invasion, however that’s legitimized by the excellence of their offer). Aside from the brands, the reasonable pattern is towards sports watches. Individuals love a past games watch, you do thus do we. Regardless of whether they are easygoing games, unadulterated jumpers or chronographs, there are no dress watches here. While design appears to be reverting to a more smart/exquisite style, watches are a lot of moving towards casual sportiness. Possibly brands should pay heed to this and begin putting forth less tuxedo pieces.

Then comes the subject of the price… Half of the watches you will see on our top 10 list (Seiko, B&R, Tudor, TAG and FC) are valued beneath EUR/CHF 5,000, showing how significant this value range is. And brands realize that they can’t jumble up in this section, which may explain the generally low degree of danger taken here: vintage motivation and realized codes are key – Seiko with 2 watches propelled by the 62Mas, B&R with retro-styled pieces, Tudor with numerous components of the past, TAG with a cutting edge take on a symbol, FC with a consoling look.

Should we be stressed? Indeed, it may indicate a absence of motivation or the response to a sluggish market (a sort of “no hazards taken, no show to expect” position), yet additionally the way that the business has reached the point of no return in terms of innovativeness. Brands won’t have the option to depend on their heritage for an additional 10 years. Advancement and oddity are required, please. Think 1960s and 1970s watches, when nearly everything was permitted. Obviously, a few endeavors have fizzled, however in any event there was some natural air. Alright, we’ve considered enough about the circumstance of the business (and Frank previously did a sharp investigation of Baselworld here ). Presently it’s time for your number one articles of Baselworld 2017.

The 10 Stories You Enjoyed Most

Here we go, in view of Google Analytics, the 10 articles you read most on Monochrome-Watches, during the 22/03/2017 – 30/03/2017 period.

1 – Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017

We knew as of now for very a few years, however now the message is clear: Seiko is hot, and they are not simply here only to participate in the race, they have the clear expectation to get on the platform. With the dispatch of Grand Seiko (presently a brand all alone) on all business sectors in 2010, followed by Presage in 2016, and now with significantly more watches made for Europe and USA, and not just for Japan, the brand needs to beat the Swiss on their own region. Furthermore, this year, they accompanied THE watch to please the huge authorities community, the re-release of the notable 62Mas (the brand’s first jump watch). It is greatly cool, extremely loyal and completely executed. Numbers don’t lie: you cherished it. Furthermore, for once, it even outperforms Rolex in our books!

The just thing you whined about was the value (EUR 3,800), which appears to be very high compared to a MarineMaster 300 for example, with a similar development (evaluated at EUR 2,100). However, this Seiko SLA017 is restricted to 2,000 pieces (not delivered in 10,000 or 20,000 pieces each year like the MM300, so no economies of scale because of a bigger creation) and you need to comprehend that eliteness has a price… Anyway, it is presumably effectively sold-out. A future gatherer, for sure. Furthermore, for the individuals who don’t have the spending plan or that won’t have the option to discover one, Seiko has another arrangement (simply look down a bit…) Read our story here .

2 – Rolex Datejust 41 Steel

Clearly, having Rolex in our Top 10 most read articles is nothing unexpected. What we did not expect was to see the Datejust 41 in Steel outperforming in numbers the primary oddity of the year, the SD 43mm. However, readers don’t lie: you know how great this new release of Rolex’s most traditional watch is. Presented in steel and gold a year ago, the Datejust 41 comes this year with steel choices, and adheres to the ideal formula we saw in 2016.

The new DJ is slimmer, more exquisite, all the more currently planned, more refined (not any more maxi-dial) and outfitted with the new age of developments. What’s not to adore here? As a matter of fact, nothing. It is an easy decision and will unquestionably be a hit in stores – possibly not as much as steel Daytona but rather don’t fail to remember that the DJ is foundation of the Rolex assortment. Peruse our story here .

3 – Rolex Sea-Dweller 43mm Ref. 126600

This is the watch we expected to see at the top of our ranking… yet it only made it to the third spot. The Rolex Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 126600 has generated quite a touch of conversation. Bigger, furnished with a cyclops, more costly, more design arranged perhaps. This isn’t what a segment of the gathering community was expecting to see. In any case, as we disclosed to you in a new audit , the SD 43mm was by one way or another needed in the assortment, to create differentiation, and to reply to the interest of specific business sectors for bigger watches.

On the other hand, there is also some generally excellent news from the SD 126600: another development for example, an improved comfort on the wrist, a size that really isn’t that upsetting on the wrist… And there’s the red line of text. A little unrest for Rolex. Will the brand jump a piece into heritage? Will the brand be a smidgen more eccentric? We trust so. Peruse our article here .

4 – TAG Heuer Autavia 2017 Reedition

Offering further proof that TAG Heuer should zero in additional on its heritage and less on signing many diplomats consistently (grieved, yet it had to be said…), one of the watches that was of most interest to you at Baselworld 2017 was the recovery of the notorious Autavia, the primary watch planned by Jack Heuer himself. The watch you see here is a motivation, not a duplicate glue. What’s more, Mister Biver even underlined the way that this watch isn’t made for vintage collectors.

Why is that? With its 42mm case, its fairly cumbersome extents and its cutting edge (yet lovely) in-house type Heuer-02, it has been made for customers that need the style of vintage without the bother of vintage. Then again, the dial, the bezel and even the lashes/wristband use codes of the past, for an outcome that truly looks great. Peruse the story here .

5 – Seiko Prospex Diver SPB051 – SPB053 Modern 62Mas

As I said, the rundown to get your hands on the new Seiko 62Mas Reedition is a short one… Too short, realizing that numerous gatherers will rush to the nearest boutique to get one. Don’t stress, if financial plan and accessibility are issues for you, Seiko has an answer, and one that you appeared to cherish: the cutting edge translation of the 62Mas, the Seiko Prospex Diver SPB051 and SPB053. All things considered, these watches are as great as possible envision: a cool, marginally vintage style, extraordinary exhibitions, the X on the dial meaning proficient particulars, a super solid development, a case with great extents and pleasant subtleties (the casebands are truly magnificent) and a fair price.

Indeed, the SPB051 and SPB053 will be accessible at a small part of the cost of the SLA017 – EUR 900 on silicon, EUR 1,100 on arm band – and they will be accessible in two flavors, either with a dark or a blue dial. A watch with genuine family, genuine plunging limits and an advanced look that can in any case obviously identify with the first. Peruse our article here .

6 – Patek Philippe Aquanaut Jumbo 42mm Blue Dial 5168g

One word to remember: Jumbo, a word that reverberates in Patek collectors’ minds without a doubt, and that demonstrate that the Aquanaut, commending this year its twentieth commemoration, is developing. From a 40mm breadth (which really wears like a 38mm), the watch will presently be accessible in 42mm measurement (and think about what, it wears like a 40mm). Don’t stress however, the Aquanaut actually holds its class, its slimness and its relative watchfulness. It is slightly bolder now and all the more currently sized.

As with the 40th commemoration versions of the Nautilus , Patek has chosen to go on the rich side here, manufacturing the case in white gold. Miserable for the wallet obviously, however it comes with a striking blue dial, with a slope finish that looks shocking in the metal. It will require CHF 34,000… Who loves doesn’t check (kind of). Peruse our involved article here .

7 – Bell & Ross Vintage Collection 2017

Now, this watch got some evident love… and in light of current circumstances. When it’s great, it ought to be said uproarious and clear, and this new Vintage Collection by Bell & Ross is excellent. 3 watches, traditional complications and style, and some difficult work done on the plan and extents. The more modest the better? Not what you anticipate from B&R, but rather they’ve changed. The new assortment is slimmer, more modest, more rich and pleasantly designed.

Still dependent on the military and utilitarian underlying foundations of the brand, this new Vintage assortment makes a huge difference: the 43mm measurement is out, the long and sharp carries as well. Welcome to 41mm (and even 38.5mm on the 3-hander without pivoting bezel) and bended carries “hugging” the wrist. The completions of the case have been improved, the dials actually show the brand’s DNA, the hands are new… An impeccably executed “back to basics” watch, which we trust will remain like this in the assortment for the coming years.  Read the story here .

8 – Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 Ref. 79540

Tudor is clearly hype nowadays, and this is reflected in our most understood stories (and not just during Baselworld). All things considered, the shield might have been a lot higher in this positioning on the off chance that we a major trend Black Bay Chronograph – we haven’t covered it yet, we need to time to comprehend it completely, yet it’s coming. All things being equal, number 8 is the Black Bay 41, fundamentally, the augmented rendition of the super-alluring BB 36 of a year ago. Same formula: clean dial, gleaming completion, level dial and gem, level bezel, no extra complication or capacity. The embodiment of the games watch, presently larger.

Indeed, the case is presently returning the conventional 41mm distance across of the assortment, and inside is an ETA development (no in-house type here), making this watch the section level proposition for the 41mm (EUR 2,470). Don’t consider this to be as a poor’s man offer however, or a too spotless rendition, as when worn, there’s a great deal going on in footing of reflections, and still this ideal harmony among energetic and famous. Peruse our active here .

9 – Omega 1957 Trilogy 60th Anniversary

Clearly one that we expected to see much higher… To make the story short we, at the Monochrome redaction, wager on this 1957 Trilogy to be the superstar. What is sure anyway are the exceptionally certain responses around these 3 watches and the measure of work done by Omega to make them as close as you can envision to the first ones. The outcome is stunning.

The 1957 Trilogy is among the most notorious watches, with 3 names that reverberate altogether collectors’ personalities: Speedmaster CK2915, Seamaster CK2913 and Railmaster CK2914. Furthermore, the guarantee is something beyond a resurrection of the style, as everything (widths, hands, inward spines, dials, arm bands, bezels, casebacks) has been examined and duplicated with incredible exactitude. Amazing and right now collectable. Peruse the story here .

10 – Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph Manufacture

Last however not least, as a proof that esteem for cash is a significant factor, is the Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph Manufacture. Comments were clear; the brand has been endeavoring to bring to the table a decent chronograph, with a pleasant presentation fitting the 42mm of the case, done in-house, at a cost that is incredibly competitive (beneath EUR 4,000).

The Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph Manufacture is traditionally planned, with a dressy style, in the vein of the brand’s assortments, and offers a ton for the cash: polish, innovation, complex programmed flyback chronograph and date development. Great. Involved and video here .