The 10 Best Watches of 2018 from EUR 2,000 to 5,000

By rolex
May 26, 2021
8 min read

As the year’s end is quick drawing nearer, it is the ideal opportunity for us at MONOCHROME to investigate the fundamental oddities of 2018 and to choose what were the best watches we’ve seen. As we did with our best watches underneath EUR 2,000 , here’s our subsequent purchasing guide, this time with the best watches of 2018 estimated between EUR 2,000 and EUR 5,000. This has been an extreme determination, as this classification is pivotal for extravagance brands – there’s an enormous measure of competition in this value range, as “accessible luxury” companies are battling with section level models of more settled names. Be that as it may, here are our Top 10, just to give you a thought of what you could get with your well deserved cash this year.

Note: as usual, these “purchasing guides” are our very own determinations and we’re certain you’ll have your own top choices. Don’t hesitate to list your top watches of 2018 in this “2k to 5k Euros” classification in the comment area toward the finish of this article!

Brellum Pandial Chronometer Chronograph – CHF 2,490

Brellum probably won’t be the principal brand that springs to mind… But you ought to think about the Pandial . Why? In the first place, it looks and feels better. With its dark tachymeter outer bezel (something new for this model) and its Panda dial (white dial with dark sub-counters), the brand gave the Duobox an additional portion of coolness. At that point, the nature of the case and the two box-molded sapphire precious stones (even on the back) are great thinking about the cost. At last, despite the fact that the development depends on a Valjoux, it has been pleasantly designed and affirmed by the COSC. Also, at CHF 2,490 (approx. EUR 2,200), there are very few different watches that can convey this degree of value and accuracy. An excellent worth for-cash piece. Likewise accessible in dark DLC .

Longines Avigation Big Eye – EUR 2,530

The Avigation “Big Eye” is definitely the most desired Longines piece of the year! Also, for excellent reasons. We could discuss the exclusive automatic chronograph development with section wheel (a vigorously altered Valjoux) or the generally speaking charming nature of the case. Be that as it may, with the Avigation Big Eye, it is more a matter of plan. Clearly, by seeing its files Longines has come up with the ideal formula here. Inspired by a practically obscure 1970s military/pilot chronograph, Longines has figured out how to make a dedicated, marginally modernized (yet not all that much) form that looks simply great – and that isn’t larger than average and doesn’t include a date. Also, at EUR 2,530, it even is forcefully priced.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic Chronograph – EUR 2,690

While the “luxury sports watch” class packs probably the most blazing watches available (Royal Oak and Nautilus), the majority of these pieces are essentially unattainable for most watch aficionados – and it’s about cash as well as about accessibility. For those who’d love to get the look and feel of such watches at a small amount of the cost, Maurice Lacroix dispatched the Aikon Automatic assortment this year. Previously comprising a 3-hand model, the brand added a chronograph rendition (Valjoux-based) that includes all the necessary credits: strong however very much completed case, finished dial, two-tone alternatives, formed case and tradable tie/wristband framework. The model captured here, with a white/blue dial and a blue cowhide lash is accessible for EUR 2,690 (yet feels like its value double).

Seiko Prospex Diver SLA019 – EUR 3,200

“Seiko” + “Prospex” + “Diver” = enormous joy. This year, the Japanese brand praised the 50th commemoration of its first Hi-Beat diver, the exceptionally sought-after 1968 Seiko Automatic Diver 300m Hi-Beat Ref. 6159-7001, not with one watch but rather with three distinct models. While the SLA025 is the hottest however is estimated well above EUR 5,000 and the SPB077 plays in the moderate class, the best blend among cool and detail is the center offspring of the 1968 Commemorative Collection, a.k.a the SLA019 . In addition to the fact that it features the in-house type 8L35 it comes with a pleasantly created monobloc case and (generally significant) a green dial and green fired bezel – and that is incredibly, cool. Accessible for EUR 3,200 yet limited to 1,968 pieces.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight – EUR 3,360

The Tudor Black Bay requirements no presentation. It is a standout amongst other jump watches you can get for around EUR 3,000 – particularly since 2016 and the expansion of an in-house development and a bolted wristband. In any case, there’s another model in the assortment that could change the circumstance: the Black Bay Fifty Eight . While it feels fairly near the standard 41mm model from the outset, different subtleties had been changed to make it considerably more alluring: a more modest 39mm case, a full-overlaid dial and bezel, a slimmer 20mm wristband and, above all, a lot more slender case (3mm less in tallness, which has a monstrous effect). More vintage, more exquisite, more wearable, significantly more available (EUR 3,360) the Black Bay Fifty Eight M79030N is, as far as we might be concerned, the model to get if you’re needing a Black Bay (or perhaps it will be the accompanying watch…)

Tudor Black Bay GMT – EUR 3,650

We have made a decent attempt not to remember a second Tudor for this purchasing guide. Be that as it may, let’s be straightforward, Tudor shakes the EUR 2,000 – EUR 4,000 classification. What’s more, the new Tudor Black Bay GMT , or “baby-Pepsi”, is again a show of savoir-faire. Depending on the ascribes of the Black Bay 41mm, it adds a GMT complication with focal hand (what capacities as it ought to, which means freely and with 1-hour increases) and a bidirectional 24-hour bezel with the hyper-pined for red and blue “Pepsi” shading plan. At EUR 3,650, it is an available yet not bad quality option in contrast to the hot Rolex GMT Master-II Steel Pepsi.

Bvlgari Bvlgari DLC – EUR 4,100

This year, Bvlgari introduced a redid rendition of one of its symbols, the 1970s Bvlgari Bvlgari,  updated with present day subtleties and materials . Motivated by antiquated Roman coins, the watch highlights unadulterated, straightforward however incredible lines. With no logo on the dial, the Bvlgari logo is engraved twice on the bezel, procuring the watch the moniker “BB”. While the Octo has been the brand’s primary playing card for as far back as years, the BB stays one of those “classic watches with a twist” that we love here. The new Bvlgari is presently controlled by the in-house type BVL191 with automatic winding. Cost at EUR 4,100 in the current design (DLC covered case), it is likewise accessible in dark and bronze or full bronze options.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M – EUR 4,500

Its name is Seamaster, Omega Seamaster. Why that expression? Indeed, what you see here is the most recent advancement of the James Bond Watch, the Seamaster Diver 300M – a watch brought into the world during the 1990s, worn by 007 in different motion pictures and that Omega has redone this year . Not exclusively does the brand once again introduce the notable wave design on the dial, however it has likewise added a few specialized enhancements. The development is currently noticeable through the caseback and is an in-house Master Chronometer. Exact, solid, amazing, creative and secured against attractive fields. The case is somewhat bigger at 42mm and highlights a fired bezel with lacquer numerals and track and a laser-engraved ceramic dial. The helium get away from valve and the 300-meter water-opposition are still essential for the bundle. At EUR 4,500 on a steel arm band, it is an extraordinary method to get to the Seamaster collection.

Favre Leuba Raider Harpoon Black – EUR 4,750

While the majority of the watches we’ve seen so far are produced by huge, set up brands, we at MONOCHROME additionally love what free watchmakers do. So if you’re in the mood for something less standard, with its very own plan, you ought to consider this Favre-Leuba Raider Harpoon – and the latest trend Black edition , which looks much cooler in this covertness mode. The primary motivations to consider this watch are its one of a kind shape and its diver-situated showcase, with the minutes hand being the simply one to be highlighted – just in light of the fact that when you jump, that’s the lone sign you’ll need. The seconds are a basic focal pointer and the hours a pivoting circle following the movement of the minutes hand. Special, cool, astute and valued at CHF 4,750 (approx. EUR 4,200).

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 – EUR 5,200

For the last watch in this purchasing guide, we needed to cheat… Officially estimated at EUR 5,200, it merits the extra EUR 200 as far as possible – or simply consider getting one out of a tax-exempt region and the cost will drop to “only” EUR 4,300. Notwithstanding, having a Rolex, knowing the quality behind this watch and the air of the brand, is something serious. What’s more, don’t consider it a poor man’s choice. The Oyster Perpetual 39 White Dial dispatched (tactfully) at Baselworld 2018 is positively a standout amongst other looking Rolex models of this current year. It is basic however not exhausting, it has a fairly remarkable matte white dial and like the remainder of the OP39, it is the ideal meaning of an all-rounder – a watch that looks great all over the place, each time.