TAG Heuer Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition – Final Step of the 50th-Anniversary Editions

By rolex
April 24, 2021
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After the four commemorative watches dispatched so far for the 50th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Monaco, every one praising one of these fifty years, it is the ideal opportunity for the brand to give a finish to this account of super limited edition watches. After an out of control 1970s green form , an intense, searing red hustling inspired model for the 1980s,   a smooth modern like edition for the 1990s  and a panda-like variant for the 2000s , the time has come to take a gander at the moderate plan of the 2010s. Let’s investigate the new TAG Heuer Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition.


The Heuer Monaco was introduced in 1969. In those days, it was one amazingly present day watch, for two reasons. In the first place, the square state of its case was intense, extraordinary and was coordinated with a similarly strong, brushed blue dial. Second, inside the case was Caliber 11, a development known as the Chrono-Matic, which was the consequence of a joint-adventure joining Heuer, Breitling, Hamilton-Buren and chronograph expert Dubois-Depraz to create one of the most punctual self-winding chronograph developments. Front line in those days, the Heuer Monaco and ensuing TAG Heuer Monaco watches would become probably the most unmistakable pieces. Achievement wasn’t prompt, be that as it may – as we were reminded by TAG’s CEO in this video  and Patrick Dempsey here . It wasn’t until the watch was once again introduced during the 1990s that it turned into an icon.

This year points the 50th anniversary of the Heuer Monaco, which will be praised with the presentation of five diverse limited-edition watches, all addressing a particular decade. The first of these models, inspired constantly 1969 to 1979, was disclosed at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in May – where we were available, as you can find in our video reports here and here . This Monaco, with a cool striped green dial, evoked the astounding 1970s. You can peruse our involved article with the TAG Heuer Monaco 1969-1979 Limited Edition here .

The second limited edition, commending the time frame from 1979 to 1989, was introduced in June, in Le Mans, France. This model honors the hustling history of TAG Heuer and the Monaco, with a searing red uniform – a tribute to what exactly likely was the best period of Formula 1, with turbocharged machines, Senna, Prost and a lot more incredible drivers. You can peruse our involved article with the TAG Heuer Monaco 1979-1989 Limited Edition here .

The third limited edition, commending the decade 1989 to 1999, was similarly astonishing and extraordinary. This form featured a smooth, dim textured dial – suggestive of cement – and different blue accents on the dial and tie, all inspired by the subjects, styles and patterns of the 1990s, with a steely modern appearance mirroring the direct road style normal for this adored decade. You can peruse our involved with the TAG Heuer Monaco 1989-1999 Limited Edition here .

The fourth limited edition, a recognition for the decade 1999-2009, was a more work of art, dashing focused variant in a highly contrasting subject. It highlights, by and by, an exceptional dial, in dark, white sub-counters and a white, roundabout moment track differentiating over the dull foundation. Numerous red accents help us to remember the dashing livelihood of this model. So, a cool switched panda sort of Monaco watch. You can peruse our involved with the TAG Heuer Monaco 1999-2009 Limited Edition here .

Today, TAG Heuer composes the last section in this 50-year commemorative assortment, with the remainder of the fifty years, a watch honoring the 2010s and the moderate methodology of current design.

The TAG Heuer Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition

Just like the four different watches in this commemorative assortment, the new 2010s-inspired Monaco doesn’t acquaint any significant advancements with this mark model. All things considered, each edition brings its own taste and configuration by altering the dial, the tones, the general style, to be in accordance with the decade it offers recognition to… However, this Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition brings a bonus compared to all the others.

In similar vein as the four different watches previously presented, this new TAG Heuer Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition comes with a phenomenal plan – not a vintage re-edition, but rather in its place, something to reflect innovation. While it depends on the customary “Steve McQueen” re-edition Monaco Caliber 11 reference CAW211P , offering to it the entirety of its particulars and specialized components, it is separated by its new dial and something exceptional to its case – yet more on that later.

The TAG Heuer Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition includes the exemplary 39mm x 39mm square-formed case in tempered steel, a sloped sapphire gem on top, the mark crown situated at 9 o’clock and the two calculated pushers for the chronograph on the correct side of the case – two exemplary components of the Monaco that extraordinarily add to its allure. Likewise, it is worn on a work of art, dashing inspired punctured cowhide strap.

Inside the case is the cutting edge TAG Heuer Caliber 11, a development dependent on a programmed Sellita SW-300 with an upset Dubois-Depraz chronograph module, beating at 4Hz and flaunting a 40-hour power hold. It is ensured by a plain steel caseback with “2009-2019 Special Edition” and “One of 169” engravings.

What’s new then on this Monaco 2009-2019? The primary clear oddity is to be seen on the dial, with a moderate, practically monochromatic dial. Given a sunray brushed example, it shows a pleasant, controlled charcoal tone with prudently differentiating rhodium-plated sunray brushed counters. All the markings are dark and the records and hands are dark gold-plated and cleaned. Just some red accents on the chronograph hands help us to remember the motorsport beginnings of this exceptionally smooth, dark themed version.

The second fundamental update on this TAG Heuer Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition is to be seen working on this issue and is one of a kind to this last model in the arrangement. While the wide range of various watches were furnished with traditionally brushed and cleaned steel cases, this adaptation upgraded its moderate plan by utilizing a sandblasted finish on all the parts, except for the crown and pushers (both cleaned). Indeed, even the collapsing lock comes in this equivalent matte completion. This outcome in a direct, smooth watch.

This TAG Heuer Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition is worn on a hustling inspired dark punctured calfskin lash with dim stitchings, repeating the dial of this attentive and clean edition.


The TAG Heuer Monaco 2009-2019 Limited Edition reference CAW211Z.FC6470 will be created in 169 pieces as it were. This 2010s-inspired model is bundled in a dim blue box finished with the Heuer logo and a flat registration stripe. The watch is introduced on a dim pad in a dark inside. It will be evaluated at CHF 6,400EUR 5,950USD 6,550 –GBP 5,350 and is accessible now on the brand’s site .