SPOTTED – What’s On The Wrist Of Emmanuel Macron, The New French President? (Updated with new details)

By rolex
April 6, 2021
2 min read

Unless you spent the most recent couple of weeks alone in some North-Pole cavern, with no admittance to the world, you presumably know already that France has another President by the name of Emmanuel Macron. We don’t manage legislative issues here, yet as a watch magazine, the topic of what kind of watch Mister Macron wears immediately emerged. Knowing the Frenchies and their standard “no outside indications of wealth” strategy, it has been very difficult… yet we endured and have discovered what can be, once in a while at any rate, seen on the wrist of Emmanuel Macron.

Although seeing a President or a significant government official wearing an extravagance watch with a 10k+ sticker price is a not an issue in numerous nations, such frill on the wrist of a French well known individual, and particularly on the President’s wrist, is simply unimaginable – past President, Nicolas Sarkozy, attracted the rage of his adversaries and a couple of writers in light of his Rolex Daytona and his Patek never-ending schedule (a 3940g, given to him by his better half). It is essential for French people’s connection to luxury and abundance – and as a French resident, I understand what I’m talking about.

Because of that, since he began his mission for the Presidential political race approximately a year prior, it has been difficult to locate a solitary photograph or meeting of Emmanuel Macron with a watch tied around his wrist – as we say, anticipation is better compared to cure. Be that as it may, knowing the past situation of Mister Macron as an investment banker and M&A subject matter expert, it appeared very unthinkable that there was not a solitary extravagance watch in his possession.

Looking back at the archives, before 2016, there are a few pictures of new French President Emmanuel Macron, at that time Minister of Economy, wearing a rectangular watch on cowhide lash, which seems, by all accounts, to be a rich Cartier Tank with little seconds – as has been accounted for in a few French magazines.

EDIT: following a comment from one of our perusers, apparently the watch being referred to isn’t a Cartier Tank however a Longines Dolce Vita, a watch very close in plan to the Cartier, yet controlled by a Quartz development. Not much, with no motivation to shroud it during the campaign.