Seiko Prospex Turtle “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 Special Edition

By rolex
June 9, 2021
4 min read

The comeback of the “Seiko Turtle” was surely probably the best move the Japenese brand has pulled off as of late. Moderate, cool-looking, strong and solid, it is a standout amongst other plunge watches in the sub-1k class. After the debut forms , Seiko played on the success of these watches by dispatching different restricted/special editions ( PADI , Lagoon , Black…). Another one has recently been introduced, the ref. SRPC91K1, the result of Seiko’s partnership with Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s grandson… And by and by, it’s another exceptionally cool, moderate plunge watch.

Let’s get it straight…This new Seiko Prospex “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 is in fact indistinguishable from any remaining Turtle watches. It is “just” a tone/dial update, much the same as the PADI and Lagoon renditions were back when presented. It will come as nothing unexpected then to discover back a similar development and an indistinguishable case, just as comparable specialized particulars. Don’t be put off by the likenesses since this new “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 of the Turtle is a serious shocker regarding look.

This SRPC91K1 is important for a progression of three watches (counting a Samurai ref. SRPC93K1 and a Solar Dive Chronograph ref. SSC675P1) that all offer similar visual codes. Compared to past editions of the Turtle, the fundamental update is to be seen on the dial. As recommended by the name of this special edition (not restricted, as frequently with Seiko’s Turtle or Samurai watches), the nautical/oceanic theme is at focal point of the audience. Accordingly, Seiko has made another dial design on this watch reviewing the development of waves, combined with another angle blue tone, going from brilliant blue on top to nearly chasm blue/dark at 6 o’clock – once more, a reference to the ocean, which shows up practically dark when arriving at specific profundities. It appears to be that Seiko is playing increasingly more with slope tones and examples, as we’ve seen for example on the PADI Samurai , making the assortments significantly more attractive. This additionally recognizes these special editions from the remainder of the collection.

This new dial, effectively one of the boldest made by Seiko on the new Prospex Divers, is combined for the event with limited, calm silver hands and files. No red accents, no phony patina, simply straightforward, productive silver hands and white brilliant material – better for contrast. The second update on this Turtle “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 is the bezel’s embed, which is hued in splendid blue (initial 20 minutes of the scale) and void blue (rest of the scale), along these lines coordinating the dial. At last, the crown and the actual bezel are covered in dark – another distinctive feature to make this special edition novel in the collection.

For the rest, the Seiko Prospex “Save The Ocean” SRPC91K1 stays the “Turtle” we as a whole know and love. Its shell-like case is strong and all around secured. While declared on paper as a huge watch (45mm in width and 13.42mm in stature), the Turtle is one of those watches that must be tried on the wrist. It is in reality more compact than what you could expect and wears without any problem. This “Save The Ocean” Edition is worn on a graceful dark silicon arm band – or any sort of NATO/leather/texture tie you need to add (that’s one of the benefits of this watch, its versatility).

The case is as yet water-impervious to 200 meters, on account of a screwed case back and a screwed crown. The showcase is both useful and easy to use consistently – the combination of old style jumping needs with the day-date complication makes the Turtle pragmatic seaward and coastal. Fueling this SRPC91K1 is the notable and dependable type 4R36, Seiko’s vision of a workhorse motor. Nothing extravagant about this utilitarian development except for trust us, it will do the work perfectly.

Once once more, Seiko hasn’t reformed its Prospex Turtle idea, yet with some minor however all around thought refreshes, the brand accomplishes another cool-looking watch – and a watch that some in-your-face gatherers won’t be embarrassed to add to their assortment of Turtle watches, essentially on the grounds that it is sufficiently diverse. Also, obviously, by and by, there’s this super-appealing cost of EUR 450 – extraordinary compared to other quality-value delight proportions we can consider. More subtleties on .