Schwarz Etienne “Ode au Printemps” Limited Edition Box Set

By rolex
June 14, 2021
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At Baselworld 2018, Schwarz Etienne discloses a limited-edition box set of three watches, which grandstand the brand’s watchmaking dominance and mastery in innovative craftsman makes. It will be essential for an arrangement to commend the seasons (Ode aux saisons or Ode to seasons). Beginning with spring (Ode au Printemps or Ode to spring), the primary creation commends the enlivening of life articulately imagined with blossoms and honey bees. The decision of the creepy crawly isn’t inadvertent as the escutcheon of La Chaux-de-Fonds, the city of Schwarz-Etienne, highlights a gold-hued hive encompassed by honey bees. The uncommon edition additionally targets raising awareness for their safeguarding and protection.

Tourbillon Petite Seconde Retrograde (PSR)

The Tourbillon PSR uncovered its development on the dial side with its miniature rotor and tourbillon joining a perky retrograde seconds show. The last is developed in a really unique style and is straightforwardly determined by a cam mounted on the tourbillon arbor. The tourbillon pivoting in an unordinary counterclockwise movement and the little seconds with its left to right expressive dance are hypnotic.

Encased in pink gold, the dial exhibits a brilliant honeycomb theme. The miniature rotor is dressed with a poppy created in coral and a hand-painted honey bee. The level of artfulness is amazing. The hour and moment ring and the curved retrograde seconds indicator are both produced using Tiger’s Eye.

The last touch is a hand-sewn earthy colored crocodile lash with red gator sewing and coating, gotten by a collapsing buckle.

Schwarz-Etienne – Ode au Printemps –Tourbillon PSR

  • Case: 44mm – pink gold – sapphire precious stone – engraved case back with opening on the tourbillon – water-impervious to 50m
  • Movement: TSE122.00 – 30.40 x 7.05mm – mechanical with automatic winding (miniature rotor) – 72h power hold – 28,800 vibrations/h – 40 gems – topsy turvy sign of the hours and minutes, retrograde seconds – one-minute tourbillon
  • Strap:  crocodile tie with gator lining, collapsing buckle

Flying Tourbillon

The second watch of this selective set is another tourbillon. The dial is designed with a rhodium-plated honeycomb theme and unobtrusively adorned in blue agate. The dial side miniature rotor includes a hand-painted white gold cornflower.

The 44mm case is delivered in white gold. Its back is engraved with gears with a round opening around the tourbillon. The cowhide lash is blue crocodile with dark sewing and dim gator lining.

Schwarz-Etienne – Ode au Printemps –Flying Tourbillon

  • Case: 44mm–white gold – sapphire gem – engraved case back with opening on the tourbillon – water-impervious to 50m
  • Movement: TSE 121.00 – 30.40 x 6.35mm – mechanical with automatic winding (miniature rotor) – 3.5 days power save – 21,600 vibrations/h – 34 gems – hours and minutes – one-minute flying tourbillon.
  • Strap: alligator tie with gator lining, collapsing buckle


The third piece is taken from the Roswell assortment. The honeycomb theme is delivered in anthracite (dark rhodium complete the process of) appearing differently in relation to the 45mm rose gold case. The daisy-molded miniature rotor with a nectar-gathering honey bee is finely hand-chiselled. For this form, the crocodile lash is dark with yellow sewing and saffron gator lining.

Schwarz-Etienne – Ode au Printemps –Roswell

  • Case: 45mm – pink gold – sapphire gem – engraved case back – water-impervious to 50m
  • Movement: ISE 100.00 – 30.40 x 6.30mm – mechanical with automatic winding (miniature rotor) – 4 days power save – 21,600 vibrations/h – 36 gems – hours, minutes and little seconds.
  • Strap: alligator tie with croc lining, collapsing buckle

These three watches come in a select introduction case. This unique ‘Ode to Spring’ edition is limited to only 10 sets and retails for CHF 275,000. For more data, visit .