Sarpaneva K3 Northern Stars Guilloché

By rolex
June 4, 2021
5 min read

Let’s face it. For as long as couple of months we’ve neglected the autonomous watchmakers… This was essential for the DNA of MONOCHROME since its origin, so as a mea culpa before the mid year break, the article group has chosen to bring a portion of these cool, exceptional and inventive watches under the spotlight. My decision of the day: a genuinely interesting piece, the Sarpaneva K3 Northern Stars with a completely surprising old-rose tone guilloché dial.

Obviously, this isn’t a pristine watch. The  Sarpaneva K3 Northern Star  was presented back at Baselworld 2011. Does that transform anything about the allure of this watch? Unquestionably not – nobody at any point complained about the 60-year-old Speedmaster, correct? In any case, today’s adaptation is fairly not the same as the model presented seven years prior. Surely, the rudiments are here and all the mark components that make this watch a true Sarpaneva have been incorporated. Yet, Stepan has added a contort to an all around twisty watch.

As is regularly the situation with watches made by free watchmakers, they have a genuine soul, they are the immediate articulation of the man/lady behind the brand. This implies that more often than not it is such a “love or hate” circumstance. Stepan’s watches are actually that. Despite the fact that they are a long way from the complexity of a MB&F or a Urwerk, his moderately straightforward watches are promptly conspicuous – truly, a large portion of a second is adequate to know what you’re taking a gander at across the room. As intense and imbued with a one of a kind DNA as they are, Sarpaneva’s watches have the right to be inspected, considering the extraordinary measure of detail in their design.

The Sarpaneva K3 Northern Stars has seen various emphasess : blue dial, DLC-covered, white gold , monochromatic or even cleared with precious stones . Obviously, specially crafted is important for the allure of these autonomous watchmakers. In any case, the base has consistently been the equivalent: a 42mm “Korona” case, a profoundly changed Soprod development and an opened dial uncovering a twofold moon complication. This is the reason the watch we have today feels like a pristine model.

The base is the Korona case. Here it is made of steel (however most materials can be thought of), and measures 42mm in width. What feels interesting is the plan of the case: sharp, tormented, scalloped, combining sharp points and smooth bends, with breaks and jutting parts… so, the Korona case is unique, extraordinary, quickly conspicuous and, shockingly simple on the wrist. It’s just when you notice it intently that it uncovers its complexity. Else, it remains generally discreet and dainty. Besides, the drags are short and bended making it a potential every day mixer watch – get some information about it, he can affirm .

While we as a whole realize that making an in-house development is kind of an unquestionable requirement for autonomous watchmakers, Sarpaneva depends on a notable Soprod ébauche for a large portion of his manifestations – despite the fact that in a couple of months he will have a watch with its first in-house created development. This permits him to offer exceptional pieces at a value that is still (nearly) open and to zero in rather on what we as a whole love about his watches: the moon stage complication.

Together with the stylised moon face (which is really Stepan’s most loved outward appearance), the moon complication is a mark component of the vast majority of his watches. The K3 Northern Stars began its existence with a module on top showing two moon faces, with the current age of the moon being shown in a skimming ring at 6 o’clock. These moons were applied on an enormous circle covering the whole surface of the dial, itself interspersed with stars. On the fringe of the dial was an openworked part ring showing the hours.

While in fact indistinguishable, the new Sarpaneva K3 Northern Stars Guilloché (which exists in different forms, with a few themes or colors, or even with a lacquer plate) includes a full dial with a pleasant guilloché design hiding the twofold moon complication, which is just uncovered through the opening at 6 o’clock; this, as far as I might be concerned, radically changes the watch (regardless of whether regardless, you’ll choose). The model we had the option to test included an extremely astounding yet charming tone, which has been named “old rose” by Frank. Not the most normal tone in watchmaking, but rather combined with the steel case, the section ring and the blue accents, it functions admirably. What’s more, all things considered, on the off chance that you are on the lookout for getting a Sarpaneva one day, you’re absolutely not shy.

The dial is, as consistently with Sarpaneva’s watches, eminently executed – definite, exact and uncovers an extraordinary profundity. The guilloché plate is made by Comblémine, a company possessed by Kari Voutilainen. The hands, showing Sarpaneva’s signature two-tone enrichment, are additionally a delight to contemplate.

The back (the photograph above shows another rendition, as the watch we had wasn’t totally completed) shows Stepan’s super-definite steel skeletonised rotor and moon face. Under is the out-sourced Soprod A10 (fundamentally an ETA clone), which has been totally finished with perlage on the plate and scaffolds. Determinations are standard, with a 4Hz recurrence and a 42h force save – however that’s plainly not the motivation behind why you ought to think about a Sarpaneva or not.

The Sarpaneva K3 Northern Stars with this unique guilloché dial is really engaging. In the event that the actual model is one of Stepan’s works of art, it feels new to me and entirely unexpected. Since each model is exceptional, it is difficult to give a definite cost – yet consider around EUR 20,000.