Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III

By rolex
June 11, 2021
3 min read

This new watch is positively not the most careful applicant we’ve covered for the current year. It is likely perhaps the most ostentatious models – no doubt. We likewise realize that some of you won’t like it and will feel it is over-the-top and exaggerated. Actually, we can’t fault you. However, there’s something entrancing about the Knights of the Round Table watches by Roger Dubuis – the first here and the second one here . Scene 3 of the arrangement doesn’t frustrate either and uncovers a staggering degree of craftsmanship… really!

The Knights of the Round Table has become a repetitive theme for Roger Dubuis – a very uncommon one however. In 2013, the brand presented the main watch in this arrangement , continued in 2015 by a subsequent cycle . The third one is going to be uncovered, right here.

While the execution and the enhancement are extraordinary, every one of the three watches share a similar chronicled idea. As the vast majority of you would know, Roger Dubuis’ principle assortment is named Excalibur, a reference to the legendary edge that was evidently implanted in a stone by Uther Pendragon that must be extricated by the genuine lord – a reference to King Arthur. Alongside the Arthurian legend is another legend: ‘12 Knights made the vow of faithfulness to King Arthur, pledging to pull out all the stops, overcome any obstruction and return victorious’. It’s these 12 Knights of the Round Table that are portrayed again in the third Opus of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table.

For the new Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III, we locate a similar motivation for the dial, where the focal part addresses the renowned Round Table, surrounded by 12 knights gladly holding their blades. The principal watch in the arrangement showed a rather exemplary execution. The subsequent one played on matured materials, including bronze. This third creation is considerably more flashy, present day and hued, yet it seems, by all accounts, to be a genuine show-stopper of métiers d’art.

The dial – or the table – is produced using etched gold and clear blue finish in a 3D, low poly way. Initially utilized for making 3D models and scenes for computer games, low poly craftsmanship is a procedure wherein polygonal features are utilized to make figures or compositions. Not at all like conventional lacquer dials that are produced using strong metal (normally gold or metal) on which a slender layer of veneer is applied and stove terminated, the table on the dial of this watch is the consequence of strong squares of etched finish. For the 12 knights, we locate a similar rakish style. Each is exceptionally itemized, low poly-etched, engraved and hand-finished.

The archaic party of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III is outlined in the mark 45mm Excalibur case in pink gold, with its trademark triple carries and fluted bezel. It is collaborated with a coordinating blue gator tie. Under the strong gold case back is Caliber RD 821, an in-house programmed development with a focal rotor. Regardless of whether it isn’t noticeable, this motor is exceptionally adorned and, similar to all Roger Dubuis watches, ensured by the Poinçon de Genève.

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III will be a restricted release of 28 pieces, valued at CHF 285,000. More subtleties on .