Reservoir Supercharged Sport – Automotive-Inspired with Cool Jumping Hour/Retrograde Minute Display

By rolex
June 18, 2021
8 min read

It isn’t the first occasion when we talk about Reservoir Watches, a youthful brand that has become famous with its cool, very much planned, unique watches. Here, at MONOCHROME, we love the excellence of mechanics and novel methods of telling the time – and this Reservoir model, with its hopping hours and retrograde minutes, fulfills us on the two levels. Yet, it additionally comes with an appealing value tag…So, let’s put resources into some quality time with the Reservoir Supercharged Sport.

The combination of jumping hours with retrograde minutes isn’t new. Some will recall Gerald Genta’s watches or all the more as of late the Bvlgari Octo Retro watches . The primary distinction between the Reservoir and these watches lies in its cost. While you’ll must have a strong 5-digit measure of progress in your pocket at Bvlgari, the Reservoir is estimated underneath EUR 4,000 – a value range where you’d for the most part discover hopping hour-just watches, with a normal minute hand (for instance,  Meistersinger ). Clearly, the cost of the Reservoir watch implies tolerating a couple of concessions, similar to the ETA base development, yet the showcase is cool and remarkable enough to make us need to test the Reservoir Supercharged Sport on the wrist.

The show first

First and first, the presentation of the Reservoir Supercharged Sport coordinates the car roused topic of this watch consummately. Despite the fact that there are likewise Aeronautical or Marine-situated pieces at Reservoir, we think the dashboard motivation fits the idea best. This presentation depends on not one, but rather two unique components, which carry a pleasant mechanical touch to this watch. Then again, it’s not the sort of insane presentation that can be found at MB&F or Urwerk. The Reservoir Supercharged remaining parts wearable and readable – after a brief time of adaptation.

So, how is the time demonstrated on the Reservoir Supercharged? It is, from the outset, a serious basic watch with just two primary signs: hours and minutes. However, both depend on a unique movement and on mechanics that are more complex than customary hands. The hours are shown by means of a hopping plate, situated at 6 o’clock. Enormous, clear and bouncing promptly, it is a useful and utilitarian sign – truth be told, it is considerably more instinctive than a customary hand. The valid statement is that this plate hops completely on schedule, without starter moves.

Alongside this hopping hour complication, the Reservoir Supercharged highlights a force hold sign, formed like a customary petroleum measure. Not actually a need on such a watch, with its programmed development, it stays a cool extra capacity that befits the car motivation. The red hand, the angled window, the E-1/2-F inscriptions… everything reviews old fashioned fuel measures found on evident simple dashboards.

The focal moment hand follows a similar topical dashboard theme and highlights twofold digit minute signs. The retrograde hand goes over a 240-degree curve. By retrograde we are alluding to the counter-clockwise movement it performs: when the hand arrives at the 60-minute marker, it hops back to the zero position promptly and all the while with the hour plate – look at the video above to see it in action.

Reading the time on this watch requires a variation stage. Our psyches are so used to the 360-degree revolution of hands that having a 30-minute marker situated at 12 o’clock is, from the outset, not regular. This is the situation with most, if not all watches with an alternate presentation. However, the enormous moment hand combined with a reasonable and proportional moment track feels simple to peruse following a couple of moments. No show by any means, the Reservoir Supercharged Sport is a helpful and intelligible watch.

The mechanics – an exclusive module and an ETA base

Powering the cool showcase of the Reservoir Supercharged Sport is a two layer development. The timekeeping part – which means the capacity of energy, the transmission of energy and the control of the movement’s rate – is constrained by the universal, dependable, verified ETA-2824 development. Its capacity is basically to give energy and exactness to the showcase. As usual, it runs at 4Hz and puts away to 37 hours of energy (the presentation utilized here requires more energy than conventional hands). The development is somewhat noticeable through the case back and includes a sunray-brushed rotor.

Of more interest maybe is the thing that is put on top of the development: a restrictive module, created by Télôs, a development plan/creation company claimed by Frank Orny and Johnny Girardin, the men behind the Harry Winston Opus 14 and the Metamorphosis for Montblanc (not the most noticeably awful references, you’ll concede). This 124-section module is accountable for the showcase. A progression of cog wheels and springs take into consideration the hour circle to bounce decisively like clockwork. A spring is continuously charged during an hour and delivered unequivocally when the hour hand arrives at the 60-minute position. This module is just about as complex as the actual development and comprises nearly however many parts as the base development. It addresses a large portion of the additional estimation of this watch.

After a few days on the wrist, the Reservoir Supercharged Sport demonstrated simple to utilize and dependable. Thinking about the retrograde moment hand, changing the time must be done clockwise, at this point with a quick stuff proportion that takes into consideration changes initially. The bounce of great importance plate and of the retrograde circle are entirely synchronized and come with a lovely, profoundly mechanical “click” sound each hour – in any event you’ll know when an entire hour has elapsed.

The Case, Dial and Strap

Now moving to the habillage of the watch. The model we had for this review, the Reservoir Supercharged Sport, shapes part of the Automotive Collection. There are three unique lines offered by Reservoir Watches: Cars, Aeronautics (with dials enlivened by dashboard instruments on fly contenders) and Marine (motivated by antique submarine checks, accessible with bronze cases). The current model is, as far as we might be concerned, the one that is by all accounts the most intelligent with the showcase. Somewhat vintage, motivated by 1960s simple dashboard instruments, the car topic is completely applicable to the bouncing hour/retrograde moment display.

Yet, the Reservoir Supercharged Sport is an advanced, sporty watch. Its case, made of treated steel, measures 43mm in width and 13mm in tallness. Not what you’d call a dress watch. Rakish and manly, it offers, then again, wonderful subtleties. The bezel is level and cleaned, giving a decent differentiation to the completely brushed case. The upper piece of the carries is brushed, while the casebands are vertically brushed. A cleaned edge makes an outline between the focal holder and the bezel.

As you can see here, the execution is charming and made considering quality. The case feels strong and is all around made. Regardless of the enormous width, the carries sit low looking into it and are generally short and bended, offering an extremely good comfort on the wrist – the Reservoir Supercharged is somewhat weighty yet felt adjusted, even on my little 16.5cm wrist. Because of the huge breadth of the dial, the watch has a specific presence on the wrist – which befits the sporty concept.

The dark, matte dial of the Reservoir Supercharged Sport gives superb differentiation and moment readability – note that the counter intelligent covering on the precious stone is especially proficient. This model doesn’t include a date window – a few models in the assortment do have this element, some don’t, leaving that decision to the customer. Once more, the general look is sporty and manly, yet with a few pleasant subtleties, for example, the applied logo or the cleaned steel edges around the hour window of the force save gauge.

The Reservoir Supercharged Sport is conveyed with a dark calfskin tie with white differentiating sewing and brisk delivery spring bars that consider a fast change of the tie. It is conveyed with a triple-collapsing fasten. I for one don’t like collapsing fastens, so I would will in general trade it for a standard buckle.


The Reservoir Supercharged Sport is a new and cool-looking watch. It surely doesn’t reform the possibility of a hopping hour/retrograde moment show, yet it presents this intriguing combination of complications at a much more accessible value range.

The in general watch, regardless of whether as far as mechanics, execution or configuration is not really sketchy. It looks great, it feels better, it functions admirably and is sufficiently unique to stimulate our advantage here, at MONOCHROME. The best is the cost, as this model retails for EUR 3,750. Not modest without a doubt, but rather think about different watches with such a showcase and you’ll see that this Reservoir Supercharged Sport is more open than you suspected. More details on .