Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin, on the Future of the Brand

By rolex
June 10, 2021
4 min read

Replacing another Patrick (Hoffmann, CEO of the brand from 2011 to 2017), Patrick Pruniaux could without much of a stretch be qualified as an extravagance master – watch master, obviously, however not just. He shapes part of the new age of CEOs who think about the watchmaking business yet who have likewise gone through years outside of this microcosm. From the Wine and Spirit division of LVMH, trailed by several positions at TAG Heuer, Patrick crossed the Atlantic in 2014 to take up his situation as an individual from the Special Projects group at Apple, in Cupertino, to set up the dispatch of the Apple Watch. He was then elevated to the situation of Managing Director for UK & Ireland in 2015 and was additionally an individual from Apple EMEA Executive Committee. He at long last joined Kering Group in September 2017 as Chief Executive Officer of Ulysse Nardin. Today, the 2.0 extravagance CEO converses with us about the fate of Ulysse Nardin.



PP: We need to ensure our offer is reliable and we are focusing on smash hits. As we say in Le Locle: we owe our customer to “under guarantee and over deliver”. 

We have rearranged and redesigned our item offer around five collections, five columns: on one side, the FREAK and the EXECUTIVE, where we put all our spearheading improvements and insane advancements, for example, silicium innovation or the new processor rewinding framework in the FREAK VISION, for example. On the opposite side, the CLASSIC, the MARINE and the DIVER, which are a more exquisite or lively stylish offer, legacy and marine-themed, with refined polish dials or Automatons with Grandes Sonneries, for instance.


PPWe are blessed to have a few columns in our watch offer that fuel our development, from the Marine and Torpilleur models (counting its Tourbillon) as far as possible up to Freak or some Haute Horlogerie watches. To reinforce the pattern, we are additionally coming out soon with another brand stage, with another, venturesome twist.

You will see, this new visual personality accompanies a worldwide methodology where the universe of the sea stays at the front line of the brand articulation. Stay tuned!


PPKering Group is truly regarding each brand’s personality, legacy and mastery. Being important for the Kering bunch invigorates our creativity just as we learn and get roused by all brands, from every single distinctive area, including fashion.

In expansion, the Kering bunch is promoting manageable industry rehearses and to us, Ulysse Nardin, the watchmaker of the oceans, we are extremely worried by preservations issues and it is a characteristic decision to be mindful and eco-friendly. For model, our new collusion with Fred Buyle adds to bringing issues to light through sea investigations. We firmly uphold Fred, a free jumper and submerged photographic artist, in his investigations in the watery depths. 


PPOver the previous twenty years, Ulysse Nardin has worked constantly to make designing show-stoppers while pushing the limits of customary watchmaking. Freak has consistently been considered as the “research facility on the wrist”, the assortment devoted essentially to get the various brand developments. We are utilizing our developments as ahead of schedule as conceivable in our present assortment since we trust in their points of interest for the wearer of the watch. The Freak universe is augmenting and I need to proceed toward that path in the future.

Mid-April, we have dispatched a staggering new assortment of four new Titanium FREAK OUT watches with a retail cost of CHF 48,000. An upset on your wrist – no crown, no dial, no hands and the time showed because of the loaf movement.

MONO: You have chipped away at the dispatch of the Apple watch, what have you gained from this experience?

PP: My Apple experience may assist me with venturing from an unadulterated watchmaker’s viewpoint and help encourage, with the remainder of the groups, a new view on things. 

Just to give you a model, when I showed up at Apple before the dispatch of the Apple Watch, I was told: “we will make an individual article and, coincidentally, it will be worn on the wrist so we may consider it a watch”. Apple instructed me that you really could would how you like to manage any item. I have a lot more extensive view now. 

But to be straightforward, this soul previously existed also at Ulysse Nardin in an alternate way. This perspective is likely the brand name of the brands that are genuine pioneers… and Ulysse Nardin has generally been one of them, that is the reason I am happy and regarded to lead this brand.