Only Watch 2017 – Introducing the Laurent Ferrier X URWERK Collaboration Piece: Arpal One

By rolex
April 5, 2021
4 min read

When taking a gander at the autonomous watchmaking scene, no two watchmaking companies could be more extraordinary than  Laurent Ferrier and URWERK . One is the pith of style , of customs and of very good quality, hand-got done with watchmaking. The other is the actual meaning of strong innovativeness, cutting edge show and advanced plan . Who might have envisioned that one day, the two would work together to make a watch? However, similar to the case with  attractive fields, opposites are inclined toward one another. Furthermore, the outcome, which will be auctioned at Only Watch 2017 , is a staggering remarkable piece made by Laurent Ferrier and URWERK, named the Arpal One.

This watch is neither a Laurent Ferrier watch nor a URWERK, yet the marks of the two firms show up on its back and, shockingly, the DNA of each assembling is unmistakably noticeable throughout. The existence of this unexpected watch makes no sense since it is the joint effort of two watchmaking companies who couldn’t be more unique. Each bases its character on furthest edges of watchmaking’s complex range. On one side we have Laurent Ferrier, an ex-Patek worker, who has given his opportunity to making probably the most work of art and conventional pieces you could envision. On the opposite side is URWERK, a brand that is characterized by its one of a kind satellite complication and its science fiction motivated plans. Also, in spite of the fact that suprising, the consequence of their efforts is a staggering piece, consolidating the plan of Ferrier into URWERK’s unbelievably current methodology of watchmaking.

Basically, the thought is straightforward: take the general shape and development of a URWERK UR-105 TA , give a pencil to Laurent Ferrier and let the sorcery show up. While the UR-105 is an advanced watch, with a case molded like a Star-Wars shield, the  Laurent Ferrier/Urwerk joint effort piece Arpal One is planned with bends and lengthened lines, and nearly aerodynamical shapes. These liquid lines are enlivened by Laurent’s energy for vehicles (recollect that he hustled at the 24h of Le Mans), and the watch “is like smoothed out coachwork, liquid and with no attack against the eye.” The case, while offering a general similarity to other URWERK manifestations – in terms of extents and curvature – feels more ethereal, more prolonged, more old style as it were, without losing the advancement of URWERK. Laurent Ferrier has added to this watch his mark, by bringing polish and refinement.

Such a plan requested an exceptional material and the Laurent Ferrier/Urwerk Arpal One is created in an unexpectedly present day composite: ARPAL+, which has been specifically produced for this remarkable watch. It consists of 75% valuable metals and opposes wear and scratches better compared to white gold or steel. Its tone never blurs, nor does it oxidize. This combination was first created for the hardware business where it is tremendously valued for its solidarity and in light of the fact that it is effortlessly worked. For this watch, this compound has been totally cleaned (something that can be seen on all LF watches), with no sharp points. The crown, set consistently at 12,  additionally shows a more bended shape.

On the opposite side is a development and show, inseparable from URWERK. While the case is about style and non-abrasiveness, the innards of the Laurent Ferrier/Urwerk Arpal One are textured, sharp and current. The Arpal One depends on the meandering hours and satellite complication utilized in the UR-105. The time is appeared by four satellites, each bearing three hour numerals, which progressively clear past the track of minutes. The satellites turn on a concealed carrousel, at the core of the progressive entry of the hours. The development has programmed twisting, with the mark twofold turbine to govern the winding. On this event, the presentation has been done in a more inconspicuous monochromatic scheme.

Overall, this Laurent Ferrier/Urwerk Arpal One is the most reviving amazement of Only Watch 2017 to date. Who might have envisioned that these two firms, contradicted on so numerous parts of watchmaking, might have made a particularly rich, current and imaginative watch?

Technical Specifications – Laurent Ferrier X Urwerk Arpal One for Only Watch 2017

  • Case: Width 40,9mm, length: 60,8mm, tallness: 20,7mm – Arpal+ composite, cleaned – sapphire precious stone on the dial side – 30m water resistant
  • Movement: Self-winding UR5.03 administered by a twofold turbine – Satellite hours turned on Geneva crosses – 28,800v/h recurrence – 48 hours power hold – Wandering hours, minutes
  • Strap: Sand-shaded calfskin, hand sewed with coordinating thread
  • Piece Unique for Only Watch