My Quest for The Truth… Did this 1962 Rolex Submariner 5508 Really see Action in the Field?

By rolex
April 13, 2021
7 min read

In 1962, British military powers were quite occupied as post-war Britain turned into a post-pioneer force and a large number of the previous British states, recently known as the British Empire, looked for freedom. The Suez Crisis was trailed by the Brunei Revolt, the Dhofar Rebellion and the Malaysian Confrontation with respect to Indonesia, all beginning in 1962. The exact year that this beautiful Rolex Submariner 5508 had its chronic number “struck” on the non-crown-monitors, early-style plunge case.

The 5508 turned into the last reference for this sort of Submariner after a choice by Rolex to merge its complicated line of case numbers, transforming it to the ref. 5513 until the mid 1990s. This specific variant is alluring with its reflexive dial and plated printing, its phenomenal condition and flawless arm band, not very enormous on the wrist and truly comfortable to wear.

This Jreplica Watches is a genuine plan exemplary however it has seen a great deal of wear with various administrations recorded since 1962. Rolex up until reasonably as of late would give a full support of your Submariner when it was shipped off them, this implied that they would restore your Jreplica Watches in the operational condition in which it was bought. Which means, supplanting the hands if the brilliant material had blurred, supplanting the bezel on the off chance that it was missing (which occurred with this Jreplica Watches and supplanting the crown and cylinder with a refreshed crown to keep water out of the Jreplica Watches So basically eliminating the entirety of the awesome matured style, which incidentally made a business opportunity for old hands and dials, much the same as the “box and papers” fixation made a business opportunity for boxes and “punched hole” papers. Be careful what you wish for…

This Jreplica Watches has cleaned silver hands that would have initially had a plated get done with the seconds hand conceivably painted white, the crown, which currently has a scramble underneath the coronet connoting “double-lock” or “service replacement” crown, would have quite recently had the Rolex crown as the “double-lock” and afterward “triple-lock” crowns got standard after the assembling of this Submariner. The bezel has been supplanted as the first would have been brassed around the edges with wear, so again another assistance substitution.

The motivation behind why I notice the British Colonial inconveniences prior is a direct result of what is engraved on the rear of this watch… This specific Rolex Submariner 5508 was not given by the Royal Navy yet was an individual Jreplica Watches which was engraved with the proprietor’s name and administration number, according to military guidelines. How would we realize that this was worn by an individual from the Royal Navy and not the Army or the RAF? Indeed, in light of the fact that that number is the help number of a Navy Clearance Diver known as “matelots” – from an early French interpretation of sailor.

To research this Jreplica Watches a call was made to the UK National Archives at Kew, London however the discussion was brief, as the first assistance number proprietor was as yet alive and obviously no subtleties were accessible. In any case, the specialist addressed ended up having subtleties of the assistance number of the one who was positioned in Portsmouth, which is one of the homes of the Royal Navy returning 500 years. A further call was made to a resigned Royal Navy Clearance Diver who was engaged with the Falklands Conflict and he affirmed the man would have needed to have the Jreplica Watches engraved with his subtleties and that his number ID’d him as a “MATELOT” or a Clearance Diver. More subtleties on this particular subject here .

These Jreplica Watches are excellent however this unconventional Submariner 5508 adds something unique, as it clearly had a fascinating life – and I question a large number of these Jreplica Watches at any point saw any sort of administration. This particular Jreplica Watches is likewise observable as it has an abnormal dial, with an extra radiant spot at 6 o’clock, which isn’t common for these Jreplica Watches and was referred to among gatherers as the “exclamation mark” dial. It was fitted with the notable type 1530, a programmed development that can in any case be adjusted at any Rolex focus today, which isn’t terrible for a 60-year Jreplica Watches making it an ideal vintage every day mixer.

Below, the Rolex Submariner 5508 close to a somewhat later (around 1967) reference 5513, the Jreplica Watches that followed the reference 5512 and turned into the exemplary no-date Submariner for quite a few years. As should be obvious, the 5508 is certifiably not a little Jreplica Watches It simply looks more modest on the wrist. The entirety of the Rolex Jreplica Watches I have claimed, it is one of the Jreplica Watches I enormously lament giving up on its happy way.

This Submariner 5508 was bought through my watchmaker and keeping in mind that I preferred it, I was as yet not keen enough to comprehend its actual allure… so I reached Auction House Antiquorum and visited their workplaces in Bond Street, London. They were loading for a Rolex Sports Models review sell off as they had recently accomplished for Patek and Omega and were searching for intriguing pieces. We discussed the watch’s verifiable significance and I gave it over to them on credit for their next sale. Half a month passed and a huge bundle showed up at my entryway, which contained the bartering list. I opened the inventory and found the page for this Submariner 5508… But there, regrettably, I found the review babbling on about “Mr Bond” and “Sean Connery”, and that just froze me. The authority’s reality had since distinguished that the Jreplica Watches worn via Sean Connery as 007 was not a 5508 but rather a 6358. This is a simple mix-up to make yet not on the off chance that you are ensuring authenticity and trust.

The Submariner 5508 was additionally recorded on the web and I began Google looking “military 5508”. There, I found a discussion about the Jreplica Watches on a notable military Jreplica Watches Forum. The closeout house had expressed the Jreplica Watches was given by the Navy and didn’t show the caseback… Which, to gatherers, resembles some sort of a con, they had the entirety of this data about the Jreplica Watches but they actually attempted to oversell the Jreplica Watches The discussion I read portrayed the Jreplica Watches as “sucker bait” and they had taken concentrates from the gibberish inventory review which said, ‘a Commander in the British Royal Navy would have been given simply such a watch’ – completely false… They had disregarded the entirety of my genuine exploration and basically murdered the estimation of the Jreplica Watches much the same as that – Snap!

What was truly pitiful was I perceived the gatherers examining the Jreplica Watches however I was unable to say anything as it would seem as though I had consented to the review, which I assuredly had not. All things considered, as you’ve just speculated, the Jreplica Watches didn’t sell, there was not so much as a solitary offer, despite the fact that everything about the Jreplica Watches was known. It was in the long run transported back to me from Switzerland – and I was gotten some information about £3,000 in import obligation. For my own Jreplica Watches I don’t think all in all, isn’t that right? It was at last gotten back to me and I unfortunately needed to give the Jreplica Watches to another authority who I trust esteemed it and still has it… So there lies a useful example cautioning you to be really “Careful What You Wish For”.