MeisterSinger Perigraph Bronze: A Heavy Metal Case

By rolex
May 29, 2021
6 min read

German brand MeisterSinger has cut a specialty in the market with its courageous watches. The Perigraph , MeisterSinger’s programmed watch with an open date ring is returned to in this attractive, 43mm bronze case. A triumphant combination of modern German plan with the warm vintage allure of bronze, this new interpretation of the Perigraph is a restricted release of only 100 pieces and is accessible at retailers now. What’s more, here are our considerations about it.

Going for the Bronze

As you know, bronze cases have made a solid comeback on the watch scene. On account of its protection from consumption, bronze has been utilized broadly in the creation of nautical and logical instruments. The patina that creates after some time gives watches an unmistakable antique feel we partner with early marine chronometers and other nautical gear. What’s more, don’t be tricked into believing that lone stout plunge watches ( either ) are reasonable vessels for the substantial metal, bronze has progressed in all cases as a case material for pilot watches and even very good quality chronographs .

In expansion to its robustness and weight, the allure of bronze lies in its extraordinary forces that adjust in an interesting, customized route to every individual wearer. It’s not possible for anyone to advise how bronze will respond to the components giving it a practically natural, capricious demeanor that numerous individuals relish. You can find out about bronze watches and how to mind from them here in Xavier’s article  or in Brice’s article about the B&R Diver , to perceive how bronze can evolve.

Before being taken care of, the instance of the Perigraph was still brilliant and glossy with a ruddy sparkle however several days on the wrist, the bronze got more blunt and turned out to be more matte. The quality and finish of the case are acceptable and the converse side highlights a display caseback – obviously, in steel for allergenic reasons. The huge breadth and short drags (with a base level of arch) guarantee the watch has a commanding presence on the wrist. The slight bezel is intended to give a liberal perspective on the dial, and the crown, which is on the enormous side, has been covered with dark DLC. This is maybe the one part of the watch that conflicted with the general bronze look. Maybe the watch would look better with a bronze crown or possibly a bronze-covered crown?

Creative Industrial Design

MeisterSinger’s stylish is unmistakably mechanical and instrument-driven, most likely disciples of the “form follows function” school. At the point when I originally experienced the brand around ten years prior, the watches helped me to remember pressure checks or old speedometers, somewhat like Giuliano Mazzuoli’s Manometro  model. The brand name of all MeisterSinger watches is the single-hand strategy for understanding time and whenever you’ve dominated it, it is in reality intuitive. Propelled by antiquated (single pointer) time estimating instruments like sundials and pinnacle tickers, the single hand on MesiterSinger watches gives both the hour and moment readings.

The twelve hours on the dark matte dial – all twofold digit figures for balanced reasons – are isolated by 144 markers, every marker addressing an augmentation of 5 minutes and the bolder and longer ones addressing 15, 30 and 45 minutes. The long needle pointer, for this situation, chosen in Old Radium cream-hued glowing material with a red tip, arrives at practically right to the bezel for a more exact time perusing. The domed sapphire precious stone delivers a loupe impact at specific points and some intriguing reflections.

The beneficiary of many plan grants and available for use since 2013 , the single-hand arrangement of the Perigraph (and other MeisterSinger watches) should hinder the speed of things. The way that there isn’t anything in quick movement on the dial, no little seconds hand or whatever else in development, gives the watch a more static, less vivified presence that individuals who are not fixated on millisecond timings may appreciate.

An Open Date Ring

The matte dark dial with cream-shaded iridescent accents and red contacts offers sharp differences for elevated decipherability and, whenever you’ve dominated the one-hand stunt, is not difficult to counsel. In obscurity, the radiant material gleams green. The open date wheel is an exquisite arrangement and abstains from the hazardous date window that appears to anger such countless perfectionists. Somewhat recessed from the time signs, the date ring turns and the red pointer uncovers the date in question.

If you take a gander at the date ring you will see that lone the odd quantities of a schedule month are addressed, the even days are demonstrated by a red line; a shrewd plan decision that sustains the spotless, cleaned up style of the dial. In the middle, a plate on similar level as the hours and minutes track bears the brand name, the name of the watch and the inquisitive brand logo that resembles a sickle moon with a dab – or is it a one-peered toward smiley face with regards to the one-hand dials?

Reliable Automatic Movement

MeisterSinger has fitted the Perigraph with a standard yet solid programmed development (an ETA 2824-2 or a Sellita 200-1) swaying at 28,800vph (4Hz) with a force save of 38 hours. Encircled by a thick metal ring held set up with six screws and engraved with the restricted release number, the window uncovers the standard completions of the development including thick Geneva stripes on the rotor. Clearly, the date should be changed consistently and the crown has two positions: the first to propel the date and the second to stop the development and change the single hand.


Definitely a watch for men who appreciate contemporary plan and appreciate the idiosyncrasy of a solitary hand to hand-off the hours and minutes. The bronze case and dark dial look extraordinary and the open date ring demonstrates there are different answers for date windows or patterns on a dial. Moderate and marginally modern, the virus instrument nature of the watch is heated up with bronze. Our lone qualm is the dark DLC crown.


The Perigraph Bronze comes with an endured or troubled calfskin lash to repeat the ragged look that the bronze case will gain after some time. A restricted release of 100 pieces, the Perigraph Bronze retails for EUR 2,090. Not an awful cost at all for a bronze watch and simply a small piece more costly than the steel models which retail for EUR 1,850. For more data, kindly counsel .