Meet Semper & Adhuc, A Series of New Watches with Yesterday’s Craftsmanship Inside

By rolex
June 2, 2021
4 min read

We’ve composed a considerable amount about microbrands of late, with brands like Gaia & Co. also, Marnaut dispatching intriguing new watches on Kickstarter. Most are special and have their very own character, however all offer one thing in common – basic, nonexclusive programmed movements. SEMPER & ADHUC is adopting an alternate strategy by building new cases for vintage, reestablished movements from the 1930s to the 1960s. Like what Vortic Watch Co. two or three years prior (3D printing new cases for vintage pocket watch movements), SEMPER & ADHUC is combining current methods with the high quality tech of the past. It’s a clever thought and carries a set of experiences and soul to the watches that a new Miyota or ETA development can’t coordinate. Is sufficiently this to raise their head over an exceptionally packed market? We should take a nearer look.

At just 30-years of age, youthful watchmaker Colin de Tonnac has been chipping away at the idea several years in Bordeaux, France and it’s currently dispatching on Kickstarter. While the Swiss movements are reestablished firsts, all other aspects of the plan and production of the watches is completed inside the southern portion of France, with everything privately sourced. The name and logo of the company are additionally intriguing and merit a mention.

Semper signifies “consistently” while Adhuc signifies “up to this point.” Combine the two and it’s somewhat theoretical, however appear to allude to the joining of old and new. Their logo of three entwined faces is gotten from Greco-Roman folklore. The faces are of three sisters, goddesses of fate, who hold a long string that represents the course of life. The principal sister wove the string (birth), the second loosened up it (life) and the third cut it (passing). The company compares this (freely) to the job of the absolute first watchmakers. Colin de Tonnac unquestionably put some idea into his branding.

The watch cases come in three unmistakable shapes – round, oval and pad. There are likewise different dials to decide for each. Indeed, they offer a more profound degree of customization that incorporates the position of the crown, dial and hand plan, etchings and the sky is the limit from there. A ton of this individually opportunity is coming, yet just the crown direction will be accessible at launch.

All cases are brushed tempered steel and 8mm in stature, with the round case being 37mm in distance across while the others are 37mm vertically. The plans are basic and might I venture to say, immortal. They’re water impervious to just 30m, so abstain from swimming and plunging, with sapphire gems on the front and little show “eyecups” on the back. You’ll get a cool yet incomplete perspective on the vintage movements. The crown is stepped with their three-colored logo and an exceptional assembling number will be stepped on the back.

The dials come in dark, white or tan, with different printing plans among them. All are basic with common text styles and everything is printed, evading applied files and complications. Truth be told, each of the three plans are time-just with not so much as a seconds hand. In my eye, they have a 1960s retro vibe, and two commonalities are the company’s name folded over the top portion of the focal hands and ATELIER FRANCAIS printed at the base. The dial tones have a matte completion and clarity appears to be incredible across the board.

The movements are largely Swiss made and reestablished, adding a reused and “green” viewpoint to the watches. They beat at either 18,000vph (2.5Hz) or 21,600vph (3Hz), contingent upon the model, and are restricted to focal hour and moment hands. All models will have a 36-hour power reserve.

The calfskin ties are hand tailored in France and come in tan, dull earthy colored and dark, with a haul width of 18mm. The steel ardillon clasp is engraved with the company’s name. Similarly as with the remainder of the general stylish, the ties are basic without extravagant sewing or catches. Like a mechanical Leica camera, these watches are stripped to the basic necessities, however the pulsating heart brings an exceptional history and character that couple of in the business can match.

The new SEMPER & ADHUC watches will have a timely riser Kickstarter cost of EUR 1,125, which is a 25% rebate on the EUR 1,500 retail cost. The crowdfunding effort will run for a month, beginning in September 2018. Creation will be restricted to 150 watches each year. More on the committed Kickstarter page .