Marco Tedeschi of RJ Watches About The Brand’s New Strategy

By rolex
June 1, 2021
4 min read

RJ Watches – already RJ Romain Jérôme – has never been old style, regular or customary. Regardless of whether the watches or the communication system, things have consistently been “out of the box”. For longer than a year, the brand has another CEO just as another name and, true to form, new watches. Today, we talk with Marco Tedeschi, CEO of RJ Watches, about this change and what the brand will uncover in the coming months. 

What is your first horological memory?

I invested my free energy in my father’s shop in Geneva during my adolescence, wondering about the watches and how they functioned. That’s where I most likely got the watchmaking bug (laughter)… watchmaking is an energy in the Tedeschi family!

What carried you to RJ?

RJ is a brand that truly stands apart from the group and one that I have followed intently for quite a while after it got my attention. Regardless of being a youthful brand, it has a solid personality and particularly conspicuous plans. Being welcome to head the company was a chance I just couldn’t refuse.

The 2018 Basel Watch Week was a defining moment for the brand. Would you be able to disclose to us more about the “Just Raw” concept?

We have given RJ a more contemporary personality. Our visual appearance and retail conditions have been entirely reconsidered to clear a path for a cleaner and cleaner tasteful, while as yet remaining unmistakably RJ. The way we communicate is likewise changing by becoming more conversational. Eventually, this change has been managed without selling out our legacy. lt’s an issue of advancement as opposed to a break from our post.

Why rename the brand?

As the brand has begun another part, the name expected to mirror that. Going from Romain Jerome to RJ is a move that epitomizes the new course for the brand: sleeker, more powerful and more contemporary. That being said, the RJ initials have consistently been there and the lawful element stays as could be, RJ Watches SA.

What are the greatest chances and difficulties for RJ?

At the beginning of this new period, there is a wide scope of various freedoms across the business. Maybe the greatest of which is the turn of events and dispatch of ARRAW, our first lasting assortment and furthermore the first ever for the two people. This dispatch is empowering us as a brand to investigate beforehand unknown territory.

As part of this new unique, we have aIso responded to the call of further upgrading our models in a few key manners. Another way to deal with ergonomics guarantees a much more comfortable feel; the materials chose (SN+ as opposed to SN gold, titanium rather than steel and clay supplanting dark PVD) add a lovely and more material feel; while the ease of use of our watches has been additionally improved with the presentation of compatible lashes. We commit extensive exertion to serving our customers and we have each expectation that this assortment will empower us to immovably feature our watchmaking ability and build up our reputation.

In terms of advertising, we need to connect more with our clients, particularly through online media, where we are as of now amazingly dynamic. As far as we might be concerned, as an energetic brand with an especially all around associated customer base, advanced communication lies at the core of our system and our site has as of late been completely redone as a consequence.

When it comes to circulation, we are additionally working effectively on improving our organization through opening new retail locations, both customary and inventive. All things considered, there is obviously potential for remarkable development. This is a progressing project, however we need to do things any other way, by including nearby accomplices as opposed to competing with them. This advancement will comprise a few phases and different declarations will continue in due course.

What are your needs to build up the brand?

Our fundamental need is to build up our own developments, so we are presently recruiting new staff work in the making of new types. In May, we made our own Manufacture, the RJ Forge. We will probably introduce the main RJ development at the following SIHH.

We need to coordinate our aptitude to guarantee full control of our imagination. This combination will likewise empower us to verticalise our creation and to start making the parts needed for future RJ watches. ln certainty, we’ve as of now started making ARRAW chronograph cases at RJ Forge.

If there were just a single RJ Watch?

Like with my youngsters, one couldn’t perhaps pick only one (laughter)!