March LA.B Mansart – A Different Kind of Vintage Design

By rolex
April 24, 2021
4 min read

March LA.B is a relatively youthful brand, based between France and California, which was made in 2008, with a reasonable spotlight on plan and vintage inspirations… But not the standard 1960s apparatus watch sort of vintage. Something other than what’s expected, something bolder, very extraordinary in the business. Also, despite the fact that it’s the first occasion when we cover one of March LA.B’s creations, this latest model established a serious connection with us… So here’s the March LA.B Mansart, a crazy 1960s tuxedo watch, excessively planned, somewhat obsolete but sort of cool!


March LA.B, for Los Angeles and Biarritz (south-west of France), where separately the brand’s architect and its organizer are based, was made by Alain Marhic, a fashioner named Jerome Mage and a monetary accomplice, Joseph Chatel. March LA.B is a tribute to the immortal style of vintage watches, but while most brands center around instrument watches (for example divers’ watches or pilots’ chronographs), March LA.B went for something rather unique. Rather than the instrumental plan of popular games watches, the French brand took its inspiration in engineering, furniture plan and even some bolder watches of the 1960s – the out of control 1960s, in the event that you want.

March LA.B for the most part centers around plans, shapes, surfaces and shadings as opposed to offering precisely complex watches. Don’t expect in-house developments and complications here, it’s not the thought. Also, in this occurrence, these Frenchies are doing really well, particularly with the latest model, the Mansart.

The March LA.B Mansart

This new watch looks like nothing else on the market… And that’s plainly a positive part of this watch. Unquestionably, it won’t appeal to the majority, as it combines a formed case, a bold tone for the dial and old-school dimensions, but this intentionally obsolete, good old concept is the thing that makes the watch so appealing.

With such a watch, it’s about plan. The March LA.B Mansart honors the Place Vendome in Paris, as it follows the octagonal design of this ordinarily Parisian territory, outlined by Sun King’s engineer Jules Hardouin-Mansart (subsequently the name of the watch). In that capacity, the watch comes in an engineering, bold formed case, with an octagonal and ventured profile. By playing with brushed and cleaned surfaces, the brand’s planner builds up a sensation of volumes.

Another intriguing part of the Mansart respects its proportions. While today’s norms for a dress watch are about 38 or 39mm, this watch is incredibly compact, estimating 34mm across and 39mm drag to-carry. Little, some will say. I say significantly proportioned in regards to the inspiration. Moreover, considering the bold plan of the case, the watch has significantly more wrist presence than what specifications indicate.

Several different subtleties make this March LA.B Mansart exceptional. The crown, for example, is positioned at 4 o’clock, what breaks the evenness of this extremely organized plan. Second is the tie, which truly adds to this watch’s bid. It’s meager, it’s gleaming, it has a reptile pattern… It makes for a unique watch, once again a long way from normal codes of present day design.

The dial of the March LA.B Mansart is available in two versions. One is introduced in a classic silver tone. The other, undeniably really fascinating, is the current dull gold tone, which is combined with vertical stripes and a sunray brushed focal region. The tone is bold, exceptional and has this slight je ne sais quoi that helps me to remember late-1960s furniture plan. To complement the plan, the decision was to have only two hands, for the hours and minutes.

Under a green-colored sapphire caseback, a mark plan component on most March LA.B watches, the Mansart uncovers a rethought and notable Japanese programmed development, the Miyota 90S5. This base caliber is a pleasant option in contrast to its Swiss partners and takes into consideration a more accessible cost strategy.

Thoughts, Price and availability

Looking at the March LA.B Mansart, it quickly makes me consider vintage tuxedo watches delivered by Patek or Piaget, watches that probably won’t be the most pursued models on the lookout, but that are a failed to remember part of 1960s inventiveness. With everything taken into account, the Mansart is invigorating. It isn’t you regular duplicate of a vintage plunge watch. It is lighter, crazier and antiquated, in a lovely way.

The March LA.B Mansart is estimated at EUR 1,245, which appears to be reasonable with respect to the complexity of the case and the pleasant execution of the dial. It is available now at retailers and on the brand’s website, .