Jaquet Droz Lady 8 Petite – Feminine Proportions

By rolex
June 6, 2021
5 min read

Jaquet Droz is about tangible pleasures. From impeccable veneer dials and the quest for uncommon métiers d’art to enlivened automata like the  rotund gold seraph being drawn by a butterfly chariot and tweeting birds on moment repeaters, this is one brand that realizes how to connect with the faculties. The Lady 8 plays on the erotic nature and imagery of the figure eight and is returned to in 2018 in this magnificently petite model with a shimmering blue aventurine dial or a fabulous red gold mother-of-pearl form. Fitted with a programmed development, the breadth of the case gauges a petite 25mm and the watches highlight a round ball around early afternoon that rolls easily under the finger.

The Chinese connection

Jaquet Droz has a really rich brand legacy and, since the 18th century, is the axiom for automata – those mystical mechanical wonders (singing birds, melodic snuff boxes, and so forth) that enchanted the illustrious courts of Europe and are prized historical center pieces today. China’s Imperial Court got wind of these unprecedented enlivened mechanical marvels and in excess of 600 pieces were requested by the Qianlong Emperor and the Mandarins over a time of ten years. Pierre Jaquet-Droz was, basically, one of the primary European clockmakers to import items to China. This exceptional relationship with China continues right up ’til the present time and a considerable lot of the brand’s unmistakable plans have an association with the Far East.

The utilization of the number 8, viewed as the most fortunate number in Chinese culture and an image of endlessness, has become a leitmotif at Jaquet Droz alongside representative Asian verdure, for example, the lotus bloom and butterflies. At the point when Jaquet Droz was gained by the Swatch Group in 2000, originators were captivated by an especially exquisite Jaquet Droz pocket watch of 1784, which roused the production of the symbolic Grande Seconde  in 2002. With its hours and minutes counter and crossing little seconds counters shaping a figure eight, the refined plan has become a foundation of the brand’s revival.

Aventurine glass

Jaquet Droz is likewise famous for its utilization of semi-valuable stones and the 12 PM blue dial of this model seems as though it has been cut straight out of a crisp evening sky.  Sparkling with shimmering stars, the dial and the upper section of the number eight case is set with aventurine glass. Not aventurine stone, but rather aventurine glass (otherwise called goldstone), which was purportedly found by a 18th-century glass blower in Murano when he inadvertently dropped some copper particles into liquid glass and saw how the glass began to shimmer. For this situation, the blue aventurine is upgraded with cobalt or manganese to obtain the shimmering speckles.

Housed in a 25mm tempered steel case with a tallness of 9.60mm, the watch is set with 41 splendid cut precious stones outlining the circle around early afternoon and covering half of the bezel on the fundamental dial. Presenting a metal ball produced using aventurine in the top piece of the case adds volume and profundity and you can roll the ball around with your finger. Another charming subtlety, intended to stress the voluptuous and exotic state of the case, is the manner in which the strip of precious stones embraces the shapes of the case tightening tenderly in size as they progress down the bezel towards the crown. The hour and minutes hands are created in 18k white gold and the hour, and moment track is composed of a roundabout grain theme to coordinate the brilliant foundation. The seat cut twofold visit blue calf calfskin lash comes with a tempered steel ardillon clasp set with a further 23 diamonds.


A more rich interpretation of the Lady 8 Petite is this 18k red gold model sparkling with a sum of 91 splendid cut precious stones and a mother-of-pearl dial. Profoundly ladylike, the Lady 8 Petite Mother-of-Pearl model takes advantage of the continuous vogue for shining nacre dials that sparkle with common glow. The landscape of cushioned mists made by the mother-of-pearl on the dial is topped by a gleaming (and moving) Asian Akoya pearl, and the crown, as you may expect, is set with a mother-of-pearl cabochon. More rich than her aventurine sister, this model highlights an aggregate of 68 splendid cut jewels that tighten around the shapes of the case with an extra 23 precious stones set on the red gold ardillon clasp on the single beige crocodile tie with no stitching.

Both watches highlight a display caseback for a perspective on the mechanical self-winding development – type Jaquet Droz 615 – with a 38-hour power hold, a recurrence of 21,600vph and a silicon balance spring and bed horns. In pride of spot, the fan-formed rotor – in red gold or hardened steel – shows the scalloped guilloché etching and the brand’s logo looking like two stars.

Available in five varieties, the red gold form retails for EUR 27,000 and the treated steel model for EUR 15,900. For more data on every one of the five models, kindly counsel www.jaquet-droz.com .