Introducing Sequent Supercharger, the first self-winding smartwatch (with our honest opinion about it)

By rolex
April 5, 2021
7 min read

Smartwatches; how to manage them? Embrace them? Bann them completely? Or on the other hand, maybe, on the off chance that you are positive, attempt to adjust it into your (haute) horology way of life? In the event that you have been following us throughout the previous few years, you may review that we have consistently been exceptionally doubtful towards the “keen” upset in watchmaking. We presently can’t seem to discover an undertaking that really prevails upon us. We, at Monochrome, have such an adoration disdain relationship with them. Yet, on the whole reasonableness, we keep our eyes open to those that may mark all crates, similar to this next Kickstarter project: The Sequent Supercharger, the primary self-winding/self-charging/link free smartwatch.

First off, it is liberated from links and that is the greatest thing that kept us down in other smartwatches. Network was boundless in showcasing terms, however most (if not all) smartwatches stay associated somehow. Take the main gen Apple watch for example, with a battery life of only 18 hours… At the day’s end, you are by one way or another stayed with a dead piece of metal and plastic. And even comparable activities prodding from the conventional watchmaking industry are limitation to a link, power station, connector or whatever they consider to charge it. Presently however, there is a smartwatch that needn’t bother with all that, a smartwatch that is really cordless, and it is known as the Sequent Supercharger. Could this be the conclusive answer we are looking for?

Now, before we delve into the “keen” part of the watch, I need to make something extremely understood. Mull over that there are essentially two sorts of smartwatches out there. On one hand, you have the full substitutional smartwatch, one that doesn’t expect you to take out your telephone to peruse the warnings. They permit you to see your messages, Facebook refreshes, WhatsApp messages and your re-tweets and what-not. These depend on an advanced presentation, frequently mirroring a watch face in the customary feeling of the word. Recollect the article we composed back in 2014 on robbery of dial plans ? Albeit the market has moved from that point forward, and even horological brands are accepting the savvy upset (think Tag Heuer Connected, Montblanc Summit), these stay the thistle in the side of genuine mechanical watch nerds.

The second class are the half breed smartwatches, the ventures that expect to combine the most amazing aspect the two universes. We’ve seen Frederique Constant and Alpina tackle this, with conventional looking watches furnished with brilliant innovation, monitoring your development and heartrate, rest cycles and more. Gracious, and before it slips my mind, I should likewise specify the apparently astute shrewd additional items for mechanical watches like the Montblanc e-Strap , IWC Connect or Classi Connected Strap . These give a “contact” of savvy tech while permitting you to wear a lovely mechanical watch at the equivalent time.

The Sequent Supercharger project has been being developed for around two years now, and is booked to be created and sent before the year is finished, depending the accomplishment of the Kickstarter Campaign clearly ( ). This watch is a genuine half breed. Holding mechanical watchmaking with shrewd innovation into one development is something we haven’t actually seen previously. Certainly, we’ve seen a watch like the Kairos, which had both, yet it actually depended on two separate “modules” for the mechanical timekeeping on one hand and the advanced innovation on the other.

The mechanical side of the watch depends on a module with a conventional, midway mounted rotor giving motor energy, which is then changed over into an electric flow to charge the battery. All things considered, the rotor of a programmed development worn for an entire day pivots around multiple times. In the Sequent Supercharger, these pivots are given to a licensed spring barrel framework, which promptly delivers the injury up pressure to a miniature generator which charges the battery. You can perceive how this framework is set up in the video. As per the brand, this framework can keep the watch running limitlessly. An intense assertion, yet in fact, it sounds feasible.

The Sequent Supercharger is an advanced looking watch, with an assortment of intriguing ties and a spotless plan. No genuine ruffles here, as you have a couple of hands that show time. Two hands for quite a long time in the middle, upheld with a force hold on the left (in red) and a biofeedback marker on the right (in blue). Matched with these conventional signs is a little LED light at 6 o’clock, adjustable in shading, to assist you with realizing what warnings you may have. This is about the solitary visual clue that this is a smartwatch however, which to me, is a plus!

The Sequent Supercharger is associated with your cell phone through a restrictive app, which allows you to see various things. Where you’ve been (GPS) or how sound your day was (Biofeedback, heartrate, step counter). The innovation likewise permits you to set the alert with your watch acting like a wake-up gadget. A really valuable added include, albeit not novel, is the capacity to hop time-regions without the need to reset your watch. Suppose you are making a trip from London to New York and you show up in your objective, the watch changes the hours to the relating time-region. This makes the Sequent Supercharger a reasonable travel companion!

Considering this, does it prevail upon us? Does it brag what it needs to relax even the most bad-to-the-bone watch geeks among us? Truly, it is a reverberating NO, and I will disclose to you why. The thing is, it is as yet a trade for our telephones which permit us to do all that and more. We should simply remove it from our pocket and do whatever we feel like! And to be straightforward, in the event that I am in a gathering and I get a call I can’t reply, so be it. And in the event that it is a crisis, my friends and family realize how to contact me then again (for example call my chief or office for example). Availability is acceptable, however do we need it constantly, 24 hours every day? Tragically, I consider some us will say “yes” yet I do think these individuals are not the ones we at Monochrome cook or answer to. No, these are the ones with various needs throughout everyday life, which is fine obviously, however not something we like to commit to. I don’t want to be associated day in and day out, I actually need control about the impact Social Media has on my own life, I need to turn off and go disconnected totally at whatever point I need to.

The Sequent Supercharger will without a doubt be a triumph as it has an incredible benefits to prevail upon enough of us to finance its objectives somewhat brisk as the contraption it is. To me however, it is only that: a very much idea device. It can never supplant the astounding A. Lange & Söhne Tourbograph or the hypnotizing Grönefeld One Hertz like our editorial manager in boss disclosed in his letter to the public a short time prior. No, the field of brilliant watches is too “gadgety” for us and will stay to be handled with doubt all through. Maybe… . It is the ideal opportunity for Apple to make a genuine mixture watch. A watch with an in-house mechanical development, genuine availability and all the believable notices one may require showed on a little Retina show covering a fastidiously handcrafted and completed dial. Maybe then they prevail upon us to the brilliant side of watchmaking.

Specifications – Sequent Supercharger

  • Case: 42,5mm x 14,8mm treated steel – support like construction with development “unit” mounted on top – different combinations of steel and black covered steel – 50 meter water resistance
  • Dial: Convex molded dial – straight hands – applied markers – cut-out for LED notice indicator
  • Movement: Hybrid mechanical-quartz development – programmed winding – spring barrel framework with miniature generator to charge battery
  • Notifications: Power save (simple presentation) – Biofeedback sign – pulse sensor – step counter – accelerometer – GPS – Social Media notifications
  • Strap: Horween calfskin – FKM Rubber – Cordura – different tones – exceptional locking system
  • Price: from CHF 1 (no joke!) to CHF 299 during the Kickstarter lobby, retail set at CHF 638 after campaign.

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