Introducing – Oris Big Crown Limited Edition PA Charles de Gaulle (the Aircraft-Carrier, not the President…)

By rolex
April 5, 2021
4 min read

A piece of French pride for today… Indeed, as some of you may know, I’m French and what Oris is delivering today by one way or another resonates with me. In view of the military underlying foundations of the brand, which is addressed by the Oris Big Crown assortment, Oris is presenting a limited edition watch made to respect the team of the plane carrying warship Charles de Gaulle, the French Navy’s lead. This is the reason I’m glad to show you the new Oris Big Crown Limited Edition PA Charles de Gaulle (the Aircraft-Carrier, not the President…)

When it was conceded into dynamic assistance in 2001, the Charles de Gaulle plane carrying warship, or porte-avions in French (subsequently PA), turned into the French Navy’s (la Marine Nationale) first atomic fueled surface vessel and France’s eighth plane carrying warship. Today, it remains the solitary atomic controlled transporter completed outside the US Navy, and the biggest Western European warship right now in commission. For over 15 years, the Charles de Gaulle has filled in as a deterrent in ensuring France and her partners, with a group of no under 1,950 mariners, who have served in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria. This what the new Oris Big Crown Limited Edition PA Charles de Gaulle is honoring.

To make this new military watch, Oris worked intimately with the boat’s officials to produce a watch that reasonably praises its pleased beginnings. Numerous details on the watch show the provenance and the connection with French Navy. The thorough rundown of these non-prominent details, which add some activity to the watch without falling into the gimmick trap, include: the PA Charles de Gaulle’s badge imprinted on the dial, the bended focal seconds hand tipped with the blue, white and red of the French Tricolore, the case back engraved with the PA Charles de Gaulle and the crown emblazoned with ‘R91’, the plane carrying warship’s identification number. As I said, unpretentious details that never feel too showy.

This Limited Edition PA Charles de Gaulle depends on the Oris Big Crown, the brand’s signature military watch. This variant can be viewed as such a field watch, not intended to be an appropriate pilot or plunge watch. Accordingly, it comes with a tough steel case, yet sensibly estimated at 40mm, and with a fluted bezel and a larger than usual winding crown (a design beholding back to the first Oris Big Crown of 1938). With such details, and more to see on the dial, there’s a touch of vintage feel to this watch, anyway it’s not intended to be a reissue of a current piece. This Oris Big Crown Limited Edition PA Charles de Gaulle is delivered on an earthy colored calfskin lash with steel collapsing buckle.

The dial is, as common on these Big Crown watches, designed to be very clear, with a matte dark tone and differentiating numerals and markers, painted with radiant material. Besides the Tricolore tipped second hand and the printed logo, the presentation and design is equivalent to the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date , which means hours/minutes/seconds on the focal pivot and date on the outskirts of the dial with a long hand with a red bow tip to indicate it. Inside the Oris Big Crown Limited Edition PA Charles de Gaulle is a programmed development (Oris Cal. 754, in light of a Sellita SW 200-1, with 4Hz recurrence and 38h force hold) complete with Oris’ particular complication, the pointer date.

The Limited Edition PA Charles de Gaulle by Oris is a limited edition of 1,890 pieces, a figure roused continuously the famous French general and founder of France’s Fifth Republic Charles de Gaulle was conceived. it will be estimated at a sensible CHF 1,600. More details on .

Technical lSpecifications – Oris Big Crown Limited Edition PA Charles de Gaulle

  • Case: 40mm measurement – treated steel case with fluted bezel – sapphire precious stone on the dial side, engraved steel back – water impervious to 100m
  • Movement: Oris Cal. 754, in view of a Sellita SW 200-1 – programmed winding – 4Hz recurrence – 38h force hold – hours, minutes, seconds, date by hand
  • Strap: earthy colored calfskin lash with steel collapsing buckle
  • Reference: 01 754 7679 4084-Set LS – limited to 1,890 pieces
  • Price: CHF 1,600