In conversation with Thomas Morf, CEO of Favre-Leuba, And The Resurrection of a Great Name

By rolex
April 6, 2021
3 min read

After a couple of calm years, Favre-Leuba is back. The brand is being reenergized with the dispatch of intense new plans, for example, the Raider Harpoon or the Raider Bivouac 9000 , reimagining Favre-Leuba symbols. We have accepted the open door to interview the man entrusted with putting this celebrated brand back where it has the right to be, Mister Thomas Morf, CEO of Favre-Leuba.

What is your first horological souvenir?

My first horological trinket was a handwound 3 hand watch with a purple dial. The brand name was Uranus and it was talented to me in 1972 from my godmother.

What got you into Favre-Leuba?

Favre-Leuba is known to me since the mid 1970’s, the point at which I’ve venerated these watches at a gems store in Switzerland. Each Monday morning we had swim classes and the public pool was close to a shopping center. Prior to going there, I generally made a little window shopping and particularly watches with a rotating bezel drew my consideration. They had that lively, unique look which I generally adored I actually do today. That was the principal experience with Favre-Leuba. At that point, in 1992, I nearly purchased a Favre-Leuba chronograph, yet my financials wouldn’t permit me to pull the trigger, so I skirted the arrangement. I generally had a ton of regard for the brand with its incredible commitment to the Swiss watch industry. The Bivouac, the Sea Sky, the Bathy, watches with an incredible history and followership.

Favre-Leuba’s “raison d’être” has been underlined as conquering new outskirts – Can you advise us more?

To challenge the status quo was consistently one of the drivers of Favre-Leuba since its inception. Doing things in an unexpected way, making things better or create something that never existed was incredibly significant in the brand history. We’re going to continue on this way. This is the thing that we owe to the brand and the Favre-Leuba adherents. The brand needs to become pertinent again. That is the mission we have in our journey.

Favre-Leuba has extremely old history, how to you profit by this exceptional heritage?

Unlike numerous different brands who guarantee to be wealthy in history, this is undisputed with Favre-Leuba. Any significant watch gallery, any significant watch book, you’ll find Favre-Leuba there. Having a rich and extremely old history gives you authenticity, however achievement isn’t ensured today or tomorrow. You must be innovative, surprising, humble, you need a drawn out procedure and the apparent worth is vital. To wrap things up, individuals behind such a venture are crucial.

What are the greatest chances for Favre-Leuba?

Favre-Leuba can assemble its new procedure on their accomplishments from an earlier time. In any case, that is adequately not, it helps for the authenticity of our new technique. One watchword is credibility. What number of brand can construct the present and the future on that? The number of brands are simply trying to create a story. Favre-Leuba has a lot more to bring to the table than the greater part of the brands and we seek after our excursion with an unquestionable methodology. Continuously rock the boat and attempt to find new routes in doing things.

What are the greatest challenges?

One of the greatest test is an ideal opportunity to get taken note. There is no overtaking path out and about of allure. Mindfulness can be purchased, attractive quality must be built.

If there was just a single Favre-Leuba watch?

Always the one that is as of now under development.