HYT H0 x Eau Rouge

By rolex
June 13, 2021
3 min read

The base idea of HYT Watches has consistently spun around liquids. Liquid offers life to the watch and vitalizes its capacities, for this situation, the sign of the time. Seen from this viewpoint, the HYT H0 (and the remainder of the assortment) are not that not the same as human beings… This is the reason the brand’s most recent creation, the HYT H0 x Eau Rouge, highlights red fluid suggesting the actual quintessence of life, the liquid that keeps us alive: blood. 

HYT presents two insubordinately intense new forms of its “simplest’ creation up until now, the H0 . What is this watch? Basically a cleaner, cleaner and more wearable interpretation of the main watch the brand presented in 2012, the HYT H1 . While the mechanical piece of the watch is comparable – same base development, same licensed miniature fluidic module and same signs on the dial – the style is entirely unexpected. The H1 was specialized, present day, strong and precise. The H0 is molded with bends, smooth surfaces and bereft of any shallow components. The emphasis is plainly on the fluidic sign of time.

The HYT H0 x Eau Rouge sub-assortment comprises of two new watches. Attired in splendid red – an inspiration of the blood that keeps us alive –  the red liquid rejuvenates the watches. The case, made out of hardened steel in the two cases, is silk brushed and accessible in standard “silver” steel or anthracite DLC-covered steel. A similar shading codes are to be seen on the dials of these two variations, for a completely monochromatic look. This matte, uniform base makes the red accents stand separated. They can be seen on the crown, the elastic tie, the hands and, obviously, the dark red fluid.

The HYT H0 x Eau Rouge is, for sure, a huge watch (as consistently with HYT). However, huge doesn’t mean uncomfortable. Estimating 48.8mm in distance across and 18.7mm in stature, the H0 is too comfy and simple on the wrist, on account of the tie that is connected under the situation and not in the middle of carries. The drag to-haul measurement is 48mm, comparable to the majority of the watches with a 42mm case (watches, that is, with legitimate carries). The elastic tie is exceptionally bended and embraces even the littlest wrists.

At the core of the HYT H0 x Eau Rouge is a similar combination of a mechanical development – a 65h force save, 4hz recurrence, hand-wound type made by Chronode – which drives a fluidic module. The idea is notable today, yet it never disappoints. Two roars drive liquids into a slim cylinder. While time progresses, the left roar drives the red liquid into the glass cylinder to demonstrate the hours – the H0 is such a controller watch, with the minutes and the seconds showed on isolated sub-dials. The red liquid addresses the time that has passed while the straightforward liquid addresses the leftover time. The intersection between these two demonstrates the current hour. When the red liquid has completed its way through the fine, it will go about as a retrograde sign and will fly-back to the beginning position.

These two new HYT H0 x Eau Rouge will be valued like the other steel bits of the assortment, which means around CHF 39,000. More subtleties on www.hytwatches.com .