Hegid Watches, and its Concept of DIY Evolutive Watches (Live Photos)

By rolex
April 27, 2021
6 min read

The watchmaking industry can now and then be conflicted. From one viewpoint, we hear slogans of “timeless items made to be communicated to the future generation” and then again, it’s protected to say that extravagance watchmaking has never been nearer to mold and its continually advancing patterns. Clients need to change, to switch, to wear something else relying upon their state of mind or the event. Also, with regards to watches, that requires a significant spending plan. In any case, here comes Hegid Watches and its fairly interesting idea of “dressing” the outer pieces of the watch, such a “DIY-blend and-match” watch. 


This thought of “dressing” the watch came to Henrick Gauché, organizer of Hegid, as he was requesting modest Russian watches on the web. As he was messing about and dismantling the watches, he set up a watch that fit him yet which could he actually tweak to accommodate his states of mind or match the event. At the point when he turned into an expert in the watchmaking business, this thought of offering dependable mechanics that could be spruced up or down with various choices reemerged. “Thus was brought into the world the longing to profit by an honorable mechanics that would give freedom to be dressed by our state of mind, to develop over time,” says Henrick.

Apart from the standard difference in tie alternative offered by many watch marks, the plan of a watch is generally frozen, something you can’t redo. Absolutely, this can be acceptable, as long as you’re sure you’ll still like the watch a long time from now… Hegid Watches has reacted to the steadily advancing pattern for DIY customisation and applied it to watches. The primary thought behind Hegid is to let the proprietor select the style of his watch.

The “dressing complication” concept

Paris-based brand Hegid has made, autonomously, an idea where the whole habillage of the watch – the outer parts that “dress” the watch – can be changed by the proprietor, without the intercession of a watchmaker, at home, without tools.

The thought begins with a “capsule”, the lone non-compatible component of the watch, a focal holder in steel comprising all the specialized components of the watch. This container, accessible for the second in two adaptations (dark and earthy colored) with this Inaugural Series (S.I), contains the dial, the hands, the sapphire gem, the development and the crown. Actually speaking, Hegid depends generally on French providers (and some Swiss as well, obviously). The development is a dependable and notable ETA clone by Sellita and the case is 100m water-safe (consistently reassuring).

As we’re discussing an Inaugural Series, and on the grounds that the ‘originality factor’ at Hegid spins around the case and the lashes, the dial and the focal holder stay extremely exemplary in plan. The combination of dial and hands is tactful and exemplary to persevere through the trial of time.

Let’s take a gander at the “dressing complication”. So, this includes the consolidation of two components; the case (the focal holder) and the carrure (French word for watch case). In 30 seconds, you’ll have the option to change starting with one case then onto the next, without devices. The makers of the brand have licensed a straightforward and natural framework for these changes. The caseback highlights a pivoting cover that fills in as locking framework. Stage 1: turn the caseback to the open position (showed by an engraved point). Stage 2: eliminate the case and set up the enhanced one. Stage 3: lock the caseback once more. Voilà.

Of course, this framework wouldn’t be complete without compatible tie alternatives. All ties conveyed by Hegid highlight speedy delivery spring bars. All things considered, you can totally change the character of your watch in one minute.

The framework, even on the model watch we had for this article, is wonderful to utilize, got and very balanced. Once set up, the watch feels strong, without free parts. The locking framework, because of springs in the casebands, is flawless and exact. Resistances in the machining have been decreased to a base as well, to evade residue or particles obstructing the system.

multiple personalities

The fundamental thought with Hegid was to give the watch numerous characters by giving three definitely various styles of carrure. The first, named Laboratoire Clandestin, is a work of art, generally little, totally cleaned case with a level bezel. It is the dress watch proposition of the brand, with a 38.5mm width and steel cabochons on the tips of the drags. It has a somewhat Art Deco pizazz yet stays calm enough for business attire.

The subsequent choice, called Vision, is a lively, more apparatus watch-style case with a turning bezel. More powerful, bigger too at 40mm, it is accessible either with a dark or a light dim bezel embed in anodized aluminum (with a radiant spot at 12 o’clock). The bezel has an hour long scale, however being bidirectional, it is more like a pilot’s than a diver’s watch. This rendition can be considered as the “weekend watch”.

Finally, the third carrure proposed by Hegid, the Expedition, is by a long shot the most trying of the part. As compatibility is the situation, Hegrid needed something intense to show the changeability factor of the watch progressing from a dress watch to something as unique as the Expedition. Sharp, squarish (possibly it’s me yet it makes me think about a Land Rover), the Expedition estimates 42mm x 46mm. It is a major and substantial square of treated steel with an unmistakable 1970s style. It includes a unique crown security gadget on its side. Possibly it won’t be the most straightforward alternative, however I think this carrure is loaded with character and mirrors the procedure of the originators to offer something different.


The idea presented by Hegid is very much evolved and, in the wake of playing with the various parts, additionally all around developed. This first “Inaugural Series” is only an approach to grandstand the prospects however the brand will develop sooner rather than later, with new dials and potentially the presentation of complications.

The thought to have numerous watches in one, and to have the option to significantly adjust the presence of your watch in under one moment, and at a small portion of the cost of purchasing a totally new watch, is intriguing and has potential. This might be not an idea for no-nonsense watch sweethearts, but rather I can without much of a stretch envision a few devotees being pulled in by Hegid’s concept.

The Hegid Inaugural Series comes in an introduction box with additional areas for new carrures and new ties. This arrangement is restricted to 90 pieces for the moment.

As for evaluating, Hegid offers packs, with one container, 3 or 4 carrures and 3 or 4 lashes (which means 9 to 16 potential combinations). These packs range from EUR 3,200 to EUR 3,600. Complete watches (focal case, 1 case, 1 lash) are accessible at EUR 2,800. Cases range from EUR 250 to EUR 350.

You’ll discover more insights concerning the potential combinations and the brand at hegid.com .