Hanhart Primus Monochrome Pilot – Bold, Military-Inspired and Monochromatic

By rolex
June 14, 2021
4 min read

First of all, it’s essential to specify that we, MONOCHROME, have nothing to do with the formation of this watch. However, when we saw that Hanhart was going to dispatch another watch named the “Primus Monochrome Pilot”, it was hard for us not to investigate. In view of the idea we’ve as of now surveyed a couple of months prior, the Primus Pilot , the German brand brings another, secretive and genuinely military-motivated rendition of its strong chronograph. Overview.

On the opposite of most different watches in this Primus assortment, which much of the time had vivid plans, Hanhart has begun to give its cutting edge pilot watch a more military, stealthy plan. We’ve seen it with the Black Ops version ( reviewed here ), a watch that combined its dark case with a military green dial. Presently, with another release going to be dispatched, the brand goes above and beyond, with a moderate, clean and completely dark vision: the Hanhart Primus Monochrome Pilot.

The new Primus Monochrome Pilot plays on a tone-on-tone style, utilizing various shades of dim to upgrade intelligibility and to give a moment perusing of the signs showed on the dial. To push the stealthy/military idea to the most extreme, this new release has a matte, sand-impacted treated steel case – to dodging (reflections are a genuine adversary for a pilot in a plane’s cockpit) or interruptions (you don’t need your watch to act like a mirror when under cover behind a bush…)

The instance of the Primus Monochrome Pilot is equivalent to the one we’ve seen in past versions: enormous, amazing, strong and hyper-hearty. Its measurements – 44mm distance across x 15mm – appear to be huge on paper. In fact, it is in no way, shape or form a dress watch. However, it includes a shrewd pair of drags that are explained offering extraordinary comfort on the wrist. As an accolade for vintage Flieger chronographs produced by the brand for WWII pilots, the reset pusher of the chronograph is introduced in red anodised aluminum – the solitary dash of shading found in this watch, close by the red marker on the turning bezel, to make estimations. All the parts are curiously large and simple to actuate, as a decent pilot watch ought to be. The last military touch comes from the dark texture tie – an overall quite first rate tie, with calfskin lining and a matte steel collapsing buckle.

This Primus Monochrome Pilot combines its matte steel case with a similarly limited and military-propelled dial, introduced here in matte grey with strong, all around differentiated dark markers and hands. Regardless of whether painted in dark, all the files and hands are brilliant, giving a fair evening neatness. All the signs are not difficult to spot initially and the non-intelligent dial makes this watch somewhat prudent notwithstanding its strong style and proportions.

Powering the Primus Monochrome Pilot is the type HAN3809. This development depends on the demonstrated engineering of the Valjoux 7750, here marginally altered by La Joux-Perret. The primary distinction comes from the showcase, changed from the average 6-9-12 to a more adjusted 2-register format (3 and 9) style, with the little second and the 30-minute counters somewhat removed from the hub of the hands, accordingly more adjusted to the size of the watch. For the rest, the details are equivalent to a standard 7750 – 4Hz recurrence, 42h force hold, chronograph enacted by a cam.

If this new form remains very near the first idea – the Primus is an advanced understanding of the pilot/Flieger chronograph of the brand – the new Monochromatic look is a welcome expansion, which makes this huge and strong watch more careful and much more military-looking. Cost for this Hanhart Primus Monochrome Pilot will be USD 2,970. More subtleties on www.hanhart.com .