Hands-On – Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017 – Recreation of the 1965 Seiko 62Mas ref. 6217

By rolex
April 7, 2021
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This is it; the star of show – or at any rate the watch that got most comments and that arrived at the first spot in our “ most read articles of Baselworld 2017 “. Furthermore, trust us, outperforming Rolex in numbers during the Basel Watch Fair is properly impressive… All of that, just to disclose to you how expected this watch was and how generally welcomed it has been. Its name: the  Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017 . Its capacity: being an unwavering recreation of the 1965 Seiko 62Mas ref. 6217, which means the first expert dive watch of the Japanese production. Its accomplishment: previously being an authority. Outline of an upcoming achievement story.

Our first presenting article was entitled “ The Eagerly Awaited Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 “. Also, all things considered, eagerly awaited was putting it mildly. Seiko’s authorities have been trusting that years will see the comeback of a legend, the 62Mas, the watch that began everything, a watch that is so significant for the brand that it actually impacts the greater part of their dive watches – and furthermore the business, in a specific way (think ISO norms…) Thus, when Seiko reported during Baselworld the amusement of the 62Mas, the gathering community promptly responded: “faithful”, “superb”, “greatly reissued” yet also… uncommon! Indeed, there won’t be sufficient for each gatherer. Be that as it may, let’s first gander at the ancestor.

The Recreation of Seiko’s First Dive Watch, the 1965 ref. 6217 a.k.a 62Mas

Seiko entered the race for dive watches a lot after the Swiss did. For example, Blancpain presented the Fifty Fathoms in 1953, immediately followed by Rolex and the Submariner (in 1953 as well), both considered as the first reason fabricated dive watches (with screw-in crown and pivoting passed time bezel), Tudor accompanied their Submariner in 1954 and Omega accompanied the Seamaster 300 out of 1957. Seiko held up until 1965 to come with their own vision of a dive watch, yet this long stand by wound up in the formation of quite possibly the most notorious watches of the brand. This 62Mas is the mother of all upcoming amphibian watches of the brand (text styles, dial tone, bezel style, case style…) and even today, Seiko’s proficient dive watches – named Prospex – are enormously propelled by the ref. 6217. Be that as it may, not in a vintage way.

The Japanese may have been more slow than the Swiss to come on the market, Seiko’s standing as far as dive watches is obvious. The brand profits by an unbelievable emanation and regard among gatherers first, yet basically among proficient divers, who think about the productivity and unwavering quality of these watches. Also, this standing is no mishap of destiny. It is the consequence of more than 50 years of development, in light of the 62Mas, a period during which Seiko showed its predominance, being liable for making a considerable lot of the highlights that are presently generally acknowledged as the business standards. Undoubtedly, The ISO 6425 principles have been part of the way dependent on parts of Seiko’s diver’s watches. Seiko creations like the accordion-style lash, the utilization of titanium as a case material and the extra wide hands have assisted with characterizing the world’s assumptions for what a diver’s watch ought to be.

The Seiko 6217-8000/1, nicknamed the “62Mas”, had solid contentions: a programmed development (type 6217A), a 150m water opposition, a huge (around then) 37mm case with a mono-coalition shape (rather gigantic incorporated carries, which ensure the robustness of the case) for most extreme assurance and a dull dark dial with enormous records and hands, obviously all glowing. The bezel was at that point including an entirely discernible 60-minute supplement, with all the necessary markings, yet was as yet bi-directional. Furthermore, today, this symbol is back, in an exceptionally reliable reedition, the Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017.

The Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017

Basically, what we have here is an amazingly unwavering amusement (and Seiko specifies this and not a reedition, and when really take a gander at these two watches, the bygone one and the enhanced one, you comprehend why recreation…). Everything has been reproduced similarly: same case shape, same bezel, same bezel embed, with a similar scale, similar textual style and similar dabs, a similar dial, with indistinguishable records, hands, engravings, a similar date window, the equivalent (sort of) caseback. Indeed, even the tie, with jewel design has been reproduced. At first sight, it’s like having a New Old Stock adaptation of the 62Mas (if you have one, send me an email, please…). Is that all? Indeed, not actually, as the new Seiko SLA017 does a couple of concessions to innovation though.

The first thing to note is the similarity of the case between the Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017 and the 62Mas. They share precisely the same shape, with a mono-alliance configuration, which means coordinated and rather cumbersome drags, sharp points in general, a quite unadorned, utilitarian plan (don’t look for cleaned points or smooth parts here, this watch is intended to be harsh and is reason fabricated). The larger than usual and fluted crown of the 62Mas is back (and quite noticeable), so are the openings in the hauls to rapidly change the lash. As far as execution of the surfaces, the SLA017 adheres to the roundabout brushing on the highest point of the case, again suggestive of the 62Mas. So what have been refreshed? Essentially, as frequently in such entertainments: the watch is currently bigger. From a 37mm breadth on the first, the case of the SLA017 has developed to 39.9mm – which is in fact quite reasonable, particularly compared to the typical 44mm/46mm instances of Seiko’s dive watches. The watch is presently water impervious to 200m rather than 150m on the 62Mas.

The same dedication can be seen in the bezel. The addition stays indistinguishable from the first 62Mas, with a 60-minute scale and graduations for (consistently. Regardless of whether rather unconventional, Seiko decided to keep the dabs missing around the numerals, implying that some minutes are not stamped. A radiant spot is set at 12. Another admission to innovation: the bezel is presently unidirectional, an obligatory component of current dive watches (for security reasons, on the off chance that you unintentionally turn the bezel, the excess time on the scale can just be more limited). Indeed, even the indented profile of the bezel is near what can be found during the 62Mas. Another admission to advancement is the spirit of a sapphire gem, supplanting the vintage Plexiglas (yet the sapphire has a profoundly domed profile).

As for the dial, the parcel is equivalent to the rest, with this Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017: dedicated. We find back a similar cleaned and raised rectangular indexes, with enormous measurements and a great deal of glowing paint for night comprehensibility. The date window at 3 is similarly orbited with a polished ring. The actual dial shows the normal dull dim shade of Seiko dive watches, with a sun-beam brushing. The dial’s engravings advance marginally compared to the 62Mas, with a printed logo rather than an applied one. However, by and large, the dial stays near the 62Mas (regardless of whether we can take note of that the moment markers are presently more). The hand-set is additionally devoted to the original.

On the wrist, the Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017 is very lovely, with a sensible size and that apparatus style that made the vintage version so attractive and productive. It has some unmistakable vintage style yet feels present day regarding wearability, presence and principally nature of development. It feels strong and entirely changed – presumably a notch above the MM300 for example. Everything is firm and absolutely changed. The silicon lash is graceful and comfortable, while its look befits the style of the watch. A hardened steel arm band is additionally remembered for the box.

The Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017 is outfitted with a top of the line Seiko development, calibre 8L35, which was uniquely intended for dive watches and is made by Seiko’s talented experts and ladies in the Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio in Morioka in the north of Japan – we’re not discussing a section level development here, not at all. This development depends on the engineering of the Grand Seiko 9S55, is done in an exceptionally wonderful way, brags 50h force save, beats quicker than standard Seiko developments (28,800 vibrations each hour versus 21,600vph in most passage level Seiko divers) and is hand-collected and hand-changed (evaluated to – 10/+15 sec/day).

Now comes the awful news. This Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017 is restricted to just 2,000 pieces (which may as of now be sold out or amazingly hard to find) and it’s anything but a section level watch, similar to the Turtle or the Samurai can be. It will require EUR 3,800. Don’t misunderstand us, this cost is legitimized (regardless of certain comments) by:

  • The restrictiveness of the piece (2,000 pieces in particular) so no economies of scale conceivable because of enormous creation numbers
  • The development inside – the calibre 8L35 is an incredible movement
  • The in general nature of the watch – which can without much of a stretch compete with a portion of the significant Swiss brands and their EUR 5,000 watches
  • The presence of a steel wristband and a silicon lash in the box

Overall, Seiko has made an amazingly alluring watch with this Prospex Diver SLA017, as being first an exceptionally subjective offer (if there was any questions to have about Seiko) and basically a super-unwavering reedition, with just couple of concessions to advancement. As said, a generally collectible watch, regardless of whether it will be just available from July 2017. More subtleties on Seiko’s true site –   www.seikowatches.com .

Specifications of the Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017

  • Case: 39.9mm breadth x 14.1mm thickness – Stainless steel with roundabout brushing – unidirectional plunging bezel – domed sapphire precious stone on the dial side, steel back – 200m water resistance
  • Movement: calibre 8L35, in-house – changed to -10/+15 sec/day – programmed with focal rotor – 4Hz recurrence – 50h force hold – hours, minutes, seconds, date
  • Strap: dark silicon tie AND steel arm band with collapsing clasp
  • Reference: SLA017
  • Availability: 2,000 pieces – in stores in July 2017
  • Price: EUR 3,800