Hands-On – Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar (and my unexpected love for the sporty steel version)

By rolex
April 7, 2021
7 min read

While a few brands accompanied more than 100 curiosities at Baselworld 2017, the Saxonian brand Glashütte Original just introduced 2 new manly watches during the show. Furthermore, frankly, for what reason accomplishing more when you offer new results of such quality. Together with the shockingly energetic Steel Senator Chronograph Panorama Date , Glashütte Original additionally presented a rich, refined and complex Perpetual Calendar variant of the precise  Senator Excellence . Rich and refined? Not just, as I amazed myself to really like a sudden energetic steel form of this QP watch, not the sort of combination that you envisioned from GO…

Nearly 20 years prior (already…) Glashütte Original dispatched its first vision of what is viewed as a magnum opus of watchmaking, the Perpetual Calendar – the system that permits to have a watch that will (quite often) precisely show the date, considering the long stretch of 30 or 31 days, yet in addition the period of February with 28 days lastly, the jump years and the 29-day month of February (implying that the following change you’ll need to do will be on the first of January 2100…) The presentation of the perpetual calendar, explicit to the brand, was utilized previously on the  Senator Perpetual . While numerous perpetual calendars depend on multiple sub-dials with signs pointed by hands, GO settled on the decision of something simpler to peruse, and somewhat compositional in the manner in which the signs are put on the dial. A few windows, an incredible balance and the ability to be perused in a speedy look. This showcase turned into a signature… and you don’t meddle with such assets.

For Baselworld 2017, the Perpetual Calendar by Glashütte Original gets a significant update, by making a huge difference, to the exemption of the showcase. New case, new base development, new plan, new dial… And even remembered for another assortment, the as of late introduced  Senator Excellence . One thing has been kept: the QP module. The rest is totally new, and extremely accomplished. More present day, more rich, more refined, and “more certified”.

The Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar depends on the Caliber 36, presented a year ago in time-just and Panorama-Date forms (the huge, signature twofold plate date of the brand), followed later by a Moon-Phase release. The type 36 is a strong offer, which intends to become the standard foundation of the Senator collection and the base for future turns of events. This development has been created in light of two thoughts. Above all else, it must be dependable and stable enough to get a wide range of modules, without compromising the chronometric execution. At that point, it must be exact, effective and performant.

The past 3-hand with focal second type of GO, the Caliber 39 (the one in the Senator Automatic), was a fairly old-school motor: 40 hours power save just, traditional materials, rather little distance across (26mm). The new Caliber 36 is substantially more current and significantly more efficient. This type 36 runs at 4Hz, anyway the escapement includes a silicon balance spring (antimagnetic, less influenced by temperature… ), which is a first for the brand. At that point, its force save is presently a comfortable 100-hour (approx. 4 days), by means of a solitary barrel (and a long heart of 68cm, created by Nivarox). The barrel is twisted by a weighty and enormous rotor, with 21k gold fringe mass. The general completion is wonderful and conscious of the German creation: Glashutte rubbings on the ¾ plate, cleaned chamfers, skeletonized rotor with the Double G, blued screws, noticeable wheels… And this development is enormous (32.3mm) and estimated appropriately to 40mm-42mm cases, making it lovely when looked through the sapphire caseback.

The other curiosity presented by the Caliber 36 was an internal testing and changing project. The developments are controlled and changed in 6 positions and to various temperatures, at 4 phases of the force hold, and for both the accuracy, the abundancy and the length of the force save. This is done inside and not by an outside certificate office (with respect to example COSC). The watches are conveyed with a declaration bearing witness to of the outcomes. Once more, this was an extraordinary advance forward for the brand.

The new Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar depends on these specialized advances, as the traditional (yet readable and simple to change) perpetual calendar module is joined on top of the Caliber 36. The showcase stays customary, with 4 windows set in an even and exceptionally adjusted manner: Panorama Date at 4, a moonphase repeating at 8 and the day and month windows set evenly on the upper half. A little sub-dial at 12 shows the jump year (another element). In general, straightforward and simple to read. Adjustments of the moon, day and month are done through recessed pushers in the caseband, while the date can be changed by means of the crown.

In terms of style, while the roots of Glashütte Original are still here, the Senator Excellence presented some innovation and a more exquisite look to the assortment. Furthermore, this new Perpetual Calendar version is no exception to the standard. The case is measured similarly (compared to the more established Senator ), at 42mm, yet the general extents are considerably more adjusted, on account of a bigger dial, a more slender bezel, more slender carries and a case that has lost practically 1mm in thickness (12.8mm versus 13.6mm). On the wrist, this Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar is sleeker, more refined and more rich than previously. What’s more, on our side, we won’t complain about that.

The dial likewise plays on customary codes, somewhat modernized. Roman numerals are utilized uniquely at 6 and 12, while the railroad minute track becomes more slender. The markers are not just being printed but are laser engraved and afterward loaded up with dark lacquer. Yet, the sublime blued steel hands, with their particular shape, are still right set up. The dial is pleasantly executed, with a stain silver-grainé wrapping up. The 18k red gold case is here combined to a dull earthy colored croc tie. This variant of the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar is evaluated at EUR 32,300 (so under 5% expansion, compared to the past release). In any case, there’s more…

A astounding energetic steel version

Until now, we’ve been looking at the traditional gold/cowhide variant of this Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar, a profoundly foreseen adaptation. Plainly, a QP is a watch that you envision being extravagant. But Glashütte Original has chosen to go on a course that, from the outset, you don’t truly expect, with a steel case/steel wristband form of this QP. Furthermore, truth be told, I need to concede a moment pound on this apparently peculiar combination.

On an individual side, I do tend to lean toward sports watches (for their power), steel instead of gold (since I don’t need to think often a lot about scratches and stuns) and wristbands (for the comfort and the look). In any case, being supervisor for a watch magazine, I additionally have a weakness for lovely and complex mechanics. All in all, learn to expect the unexpected. I adored this steel on steel adaptation of the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar significantly more than the exquisite and tasteful gold variant – and also that at EUR 19,800, it becomes a serious decent incentive for cash offering.

While I’m not saying that I could see myself jumping or climbing with such a watch, the steel on steel attire combined to a QP satisfies my requirements for a complex every day mixer that I don’t need to think often much about, and that stays light and comfortable on my (as well) little wrist (additionally accessible on a dark gator calfskin lash). Accessible in June 2017. More subtleties on  www.glashuette-original.com .