Grand Seiko SBGA211G Spring Drive ‘Shuriken’ Edition for Ninja’s

By rolex
June 14, 2021
2 min read

Finally, the stand by is finished, snappy ninja’s with a decent preference for watches currently have their own Grand Seiko with a pragmatic underlying Shuriken. From here on out, no mission with the Grand Seiko SBGA211G Spring Drive Ninja ‘Shuriken’ Edition or the completely mechanical Kunoichi model for the women.

Ordinary mechanical watches, and quartz watches the same, consistently make a ticking sound. While each quartz watch will tick once each second, mechanical watches will make a discernible number of ticks relying upon the movement’s recurrence. This can be 5 ticks every second for developments with 18,000 vph, and up to 10 ticks each second for greetings beat development with a recurrence of 36,000 vph. For ninja’s who need to move around in total quiet, the Seiko Spring Drive is the best arrangement, as this doesn’t have a discernible tick.

The functional Shiruken-shape bezel is made in steel and polished with the Zaratsu technique to get well honed edges. As indicated by Seiko, the watch won’t ever inadvertently scratch or hurt anybody. Let’s accept a very much prepared ninja realizes how to deal with a Shiruken and won’t cause any ‘accidental‘ wounds.

For ladies ninjas, Grand Seiko made the more glitzy Kunoichi watch in 18k rose gold. Its shuriken bezel has been set with jewels, and inside ticks a programmed development. More information at the unique Grand Seiko Ninja site here .