Grand Seiko Heritage “Autumn” Hi-Beat Limited Edition SBGH269

By rolex
April 13, 2021
5 min read

I don’t know whether you concur, however numerous individuals view Grand Seiko as a moderate, too specialized brand. Yet, of the relative multitude of players that compete in that value portion (watches between EUR 4,000 and EUR 12,000) the one in particular that dares to accomplish something genuinely unique with its dials is decisively Grand Seiko. Just cast a look at the Snowflake that Brice reviewed and that has become the symbol of the brand, the Grand Seiko Elegance Limited Edition , or the Hi-Beat 36000 Caliber 9S 20th-Anniversary , and you’ll understand. So is the situation with GS’ most recent limited edition, the rich red-shaded Grand Seiko Heritage “Autumn” Hi-Beat Limited Edition SBGH269 that we’ll take a gander at today.

When was the last time you heard “wow take a gander at the dial of that Submariner, isn’t that different!?” Yeah, me not one or the other, ever. We may like the outcomes or not, however Seiko dares to dare. Not some time before this Grand Seiko Heritage “Autumn” Hi-Beat Limited Edition SBGH269 was declared, Grand Seiko gave the Godzilla Edition an incredible red dial. Red is likewise the shade of this model, yet with a totally different disposition. Be that as it may, prior to discussing this, let’s get the essential data on the watch.

The instance of the SBGH269 has a traditional breadth of 39.5mm and a tallness of 13mm. Obviously, all the cleaned segments of the case have the Zaratsu treatment for a mirror-like reflection. It is essential to call attention to that it requires three years of in-house preparing to become a Zaratsu polisher. The screw-down crown uncovers the Grand Seiko logo, and the Jreplica Watches is water-impervious to 100 meters.

You can perceive the amount Grand Seiko likes to complicate drags (particularly in the event that you put them next to each other with those of its competitors). The solitary brushed upper segment of the haul has the state of an isosceles triangle with an intense point, which makes things substantially more hard for the Zaratsu ace. However, the finishing is perfect.

STRIKING Red and finished DIAL

The masterpiece of this Grand Seiko Heritage “Autumn” SBGH269 is, obviously, the dial. It blends red tones in with somewhat earthy colored and even brilliant ones (the last gratitude to the painted moment records and the impression of the seconds hand). The tones are roused by the Japanese woods during autumn. The dial likewise reproduces the outside of the customary lacquered wooden floors of Japanese houses with its covering boards and wood grain details.

The clean applied to the dial makes exceptional red tints. The impact is warm and exquisite however to completely value the wealth and subtleties, I recommend you appreciate the dial with a loupe. The remainder of the components have been executed with the greatest consideration and quality, as is consistently the situation with Grand Seiko. The hands appear to be laser-cut, with brushed surfaces on top and cleaned aspects. The Grand Seiko hands are now amazing and make those from the competition need to run home to mummy and cry.

The applied lists have additionally been faceted to mirror all the more light, and the surfaces are brightened with vertical ribbing. Same with the date window, that outlines a white-on-dark date that is totally intelligible. In any case, it may have been much more intrepid not to remember the date to evade any interferences for the wooden planks.


Seiko was the first to get to the market with a 5Hz type and from that point forward it has consistently been in its assortments. It is absolutely this high-recurrence type that gives the Grand Seiko Heritage “Autumn” Hi-Beat Limited Edition its name. It is a delight seeing that seconds hand bouncing ten times each second, so near the Grand Seiko Spring Drive persistent development. The 9S85 offers a force save of 55 hours and is controlled in 6 positions and 3 distinct temperatures for a superb outcome: – 3/+5 seconds of the day. In spite of the fact that we realize that these Jreplica Watches consistently perform better compared to reported.

The rotor is made of titanium and consumes all the space accessible, in spite of the fact that it is incompletely skeletonized to allow us to see a brief look at the moving parts. It incorporates the Grand Seiko seal and it is enhanced in green, similar to the leaves before they change to red. Not my main thing from the Jreplica Watches I should concede. Yet, don’t let that prevent you from offering it to me as a Christmas present.


I’m sure the 900 units delivered of the Grand Seiko Heritage “Autumn” Hi-Beat Limited Edition have been one of Grand Seiko’s quickest selling assortments and will be highly valued in the recycled market. A cost of EUR 6,900 for a particularly quality case, brilliant development and solitary dial is something you essentially can’t discover outside of Grand Seiko. More data on .