Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date Annual Edition “Fiery Orange”

By rolex
April 26, 2021
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This is something we’ve as of now said previously, however apparently Glashütte Original is becoming more and more… original. We imply that the brand attempts new plans, makes things that we obviously didn’t anticipate from a German watchmaker and comes out with intense, bright plans. Which began in 2015 with the Sixties Iconic Collection is presently becoming an annual custom. After green forms a year ago , here’s our review of the 2019 Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date Annual Edition “Fiery Orange” (indeed, very orange).

Common agreement will in general connect Glashütte Original with a watch this way , a work of art, specialized looking, precisely predominant watch roused by the German School of Watchmaking. What’s more, truth be told, individuals are more right than wrong to might suspect that… yet just halfway. The Pano and Senator assortments by Glashütte Original reverberation the old vision of watchmaking in Saxony. Yet, this would be oversimplified in light of the fact that during the 1960s and 1970s the assembling once named GUB (Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe) was creating an entirely unexpected sort of watch, that we’ve investigated here . This vintage watch that was made during the GDR time frame was the motivation behind the GO Sixties assortment and if a large portion of the models come in silver or dark, the brand has as of late chose to add a strong sprinkle of shading to these watches – which is a simple move on the grounds that during the 1960s these watches previously came in many colours.

The supposed Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date “Annual Editions” was an idea dispatched in 2018 with (extraordinary looking) green models and restored in 2019 with new “Fiery Orange” watches. Indeed, it is intense, astounding, vivid, abnormal and very 1960s surely. Furthermore, today we investigate the Panorama Date model.

Case and design

If we start by just taking a gander at the instance of this Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date, there won’t be a lot to discuss… And, hold on for us, this is a conscious move. Furthermore, hold on for us #2, there’s, truth be told, more to tell than you envision from the start glance.

The case – the metal parts – of the Glashütte Original Sixties is intentionally straightforward and clean since it isn’t intended to degrade consideration from the intense dial. All things considered, we have an exemplary round case with short, bended hauls created in treated steel and got done with exemplary cleaned surfaces. All the parts are essentially planned – much the same as the original 1960s model – with a slim, level bezel, straight case groups and a fairly huge crown. Nothing abundant as far as case here, however an extremely spotless, exact execution with tight assembly.

Where the Glashütte Original Sixties becomes more original – and along these lines considerably more intriguing – is the point at which you take a gander at the precious stones, both dial-side and development side. On top of this Sixties Panorama Date Annual Edition “Fiery Orange” is a profoundly domed sapphire gem, which follows the shape of the dial. Considerably more original is the gem on the caseback, additionally exceptionally domed and following the state of the development, which is 1. outwardly striking, 2. very uncommon, 3. entirely comfortable and 4. is a smart stunt to outwardly lessen the thickness of the watch. As a result of the great domed sapphire caseback, you get a genuine view INSIDE the development – and not directly over the movement.

This Panorama Date adaptation of the Sixties is on the huge side, with a 42mm measurement and 12.4mm tallness – this model is additionally accessible without the date, in 39mm. All things considered, because of the short and bended drags, the watch wears comfortably on my 16.5cm wrist and gratitude to the sapphire domed caseback, feels a lot more slender than what the details guarantee. A decent, currently estimated watch that has the few cunning stunts at its disposal and has the smart thought to stays careful on this side… Because the dial, then again, is the place where things become much bolder!


If Glashütte Original’s capacity to make incredible developments is common information, it dial-production limits shouldn’t be disparaged – far, a long way from that! GO is one of the uncommon makers to create its dials in-house, in a Pforzheim-based office. There, GO makes dials with pleasant shiny surfaces and dark blue aroused tones, yet in addition the dials of these Annual Editions. What’s more, the brand has some extraordinary abilities in this area.

The dial of the Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date Annual Edition “Fiery Orange” is THE talking piece of this watch. Strong, finished, vivid, nitty gritty, pleasantly shaped… It is a thing you need to search for quite a long time. Presently, this new Fiery Orange shading will presumably be excessively extraordinary for a few, yet realizing that this annual edition will be created for a year in particular, it will discover its crowd, much the same as the 2018 Green model, no uncertainty about it.

The dial of the Sixties Panorama Date is profoundly domed, much the same as the precious stone that secures it. It begins its life as a level clear, which is squeezed to give its shape and surface – a sunray, unpleasant example suggestive of a gold chunk or a stone. Second step is to give the dial its tone. Beginning from a brilliant yellow at the middle, the shading streams across the bended surface changing to fiery orange and red prior to arriving at the dark border. After a galvanic shower gives the dial its brilliant yellow tint the dial-creators cautiously apply a progression of layers in red and dark finish. The outcome is a rich, metallic tone with changing tones relying upon the surrounding light.

Another step is to make the hour markers, which aren’t applied on top of the dial, yet jewel cut into the outside of the dial. While difficult to spot from the start sight, this detail plays with the light and gives this dial some depth.

The hands and the adapted numerals imprinted on the dial depend on the mark configuration found on the 1960s watches. Little glowing dabs and dainty hour markers with adapted white Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock take into account fair readability in obscurity. The hands are basic cleaned rod, which is wonderful considering the strength of the dial.

The show of this Panorama Date rendition comprises of 3 focal hands for the hours/minutes/seconds and the mark Panorama Date at 6 o’clock. Shown on two plates, it comes on a dark foundation with white printed numerals.


Under the “box” sapphire precious stone and obvious under different points is the type 39-47, a development delivered in-house by GO and known to be the standard time-and-date motor of the assembling. Generally straightforward yet exact and strong, it ticks at 4Hz and flaunts a 40-hour power save. Being generally little, the development is encased with a metallic ring on its outskirts, engraved with “Sixties” and “Automatic”.

Even however a “entry-level” development for Glashütte Original, which is fit for assembling super complex and profoundly enhanced types, this 39-47 remaining parts agreeably finished with a 3/4 plate decorated with Glashütte ribbings, jewel cut slants, cleaned subsets and a twofold G rotor with a 21k gold fringe mass. The swan-neck controller is a pleasant, customary detail. Out and out, a clean, pleasantly designed movement.


The Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date Annual Edition “Fiery Orange” is conveyed on an earthy colored Louisiana croc cowhide with a fairly original decision of for its example. On the as opposed to most watches that depend on huge, square scales, this watch exploits the little, adjusted scales to underscore the marginally vintage plan of the watch.

The lash has a rich earthy colored tone and is graceful. It is gotten to the wrist by an exemplary tempered steel pin buckle.


This new Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date Annual Edition “Fiery Orange” is a passionate piece that won’t be to everyone’s taste. On an individual premise, I’m truly flabbergasted by its exuberant, warm, strong, finished dial – indeed, much more than the green rendition of a year ago. This watch, other than its specialized perspectives and the incredible execution you can anticipate from GO, is remarkable and desirable… Depends on who is taking a gander at it.

This watch is a fairly sectioning item, whose objective isn’t to speak to a wide crowd. All things considered, it is shrewd from GO to offer such striking dials on these Annual Editions. I’d by and by lean toward the time-just 39mm model, having a more modest wrist. All things considered, the Panorama Date fits completely in this context.

Price and availability

The Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date Annual Edition “Fiery Orange” (reference 2-39-47-09-02-04) is an extraordinary, non-restricted edition watch that will be created distinctly in 2019. It is estimated at EUR 7,800.

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