Glashütte Original Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

By rolex
April 24, 2021
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Glashütte Original introduced this steel/white dial form of the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date at Baselworld 2018. Following the plan precepts of the steel/dark dial model presented a year prior , the two models offer an invigorating, more contemporary interpretation of the original 2014 Senator Chronograph. Controlled by type 37, a considerable in-house incorporated flyback chronograph development, the 2018 high contrast model is a strikingly attractive expansion to the line-up. We had the option to invest a few involved energy with the watch, so read on for our impressions.

Brief Background

In 2014 Glashütte Original dispatched Caliber 37, its first in-house incorporated programmed section wheel chronograph development with flyback usefulness. Dispatched in the conventional Senator line with the notorious Panorama date and a 70-hour power save, two 42mm models in platinum and red gold made their introduction at Baselworld 2014 . Type 37-01 was not GO’s first chronograph development however it was the initially coordinated chronograph development, instead of a module stuck put on top of a prior calibre.

The 2014 Senator Chronograph Panorama Date was as conventional/old-school surprisingly rich Arabic numerals, blued Poire-style hands, definitely no hint of lume, and valuable metal cases. In 2017, GO delivered a tempered steel model of the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date , a sportier, bolder, more youthful variant with a contemporary dark dial deprived of its exemplary convention and treated to liberal measures of serious blue lume. Albeit the format of the dial, the case and the engine were indistinguishable, the watch was a reviving understanding of its more formal, fairly sullen precursor. At that point in 2018, this attractive treated steel model in highly contrasting made its introduction at the Basel watch fair.

Chronograph dimensions

Measuring 42mm across and with a tallness of 14.6mm, this isn’t a watch you will be ready to slip cautiously under your sleeve or wear with dark tie. The breadth and stature are with regards to programmed chronographs and, anyway rich and tasteful the white dial may come across, it won’t pass as a dress watch. It is a hearty programmed chronograph and its actual measurements and weight confirm the imposing hardware beneath deck. Having said that, the presence of short-edited bending hauls constricts the size permitting the watch to comfortably on more modest wrists.

These measurements are welcome in a watch of this nature. For one, the chronograph capacities are simpler to work, and also, the slipped by times are simpler to peruse, making the watch more welcoming to really use in ordinary circumstances. The chronograph is initiated by the pusher at 2 o’clock and the flyback work with the pusher at 4 o’clock zipping the hand back to nothing, to begin the chronograph again without any interferences. On account of the section wheel, the pushers react perfectly – a sharp, consoling snap with sufficient mechanical inclination. The case highlights differentiating cleaned and silk brushed surfaces and the generally flimsy slanted bezel outlines a capturing white and dark dial.

Newspaper Dial

When it comes to intense eye-getting dial, a few things can occur: you may become burnt out on your orange or green dial after some time or the latest thing for blue dials may be old fashioned by one year from now. A white dial is immortal. Combined with pointedly characterized polished dark markings, you’re taking a gander at quite possibly the most intelligible dials out there.

A white and dark dial may appear to be genuinely essential to a few, however the impact is so striking, and the subtleties on the dial are so wonderfully delivered, that the dial takes off over the rest. There is a motivation behind why print papers, sometime in the distant past, were high contrast: a white foundation with dark markings gives the best difference to clarity and simultaneously passes on a specific feeling of power. What’s more, it’s additionally incredible to keep away from reflections. Simply consider highly contrasting photographs.

Unusual layout

Although the format of the dial is by and large equivalent to its more conventional 2014 progenitor, the Roman numerals – aside from XII and VI –  have been fill in for inky dark hour markers. The ordinary 3-6-9 arrangement of three-register chronographs has been reversed with the more modest 12-hour counter at 12 o’clock, the running seconds and force hold at 9 o’clock and the 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock. Simply over the 6 o’clock numeral is the notorious Panorama date window with a white foundation to coordinate the shade of the dial. The registers are somewhat recessed and outlined with a silver ring and the Panorama date window includes its customary twofold slanted window. Given the measure of data transferred on the dial, the general impression is one of proportional components, a satisfying feeling of balance and loads of void white space.

Glashütte Original is one of only a handful few watch produces with its own dial company where this lovely matte white lacquered dial was made. The enamel is showered equally on the outside of the dial by hand and dried several hours in the oven. When the polish is dry, the trickiest advance includes selecting the laser-engraved subtleties on the dial with dark ink. Done totally by hand, the ink (which contains dark Super-LumiNova) is applied to the recessed regions like the hour markers and hands utilizing a minuscule needle. On the off chance that you look carefully, you can see the unfathomable volume of the stout polished dark hour markers and Roman numerals and how the blade formed hour and moment hands have a somewhat abrasive dim filling. In obscurity, the watch takes on a totally extraordinary character as the hour markers and three focal hands (counting the chronograph seconds hand) produce a cool green glow.

Robust and dependable Caliber 37

Introduced on board the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date in 2014, Glashütte Original’s own special completely coordinated programmed flyback chronograph was an achievement in the company’s set of experiences. As any watch darling knows, an in-house chronograph development is a carefully complex monster to assemble and consistently a pleased second for the brand. A moderately uncommon accomplishment previously, Xavier’s  article on brands with in-house chronograph developments uncovers which fabricates have their own personal incorporated developments today.

In expansion to the smooth activity of the pushers, the powerful form of the segment wheel chronograph was intended to deal with regular mileage. Rather than a flat or vertical grip for moving force from the development to the chronograph, Glashütte Original has joined a wavering pinion giving quick beginnings and improved exactness. Type 37 joins a variable dormancy, free-sprung offset beating at 4Hz with four customizable gold screws on the equilibrium wheel to guarantee exactness throughout an extensive stretch of time. A solitary barrel offers a hearty 70-hour power hold when completely twisted, a striking measure of force given the elements of the watch. For a top to bottom examination of the development with outlines and a video, don’t miss this article .

All the chronograph parts are in plain view through the sapphire presentation caseback (counting the section haggle chronograph switches) similar to the elevated requirements of wraps up befitting a Glashütte Original watch. This implies the customary Glashütte three-quarter plate, the swan-neck fine change (without etching), a skeletonised rotor with a 21k gold swaying weight brightened, alongside the extensions, with thick Glashütte ribbing, blued screws and angled and cleaned edges.


Compared to the 2014 Senator Chronograph releases, which by chance are as yet accessible, the 2017 and 2018 models are an invigorating expansion to the Senator line. More youthful, bolder and more contemporary, they figure out how to regard their GO legacy yet shed the proper traditional styling of their archetypes. Yet, to name these most recent models as “sports watches” is to some degree misguided. They may be intended to time games, they may have hearty steel cases and lume, yet they keep up their Saxon pride and Senator legacy deeply, no uncertainty about it.

The striking white and dark dial isn’t just intelligible, yet it is likewise staggeringly exquisite. The measurements, in accordance with a programmed chronograph, offer a consoling strength and validate the immaculate hardware beneath deck. After the red gold PanoGraph , with its manual-winding chronograph development and marginally more modest measurements, this is the following GO chronograph on my consistently growing desire list.


The Senator Chronograph Panorama Date is accessible on an earthy colored calfskin cowhide lash with white sewing, a tempered steel arm band or a dark elastic tie. Retail cost is EUR 13,200. More subtleties at .