Glashütte Original PanoMatic Luna

By rolex
April 14, 2021
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Moon-stage Jreplica Watches are the most famous and beautiful of cosmic complications. Considered a greater amount of a tasteful decision than a complication of any inborn utility, a moon-stage Jreplica Watches offers watchmakers a window to practice their inventiveness. At Glashütte Original, shading and surface are frequently used to lift up the magnificence of our divine neighbor. This is unquestionably the situation of this PanoMatic Luna women’s model decorated with a powder blue mother-of-pearl dial, jewels and the notorious topsy turvy design and Panorama date of the Pano collection. 

Large Case

The first thing that will strike numerous ladies are the enormous components of the treated steel case. Estimating practically 40mm in width (39.40mm to be definite) with a thickness of 12mm, it is nearly just about as extensive as the gent’s model (which is 40mm). In any case, there is an awesome explanation behind this. As you most likely are aware, this PanoMatic moon stage exists in the two people’s forms yet with marginally various handles – the men’s is the PanoMaticLunar, while the ladies’ is PanoMatic Luna. We as of late covered a restricted release PanoMaticLunar for men with a stunning salmon dial .

Instead of simplifying the Jreplica Watches with a quartz development, GO gives ladies similar first class mechanics in a more female bundle. Indeed, the two people’s PanoMatic moon-stage Jreplica Watches share similar programmed development and the equivalent topsy turvy format of the components on the dial. What’s more, a lady who loves Jreplica Watches it’s something I truly applaud.

Feminine touches

The crown of the PanoMatic Luna is a totally different shape from the men’s variant and is set with a splendid cut precious stone coordinating the 64 splendid jewels set in the bezel. Notwithstanding, what really recognizes the PanoMatic Luna assortment are the charming mother-of-pearl dials. You may recall having seen this Jreplica Watches in different tones of mother-of-pearl, this one in white with red rubies and this one in dull Tahitian mother-of-pearl with precious stones .

As one of only a handful few brands to have its own dial manufactory – situated in Pforzheim – the mother-of-pearl dial, estimating a skinny 0.4mm was made completely in-house. The light blue tone is accomplished by painting the rear of the white base with a layer of veneer. The scales are printed straightforwardly on the sensitive surface and the gaps for the moon stage marker and twofold date window cut into the nacre. Mother-of-pearl is a natural material gathered from the deepest layer of explicit shells. Working with nacre is very precarious given its weak, lopsided nature and affinity to break when pressing factor is applied.

The light blue mother-of-pearl picked for this dial shines with its characteristic silvery radiance to make a steadily evolving scene. Contingent upon the light, the shade of the dial will change from infant blue with pink becomes flushed to a more extreme gleaming blue. Given the common inconsistency of the outside of mother-of-pearl, you can see little cloud developments in the nacre.

Beautiful asymmetry

Arranged in exemplary helter-skelter and topsy-turvy Glashütte Original style, the general impact is one of momentous amicability and equilibrium. To accomplish this, the different presentations are situated on the dial as indicated by the Golden Ratio, the law of stylish agreement that has been utilized in design and workmanship for centuries.

The hours and minutes counter alongside the crossing little seconds are situated on the left half of the dial while the moon stage and date opening involve the correct side of the dial. The rectangular hour lists from 8 to 4 o’clock are featured with 18 splendid cut jewels and the hands are made in white gold.

The Mondphase or moon-stage counter is sickle molded and situated somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 o’clock, an original position given that most moon-stage Jreplica Watches highlight this capacity at 6 o’clock. The slanted lines uncover a gleaming foundation studded with stars and a somewhat raised silver moon that is reflect cleaned so much that you can see your appearance in it!

If there is one element everyone partners with this Saxon brand it is the Panorama date window, a twofold date opening that contrasts from most gratitude to its introduction of the data on two plates that are at a similar tallness and on a similar level as each other. There is no covering circle disorder and, on account of this current women’s PanoMatic Luna Jreplica Watches the twofold square shape that outlines the men’s rendition is supplanted with a more ladylike, oval shape.

Calibre 90-12

This women’s PanoMatic Luna is outfitted with Glashütte Original’s in-house Caliber 90-12, a programmed development that can be appreciated through the sapphire gem caseback. A determination of the development inside the men’s PanoMatic Luna (type 90-02), the opposite side of the Jreplica Watches offers a rich mechanical exhibition. In plain view are numerous Glashütte Original attributes like the three-quarter plate with its striped completion, the skeletonised twofold G on the rotor, the swan-neck fine change instrument, the flawlessly hand-engraved equilibrium rooster, the blued screws, the sloped edges and cleaned steel parts. Beating at 28,800 motions each hour, type 90-12 has a force save of 42 hours for the enormous date, hours, minutes, little seconds and moon stage functions.


The PanoMatic Luna shows that women’s Jreplica Watches can be considerably more than simply a beautiful face. By combining an excellent dial with similarly delightful mechanics, ladies are getting the genuine article, and this, for some, ladies, is the manner in which it ought to be.

The size of this model may be an obstacle for certain ladies, however for me it is great. Incompletely on the grounds that my farsightedness is expanding constantly, however principally on the grounds that its liberal extents let you appreciate the subtleties on the two sides of the case. The completions, as you would expect, are standout and the combination of heavenly blue and precious stones functions admirably surely. This is a genuine GO diplomat in everything about, the notorious Panorama date window and the off kilter time show to the luxuriously enriched development, something numerous ladies who appreciate mechanical Jreplica Watches will appreciate immensely.

Availability and price

This PanoMatic Luna (reference 1-90-12-03-12-02) is accompanied by a blue croc lash with a treated steel pin clasp. The Jreplica Watches is accessible solely at Glashütte Original stores around the planet. The retail cost is EUR 17,400. More data at .