Full-frontal – AkriviA AK-06, the brand’s first non-tourbillon – Hands-on with Live Photos, Specs and Price

By rolex
April 6, 2021
6 min read

A few years prior, Rexhep Rexhepi became the dominant focal point in the realm of watchmaking, when he dispatched his own image AkriviA. A youthful weapon, 27 years old around then, who came out with a strikingly hot Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph . It was practically unbelievable. Since that first creation we’ve seen a few other staggering pieces, including the Chiming Jump Hour , all highlighting a tourbillon development. For Baselworld 2017 however, AkeiviA has launched its first non-tourbillon watch: the hand-wound AK-06!

Rexhep Rexhepi is considered by some to be the following Philippe Dufour, which is as good an sign as any of the degree of watchmaking this young fellow is able to do. Regardless of whether he will accomplish the equivalent esteem remains to be seen obviously, however there is no uncertainty about his craftsmanship. In the event that you follow AkriviA’s Instagram page, you get overwhelmed with short clasps and photos of the different phases of planning, building, changing, completing the process of (getting done with, getting done with, completing) and then some, that go into each watch. Warmth blued dials, hands and screws or dark cleaning of extensions for example. Another illustration of the staggering degree of completing is the hand applied anglage to different parts, with a bombé cross segment; something that must be accomplished by hand! The procedures utilized, require plentiful measures of time and tolerance and are amazingly hard to master.

After the Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph in 2012 , AkriviA followed with the Tourbillon Heures Minutes , the Tourbillon Chiming Jump Hour , the Tourbillon Regulateur and the Tourbillon Barette de Miroir . For its latest creation be that as it may, AkriviA is exploring another region of watchmaking. No tourbillon this time, however a hand-wound development uncovering (part of) it’s guts on the dial side of the watch. Balance is consistently key for Rexhep, as can be seen with the development of both development and dial. In the event that you look carefully, you will see that the left and right half of all AkriviA’s are reflected. Obviously there are subtleties where it doesn’t coordinate like the little blued spring on the dial side, at 2 o’clock. These exemptions are vital, yet other than that the similitude between the privilege and left side are striking.

Talking about the little blue spring, it is a piece of the running pinion wheels used to turn the external plate of the force hold marker (midway positioned at the 12 o’clock position). The showing triangle within that, consistently focuses upwards while the external ring is pivoted with the toothed switch on the correct side of the sign, which thusly is spring loaded.

This engineering approach of designing a development is to some degree commonplace of Rexhepi, just like the way that every one of his types are hand-wound. Rexhepi considers the twisting of the development the most personal piece of purchasing and utilizing a mechanical watch, and I need to concur with him on that. It is so comforting to turn a deliberately created crown, and feel your own fingers providing capacity to the development, causing it to kick right into it. Seeing the cog wheels turn, on the off chance that you have a (mostly) noticeable development, and the barrel spring fix, is the sentimental piece of watchmaking isn’t it?

On the dial side a ton of parts are uncovered. You can see for example cleaned spans, and the key-less works coming from the crown to the single barrel. The last puts away to 100 hours of force, and you can see the running stuff driving the focal hours and moment hands. A genuine display to take a gander at. Subtleties like the completing of the little seconds sign, particularly the “rings” on which the 20, 40 and 60 second markers are situated or the force hold pointer, show the completing taking all things together their glory.

The recently created, in-house type of the AkriviA AK-06 presentations hours and minutes, little seconds and a force save. It sounds pretty conventional from the outset, taking a gander at the sort of signs, yet considering this brand doesn’t do “standard” the AK-06 highlights somewhat more than that. Typically, a seconds sign on a mechanical watch either continues to run or stops where it is situated when the crown is pulled out. Nonetheless, the development of the AkriviA AK-06 is outfitted with a framework that stops and resets the little seconds hand to nothing, taking into account much more exact setting of the time. This is accomplished with a minuscule heart-formed cam under the little seconds hand. It is somewhat interesting to spot, however you can see it in the pictures.

All this unadulterated craftsmanship is pressed into the recognizable AkriviA case, however this time a thinned down rendition of it. This makes the watch considerably more comfortable to wear as it sneaks by your sleeve significantly more nuance at simply 9.9mm thick. The 41mm wide case will be accessible in treated steel, titanium, rose gold and platinum with added customization choices whenever wanted. Dials will be done differently and tones so fundamentally an erratic is effectively possible. Past AkriviA’s have seen hand blued completing on a full dial, a hand-pounded dial with a remarkable and astounding surface thus, or one got done with a stone and-oil combination which is cleaned in little round movements to get a dial with a matte completion as in the AkriviA Tourbillon Heures Minutes.

Not joining a tourbillon in the development definitely reduces the cost on a watch, however this is no deal using any and all means. The AkriviA AK-06 will be accessible from September at a cost of CHF 79,000 for the hardened steel rendition, CHF 83,000 for a titanium case, CHF 87,000 for 5N rose gold and CHF 92,000 for platinum. A ton of cash without a doubt, yet you get more than you may expect from the outset. It’s not simply a watch that shows hours, minutes, seconds and the leftover force through a hand-wound development, it is a deliberately created, all out demonstration of the greatest degrees of craftsmanship and a showcase of the things this youngster is equipped for producing.

Technical Specifications – AkriviA AK-06

  • Case: 41mm distance across – 9.9mm thickness – tempered steel, titanium 5N rose gold or platinum
  • Movement: 30mm breadth – handwound Caliber AK-06 – created, improved, amassed and completed in-house – hours, minutes, little seconds, power save marker, pause and-reset seconds system – 100h of force hold from single barrel – 18,000vph – different hand-applied completing techniques
  • Strap: crocodile cowhide with pin clasp and fast delivery push pins
  • Price: from CHF 79.000 to 92.000  – contingent upon decision of case material

For more data, visit AkriviA.com