FOUND: What COULD Be A Never-Seen-Before Rolex Rattrapante Pocket Watch?

By rolex
April 7, 2021
5 min read

Here is the story: Dr. Crott Auctioneers is going to auction what COULD be (and that “could” is critical to keep in mind…) a Rolex Rattrapante Pocket Watch. This combination; Rolex/Rattrapante/Pocket Watch is something that has never been seen before, which is phenomenal without a doubt thinking about the tremendous writing regarding Rolex. So what do we have here? Conceivably one of the most extraordinary and most significant Rolex watches ever? A heavenly illustration of restricted (possibly remarkable) creation by the Crown? Or then again an illustration of re-packaging work done by one of those vintage performers? What is sure however, is that we are confronting a profoundly intriguing secret (found on account of watch columnist Gregory Pons).

Until now, the lone Rolex Rattrapante Chronograph known was the celebrated ref. 4113, a wristwatch of which just 8 pieces were at any point fabricated. These incredibly uncommon watches are closeout stars, effectively breaking the 1-million obstruction – for instance, the 4113 sold by Phillips at the “Start-Stop-Reset” sell off , for CHF 2,405,000, to become the most costly Rolex wristwatch at any point sold freely. The Antimagnetique Reference 4113 was made during the 1940s, in 8 examples, all in steel, and as all Rolex chronographs of that time, it was prepared with an out-sourced development (Valjoux). In any case, with the May 6 closeout by Dr. Crott coming , we may have a ninth rattrapante chronograph by Rolex… may have.

What do we have here? Taking a gander at the photographs, we can see an exceptionally pleasant, very much saved pocket watch with rattrapante chronograph, remotely sourced development (regular around then), with rattrapante connect engraved “Rolex Genève”. The dial is, obviously, printed with Rolex logo. All the more curiously, the rear of the dial include a “ZJ” mark, which alludes to one of Rolex’s dial-producers. The watch is supposed to be from 1955 however could in all likelihood be somewhat more seasoned (the development appears to be more 1930s/1940s) – Rolex here and there utilized more established ébauches and cased them up later. It bears development No. 88305 and case No. 2885. The case is steel and measures 51 mm. On the rear of the case, we can in any case see the green sticker that all Rolexes included when leaving the assembling. One thing is astonishing however, the absence of reference number.

The principle issue with this Rolex Rattrapante Pocket Watch comes from the absence of data, and even all the more significantly, the complete shortfall of references. Whatever the writing you search… In all Rolex writing, there is certainly not a solitary notice of a split-seconds pocket watch by Rolex. Never, nowhere… Dr. Crott, in the depiction of part 327 , even states “Our enquiries with Rolex failed miserably and no outside Rolex experts had the option to assist us with any information.

Another highlight notice is that Rolex’s creation of pocket watches was amazingly low. Just a few were at any point made, as for example the ref. 3068, a chronograph pocket watch – see  this form sold by Robert Maron , this rendition sold by Antiquroum ,  this variant sold again by Antiquorum  and at last, this last one sold by Christies . Once once more, this low volume of pocket watches produced by Rolex makes us inquisitive and incredulous about the credibility of such a Rolex Rattrapante Pocket Watch.

Thus, thinking about this, there are two potential choices. In the first place, the watch is genuine and all things considered, with its EUR 40,000-60,000 assessment, this could be the arrangement of the decade. Envision, an amazingly uncommon or likely novel, obscure, unreferenced, unstudied Rolex watch, besides with a rattrapante development, at the cost of a decent (yet not remarkable) vintage Daytona. In the event that specialists and authorities think this is a bona fide watch, the cost will detonate. Subsequent choice, the watch is just off-base, and all things considered, the assessment is likewise completely irrelevant. In any case, as clarified by Gregory Pons in his article (in French) , a third choice exist… Suppose fundamental gatherers, specialists and sellers aren’t confident enough in the family of the watch, one authority, who’s perhaps a touch more educated or simply more gutsy, could wager on the credibility of the watch. The individual who wins the bartering, can accomplish more in-depth research once the watch is in his grasp as well as in the possession of specialists. Assume they figure out how to validate the watch, and attempt to envision what the cost would be in a future closeout! Possibly (just maybe) this watch could be a future record-breaker.

Open question to specialists and collectors: if anybody can help in the verification of this watch, all details will be very welcome. We, at Monochrome, can’t guarantee this watch, anyway we didn’t need to retain it from you all things considered.


  • Dr. Crott 95th Auction – May 6, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany  
  • Pons